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Hi. I’m going to show you how to use homeopathic
teething tablets to help ease your baby’s discomfort from teething. I really like the
Hyland’s teething tablets and they work really great. Homeopathic remedies for teething are
really nice because it’s natural plants and herbs and they’re distilled down and there’s
no side effects from a homeopathic medicine and I think they work great. So Hyland’s makes
the teething tablets. This is their chamomile tablets which is also great the chamomile
because this is for teething and irritability. So when you use teething tablets you can give
them to the baby in one of two ways. You can, you just want to do two tablets. Just pour
them out into here and you can pour them in your hand. It’s a little bit challenging to
give the baby the teething tablets directly because they have a, depending on the baby’s
age they have a tongue thrust where they push their tongue out of their mouth like this,
so sometimes they end up pushing the tablets out as well and then they get all over your
fingers. But basically what you’re going to want to do is just take the teething tablets,
they dissolve super quickly, like instantly as soon as they touch the baby’s saliva, and
then just put them in their mouths and then they’ll dose off. Another way to give them
to the baby if you’re finding that challenging to do is to use one of the little medicine
spoons that you get at the pharmacy and drop the little tablets right in and then just
put a teeny little bit of water to dissolve them and let them dissolve for just a second.
The chamomile don’t dissolve as quickly as the teething tablets do. Those dissolve really
quickly. The teething tablets dissolve a little bit more quickly than the chamomile, and then
you can just hold your baby and give it to your baby just like that, and it’s really
easy and you see the baby calm down and be less fussy or irritable within, not, within
just a few minutes.

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