Taking Charge of Your Health

Does Ayurveda have any remedy for complaining? Complaining like what? Like you wake up in the morning and you complain that the weather could be better or you go to work and the bus is full or people and you complain that it’s full of people… Yes sure, Ayurveda has answers for everything it is like a guide for us whenever you are stuck anywhere you open Ayurveda and you get the answer So we complain because we always are too much worried about the absence of things in our life and we are not happy with the presence of things in our life so we always want something which is non-existing and we always try to look for the happiness and satisfaction somewhere outside we are always so much dependent on our own happiness on others and we always feel that others should understand us my boss should understand me my partner should understand me my mother should understand me but we never think that are we ourselves understanding us do I know myself better do I know how I react do I know what I need do I know myself completely so sometimes we are not moving our energies and our concentration inside us we are more driven outside so we get disturbed by the outside elements so the more we take it inside the more we understand what this composition of human system is made up of then the more we will be relaxed and more we will have you can say satisfaction in life which we call as “santosha” You know there are two things one is that I am suppressing my feeling and one is the neutral non-existence of that feeling so one is that I’m angry and I’m just controlling my anger and I keep all those emotions inside and the other thing is that I naturally don’t get angry at all because if I anger in myself then we have to understand that all my internal energies, each and every cell inside me, gets angry and they may develop some anger amongst each other also which may result in many many diseases so if you have some emotion let it come out and go immediately don’t keep it for long time if you’re in anger you just try to walk around, do some deep breathing drink up cold water and understand, ok, that is not needed so you will feel automatically better and you can in a very polite way, you can respond to the person who made you angry because mostly the decisions made in anger are always bad so when your mind is a little calm and neutral then you decide whether you have to talk or if any expression is needed or not and it mostly works that neutrally… you know, the more you learn about mind and Ayurveda the more you understand that your anger is going off naturally naturally you are in a neutral state where you don’t get angry at all so when you don’t get it at all then you are not suppressing it hmm… and is it possible to not be angry at all? Yes Because seeing the surrounding the world is very angry, no? Everyone… you can see a lot of fights around the world and people get influenced they also angry about the society and politics and so on so saying them not to be angry is very difficult Yes, I have seen many many patients who are not able to control their anger and as soon as the same situation comes in front of them they are again very very angry and it’s hard for them to control their anger but I’ve also seen those people controlling a lot and coming neutral in their anger it happens when, as I said, when you keep the emotion of love inside you and when you know that by getting angry who is getting affected am I affecting, am I changing the political condition? Am I changing any social condition? Does my anger have any positive effect on anyone? And then you think what negative effects your anger had? The negative effect is on myself the negative effect can be on my loved ones whom I showed my anger so it’s like a wolf inside you the anger is like a wolf inside you which can always, when it comes out, it kills someone it can kill you it can kill others or, not completely killing yourself, but some damage is done inside so it’s better we don’t let this wolf go stronger if I know that I am angry then I do work on it and I try to upgrade myself just like we have upgraded softwares in our mobile phones that if there are some bug fixes, bugs, in the previous software in the next year they have a new software which adds a new version so if I was angry five years ago and today also I am angry than it means I didn’t improve my software OK, I’m still working on Windows 95 So you have to upgrade and this upgrade happens only with proper, true, valid knowledge so this knowledge purifies our bad feelings and it gives us very good emotions so that’s why ayurvedic knowledge is also very important for everybody to learn

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