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Participant – Psychedelic Plants like DMT
or Ayahuasca, where do they fit within the…turiya Swamiji – No where they fit. They hurt and
damage you completely. Please do not use any of these psychedelic drugs. They thoroughly
damage you, gives you the false delusory, illusory ideas. They only push you more and
more into deep sleep and dream state and delusion. Please do not use any external substance.
Anything externally goes inside and mix – is dangerous. Marijuana or any psychedelic drugs,
they only break the whole circuit – physical circuit, physiological circuits, psychological
circuits and neurological circuits. All the circuits are broken and damaged terribly,
sometimes irreparably. So please do not use any of the psychedelic drugs or these items.
If you already used, better use Haritaki and cleanse your body. See, Haritaki is considered to be in the Ayurvedic
tradition….in Hindu tradition, only one object is revered, respected more than mother.
You see, in Hindu tradition, mother is highly revered. Even if somebody is a Sannyasi, if
he sees the mother, he has to touch the feet. If he sees the father, he does not need to
touch; father has to touch his feet. But mother, even if you are a Sannyasi, you have to touch
his feet….touch her feet. That reverence is given, but Ayurveda says, “The Haritaki
is much more good to you than your mother.” So if you have damaged your system without
knowing….knowingly or unknowingly, by taking any of these psychedelic drugs or marijuana
or psychiatric medicines, depression drugs…. understand, depression medicines, this bipolar
disorder medications, all of them damage your system irreparably. If you have damaged yourself,
take Haritaki everyday and at least detoxify yourself. Detoxify yourself, if you have damaged
your system by any of this modern day drugs or psychedelic drugs – Applying turmeric on
your forehead every night and taking Haritaki. Actually, fluoride enters into your system,
even through skin. Understand. Fluoridated water, you don’t need to drink, even if
you take shower, 40% fluoride enters into your system… and the antidote for fluoride
is turmeric – that also enters into your system, through skin. If you rub turmeric, more than
40% gets into your system. So taking bath, using turmeric or haritaki
powder, applying the turmeric on your forehead, taking bath by applying the haritaki powder
on your skin or taking haritaki orally, taking turmeric powder orally, in your food, all
these can do detoxification; all these can detoxify. Many of you might have damaged yourself,
but you may not want to express…you don’t need to. I’ll give you the solution, you
just practice this solution, that’s enough. Leaving the head, shave the whole body and
rub haritaki powder like a….skin should become almost pink, that level – rub on the
skin and take hot water bath. In the night before going to bed, apply turmeric on your
forehead, rub nicely. These 2 can detoxify your system and it can heal you like anything.
It can remove the unnecessary toxins you accumulated due to by taking anti depressants or bipolar
medicines or marijuana or any other psychedelic drugs – even the fluoride. Please understand. Fluoride is declared, officially
declared ‘neurotoxin’. How many of you know? It is officially declared neurotoxin.
Please do not allow fluoride in any form. Fluoride strengthens your teeth, your bone
– is a lie! It does not! And whatever quantity fluoride you need, your body is intelligent
enough to produce. You don’t need external fluoride. Fluoridating is one of the ways,
you are kept in dullness. You are kept in the low levels of Consciousness. Low neurological
life is maintained in you by fluoride. Fluoride keeps you constantly internally fighting.
So you are busy with yourself, you don’t become a rebel. You don’t become a powerful
person. Please understand. Actually in those days
in Indian villages, woman used to apply turmeric and take bath. Not last one generation, I’ve
seen My mother and all used to use. In those days, there will be small stone, on which
they rub that turmeric and then they will apply on the whole body and take bath. When
you are going to apply the turmeric in the night time, take the turmeric and make it
like a paste, nicely apply on the whole forehead, because your third eye is the part most affected
by the fluoride. Nicely apply, fall asleep, early morning wash and come out. Don’t frighten
the people who are living around you and using the turmeric for bath, means take with both
the hands and apply on the whole body. Rub nicely, you see rubbing, that makes the turmeric
get into your system or haritaki, you can use any one. You can use haritaki…you see,
if you clean the body, remove the hair, that pore need to be rubbed. When you…if you
remove the hair and rub the turmeric or haritaki, it will get into the pore and that will detoxify
you strongly. So take handful and nicely rub on all over the body. Should become like a
body….skin should become pink, that much rub, don’t use any other stone or anything.
Use only hand and rub, that’s the best way to detoxify. It is described in a detailed
way in Ayurveda to detoxify.

