Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi my names Lucy and I’m a Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Instructor and we would like to show you some massage and yoga moves that you can use at home. So, we’re going to do a little bit of work on the tummy, we’ll take some lovely oil, and make sure that it’s really nice and warm and that my hands are really lovely and warm. and I’m just going to place my hand on babies tummy is this OK baby?! and I’m going to circle, two or three fingers around the naval in a clockwise direction this is going to be fantastic for any babies that have any digestive issues or discomforts. if they’re constipated or have trapped wind or colicky So we’re just moving slowly around the naval in a clockwise direction and then we’re going to bring our other hand in and paddle down one hand after the other and then….. we’re going to do this lovely move called ‘I Love You’ and this’ll be working on the large intestine. So, we’re going to make sure we’re starting on the babies left hand side. and we’re going to say; ‘I’ we’re going to work from the other side and across ooh see it works! (baby farts) ‘love’ (moving fingers across the belly and down towards nappy line) ‘You!’ ‘I’ ‘Love’ ‘You!’ OK, then we’re going to take our thumbs over the naval, and have a lovely stretch and slide out to the sides (Baby Poos) ‘oh yes good baby good baby!’ ‘that’s better isn’t it’ (baby poos again) OK! and we’ll do a little bit of movement into the legs which stimulates all the digestive organs a circle around and now, we need to change that nappy! thank you baby! thank you!

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