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we’re in the heat of summer you’re
probably feeling maybe a little bit more critical maybe you’re dealing with an
outlet of some acne red rashes maybe you’re getting more sunburned on your
skin or you’re feeling just a little more judgmental towards people angry
these are all signs of a pitta imbalance and we’re in summer so it’s Pitta season
so these things are coming a little bit more naturally so we need some
treatments to cure ourselves of that pitta flame. welcome the Clareminded my
name is Clare, this video I’m showing you an ayurvedic treatment for dry eyes
and this is going to be a home remedy that you can do at your house it’s
called Anjana in Sanskrit and I’m going to show you how to eye wash in this video
I’m going to briefly go over the pitta dosha and how that influences your dry eyes that you may be experiencing right now in summer and then I’m going to show you
and demonstrate anjana the practice of eye washing your eyes and then just give you
a couple benefits of why it’s so important to eye wash not just during Pitta
season but all year round I’ll show you the practice and give you the brief
benefits before we close it out briefly going over pitta dosha remember Pitta is
one of the three ayurvedic doshas and pitta is made up of fire and water
and Pitta people in their personality they tend to be more goal-oriented more
focused they’re passionate people but on the flip side when they’re unbalanced
they are more critical angry judgmental these are the people that get in your
face physically they can be dealing with more acne red skin kind of like
outbursts definitely more inflammation those are all pitta imbalance signs so
and Pitta is related directly to the eyes so it’s really important for Pitta
people pitta imbalances or anyone during Pitta season to keep your eyes
cleaned and refreshed so because the eyes are linked to the pitta dosha and
we’re in Pitta season eye washing or Anjana in Sanskrit is so
important to do at least once a week or even more if you’re dealing with any of
those signs and symptoms now I’m going to show you this ayurvedic treatment for
dry eyes eye washing is so important to do right now all you’re going to need is
this cute little eye washing cup we are going to be using rose water in ours
because Rose is super soothing it reduces any
irritation and it’s cooling which is great for pitta season pitta dosha pitta
imbalances and then we’re also going to be using purifying water three simple
two ingredients one simple contraption that we are going to use and now I’m
going to demonstrate how we are going to eye wash with these three tools all we do
is we fill up our eye wash cup with about halfway of the rose water and then about
half of the purified water once you have your eye wash cup filled we’re going to
tilt it into our eye then tilt our head back and then keep her eye open and blink
about fifteen to twenty times to really make sure all the rose water and
purified water are swishing around in your beautiful eye so we’ll press it
against our eyes tilt their head back keep your eye open and just start
blinking look in all directions keep blinking keep looking and then after you
blink about 20 times tilt your head back underneath the cup give yourself a nice
little refreshed glow blinking blinking blinking and then you can use a little
towel to pat yourself dry and then we switch on the other side so we’re going
to discard this and then refill the other doing it on the other eye place it
against your eye tilt your head back open and blink after about 20 times
release it from your eye and then you can discard this so this was a simple
home remedy on how to eye wash and this is a great ayurvedic treatment for dry eyes
because you’re literally cleansing and purifying your eyes some of the other
benefits is that it reduces irritation any redness it reduces puffy
eyes it also improves your eyesight and it brings more blood circulation to your
eyes so it’s a great practice I would recommend doing it at least once per
week no matter what dosha you are however if you’re in Pitta season and
pitta imbalance I would recommend doing it maybe every other day depending
on how much irritation you have in your eyes it’s super cleansing and purifying
definitely love this practice. if you guys like this video and want to check out
some more subscribe to my youtube channel check out my other videos let me
know what you think in the comments below I so appreciate you being here
remember this is an ayurvedic treatment for dry eyes I hope this
helped and I hope you’re feeling better

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