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Self detox is very easy to do at home
that’s because the body doesn’t want to make ama (toxins). So if you treat it correctly and you follow a good routine and dietary habits then the body has
mechanisms to detox itself. And there are many good herbs available from
Maharishi Ayurveda to help enhance that process. In my practice, I often use
certain herbs like a Elim-Tox and Elim-Tox-O, Herbal Di-gest and Digest Tone and
Genitrac — these are the big four in terms of safe, very effective, simple,
safe herbs to use at home. So let’s talk about the first, Elim-Tox is a
combination of herbs that is really good for the liver. The liver is the main site of
detoxification of the body, it’s just the most amazing organ. Do you know your
liver can expand up and retract 40% every day? That has so many
functions that it’s just innumerable? That is also one of the main sites of
detoxification? But in general we don’t want to just focus on one organ but this
is helpful to an overall process. The other herb, Elim-Tox-O is more
for Pitta [dosha] type people people who might be sensitive to hot spices who may have
a little bit too much Pitta in their body. And so this is more cooling and
nourishing. It’s also really effective for Garavish Ama, which is the
environmental toxins, because environmental toxins tend to be quite
reactive with the different tissues so we have to be very careful with those
type of procedures. So when we detox we don’t just want to focus on one organ, so
the liver, we want to focus on many areas. So body detox is through many ways of
course through the urinary tract, the elimination, the alimentary track, through
breathing, through sweat so another herb will help is Genitrac. That helps
purify through the kidneys. Urination in terms of detoxing is very important so
it helps strengthen the kidneys, the bladder, urinary tract. It’s slightly
diuretic so it might make you pee a little more, but it’s also very effective
at helping this whole process, and through the sweat glands as well.
Another herb that we often use is Digest Tone. Digest Tone is based on a very famous Ayurvedic formula called Triphala. Triphala, or “tri” means three
and “phala “means the three fruits. And these are very famous Ayurvedic herbs: Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. And it’s a very famous formula you can find that
everywhere now, in any shop, and the reason is because it’s a very effective. It’s
gentle, it’s safe, it’s a gentle laxative but it also supports the liver, the heart,
the digestive tract, is good for the eyes, something you can take all your life.
So MAPI’s Digest Tone is a slight modification of that. In some cases, Triphala by itself can be a little bit drying. So Digest Tone is safe for
everybody and is usually used as an effective safe, gentle laxative. And then
we have Herbal Cleanse which is generally if people tend to have a
little more constipation, Herbal Cleanse is more effective. It has a very rare
form of Senna in it and these herbs are very gentle and effective for cleansing
the bowel and of colon. In general we don’t use Senna for too long, but if we are
detoxing I would suggest it for a couple of weeks
is very effective. So self detox can be very effective with these type of
products and there is a lot of information on these products available
on how to use them on the MAPI website. So I suggest that if you go and browse
through a lot of the MAPI information there’s some very good information on
certain type of teas and spice mixtures that you can use during these detox

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