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Hi it’s Samantha from San Diego homeopathy. Well it’s back-to-school time. We are in the throes of getting used to being back
into school and one thing that’s happening at my house is nobody can
sleep. My kids are pretty exhausted I think from the full day and the change
in schedule but at night they’re having a really hard time sleeping so I want to
share 3 remedies you can try at home for your little ones or even for
yourself if you’re having a hard time sleeping. The first remedy is called
Arsenicum album and I’ve talked about this one before. This is a great remedy
to have on hand if somebody can’t sleep especially if they’re worried or having
anxiety or or anxious feelings maybe they’re thinking about just being a wait
for children thinking about being away from you or one thing that happens is
they think I can’t fall asleep I can’t believe I can’t fall asleep that whole
cycle that your mind gets into because you’re afraid you can’t fall asleep. If
that’s happening for you or your child arsenicum album is a great remedy to
give and there may be some restlessness and maybe they’re tossing and turning a
lot. They just can’t quite get comfortable arsenicum album would be a
good remedy to have on hand the next remedy is Nux vomica now again
nux vomica is a remedy I have talked about if there’s overindulgence
maybe you can’t sleep maybe maybe the kids have been eating too much stuff
that isn’t good for them or too much stuff that they’re not used to having
and that’s affecting their sleep or they are waking up and they’re nervous
about or they’re worried about thinking about their homework for the next day or
maybe they have a test already if they’re waking up with those kind of
things nuv vomica would be a great remedy to
choose and then the last remedy is Coffea cruda it is made from coffee
and if someone can’t sleep and they need Coffea it’s going to be kind of a wide
awake feeling 3:00 a.m. is usually the time of the morning well when they wake
up and they’re just mind is full and they may be excited you know with
school being back in session kids are excited to see their friends and just be
back engaged and all the fun things that they do so if your little ones waking up
with just bright eyes and excited and kind of
revved up at 3m coffea cruda would be a good one to give so we love talking
about homeopathy you love helping people with homeopathy
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