Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi my names Lucy and I’m a qualified Baby Massage and Yoga Instructor and we’d like to show you some massage routines that you can use at home. So this little routine is for coldy, snuffly and congested babies it’s fantastic to feel like you’re doing something to help when they have a cold. So I’ve got my oil, I’m making sure my hands and fingers are really nice and warm. and I’m just going to place my hands on babys chest and shoulders. Just some nice ‘resting’ hands. and I’m going to start circling around in the centre of the chest This is called ‘Opening the door of the spirit’ and then I’ll bring my other hand in and make some ‘Sunglasses!’ so both hands, circling around the chest. So this is great for getting the lymphatic system moving and the circulation going and we can make some little ‘pitter patters’ all over the chest really good for loosening any mucus on the chest. Little pitter patters…. and then like you’re going to smooth out the pages of a book, we’re going to spread our hands out with our fingers finishing towards the armpits very good for lymphatic drainage boosting the immune system and then just gently massaging around the face and if they’re really really bunged up you can just place your fingers either side of the nose and from the corners of the eyes down to the nostrils and this is very good for loosening and draining any congestion and down to the feet we can give a little circle into the centre of the feet with your thumbs or your forefingers and then we’re just going to have a little roll and squeeze of each toe a little massage and a little squeeze and on to the other foot a little roll, a little squeeze and then a few more of our ‘velvet cloaks’ stroking all the way down the torso and a hand over the chest to finish.

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