29 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Techniques to Detoxify Your Body from Psychedelic Drugs & Fluoride

  1. It’s unfortunate people insist ayahuasca, mushrooms and DMT, and they argue, all the psychedelic substances help them. They are willing to fight for healthy foods and give up drinking and prescription drugs but they strongly believe ingested psychedelic plants should be an exception

  2. So, natives in South America who have been using Ayahuasca for 5000 years are wrong?
    I’d like to get their perspective on Turmeric.

  3. completely true. have had addictive dealings with drugs and from my experience I can say that he is completely right in everything that he says regarding drugs, and that the path of drugs never leads to happiness, contentment or even anything worthwhile. it is better to be free from as much non sense as possible. attachment always brings misery. the physical, mental and emotional benefits are great if one learns to live and manage life just as it is. initially it can be boring but that is what has to be fixed, and drugs wont fix that. they will only dumb you down enough for the moment

  4. He is talking too fast for me to understand the names of the recommendations to purify from drugs and fluoride. Can anyone write them out? I did understand turmeric and haritaki, but there were several others. Anyone?

  5. Is it okay to use organic turmeric powder or does it have to be from fresh turmeric?

    Also, can you use haritaki on the forehead instead of turmeric?

  6. im from Bangalore.. trying to meet him.. still couldn't.. watchmen on the gate doesn't allow to go in.. he gave me a contact person number and told to take appointment before coming.. i called him several times, but he never attains the call.. i even tried to call the numbers mentioned in their website, still no response.. i don't know how else can i try to reach him..

  7. So, Turmeric and Hirataki can cure our irreparable neurological damage from commercial and recreational controlled substances, is what I just understood from this.
    -Thank you, Swamiji.

  8. Psychedelic drugs are not WRONG but they are also not the solution. I have been down the rabbit hole enough to tell you, life in all its inclusiveness is the teacher. When one begins ritualistically taking psychedelic substances this becomes somewhat of a primary maybe even an EXCLUSIVE doorway to experience ones own spiritual depths. I have seen friends use this as their source of oneness rather than the life substance which we are, and this is where it can become dangerous. Also the source of spiritual experience should be induced by Sadashiva himself not set off due to an electromagnetic chemical reaction which gives glimpses but not the full picture of of Nithyananda

  9. After one experience, you want to do it again, why? Because you feel the state of experience has already left and you must return. This is why they are not effective. Life doesn't take breaks, so why should your spiritual experience be put on hold until you ingest some kind of something ? UNDERSTAND YOU ARE THE TEACHER, NOT THE PLANT! Just be in the space of listening

  10. I agree. Once the river is crossed. The canoe is no longer needed. Psychedelics started my journey as a vegetarian and into practice of yoga. Now that i am here. You are correct. I no longer need it whatsoever!!!!! But you are very incorrect. It literally saved my life
    From suicidal and hopeless. To renewed energies within and inspiration. So its relative. The universe knows not good or bad. Everything is relative. Thank you so much swamiji. But sadhguru is my guru.hahah

  11. The Rig Veda has an entire chapter dedicated to the preparation and use of ‘Soma Rasa’ which has the effect of DMT on the human. This is similar to the Ayahuasca tea from the Amazon.

    Medical psycho drugs are the worst..the shrooms from nature are bliss.

    So how can you maintain they are bad?

    Please let me know

  12. "This fluid nature of psychedelic mythology and the conflicting cultural notions of spirit worlds and transcendence indicates that psychedelic spirituality is malleable and can be adapted to meet existing cultural beliefs. That is to say, there is no one true psychedelic spirituality or spirit world. Animist shamanism is just as valid as entheogenic transcendence; ecstatic celebrations are just as valid as healing rituals and sorcery. At the crux of this debate is the notion of who derives the spiritual benefit from psychedelics and why. Are psychedelics merely for healing the sick, or are they also for black magicians and people with a mild spiritual curiosity? If we use psychedelics for recreational or selfish purposes do we dilute their healing power, and how do the evil deeds of shamanic sorcery mesh with hippie entheogenic ideals of unity, peace, and love? In truth it is impossible to reconcile all these conflicting notions of psychedelic spirituality, and thus viewing psychedelics solely as sacraments is at best a stretch and at worst an error of Western ethnocentrism. Psychedelics are not sacraments; they are tools for accessing a wide range of human abilities, some of which happen to be overtly spiritual. Psychedelics are not of the spirit world, they are not spiritual in origin, nor are they necessarily spiritual for everyone who takes them. Thus, any religion or mythology that claims to know the true purpose or source of psychedelic spiritual power is obscuring a larger fact; psychedelics do not deliver ultimate spiritual truth, they amplify and reinforce whatever spiritual ontology we already choose to believe."

  13. Can someone please explain how not to turn into a simpson while doing this? I use sandal wood and multani miti but im afraid turmeric will do the same to my hands after I cook with it haa x

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