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Ok Dr. kiboona This is a wonderful plant called Bauhinia variegata. In Sanskrit it is called kanchnaar. This is one, wonderful. Wonderful plant, you see the shape of the leaves, its two leaves join together. All the leaves will very beautiful leaves. You can just of recognition you can see this. Just recognize the plant like this. It is two leaves join together. This is Kanchnaar? Kanchnaar Scientific? Bauhinia variegata In Ayurveda we use the bark. The Bark of the tree, this becomes bigger. This is the baby plant. This is a big tree, medium size tree and bark is used to for cancer. For all types of cancer. For malignant cancer, for benign tumor, for all sort of tumors, for lymphoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, myelodysplastic lymphoma, all kind of breast cancer, blood cancer, cervix cancer, you should use this bark. We use the tablets, Kanchnaar guggul tablets are also there. Kanchnaar guggul tablets are there just take two tablets or three tablets three times a day. And you will see excellent results in all sort of this metastatic cancers also. This is very wonderful herb. Gift of God This is kanchnaar and there is another plant called guggul we join together. Guggul is tree? Guggul tree, the resin from that tree like some people they say Boswellia carteria, Boswellia serrata or some people they say Commiphora mukul these two three varieties of tree Commiphora mukul, Boswellia serrata these two different trees but both of them are useful, along with kanchnaar. Join together to make kanchnaar guggul can use in all types of cancer problems.

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