Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi Maureen here Mf Wellness just wanted to
pop on a tell you how excited I am to launching baby reflexology classes here in Loughrea
at Mf Wellness there starting on June 21st classes are going to kept very small in order
to insure the comfort of everyone and everyone gets a great experience so if you are interested
book now all the details are below this post lots of people asked me “but why is reflexology
so effective for babies?” well simply babies are so responsive to touch
and because we naturally instinctively want to touch our baby’s cuddle our baby’s in times
of distress its a perfect technique to be applies to a baby especially for a mother
or parent its easy to learn and really really effective for teething colic constipation
or just for bonding and overall wellness its also really simple to incorporate into baby’s
routine so if you are interested in finding out more please get in touch all the detail
are below this post its a great technique to learn and your baby will thank you talk
to you soon

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