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Bacterial Vaginosis or BV is a vaginal infection
caused by an overgrowth of bacteria. The vagina naturally has an environment containing “good”
and “bad” bacteria. In cases of bacterial vaginosis, there is an excess of bad bacteria.
This throws the vaginal environment out of balance. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a common condition
that many women can get, regardless of whether or not they’ve had sex. Natural treatments
and home remedies can be used to treat and prevent it. These treatments are effective
to treat bacterial vaginosis without side effects. Here Are Top 10 Natural Treatments and Home
Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis 1. Yogurt. By containing the lactobacilli which are beneficial
for your vagina, yogurt is one of the top home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. Also
yogurt can help you maintain a balance level of pH as well as reduce discomforts. Use a tampon to apply yogurt inside your vagina
for few hours. Perform twice per day. Consume yogurt on a daily basis. 2. Apple Cider Vinegar. The acidic property from vinegar will help
you keep a balance level of pH, thus maintain a balance in amount of bacteria for your vagina.
Accordingly, you should never miss this bacterial vaginosis natural treatment. Take 2 tablespoons of vinegar into warm water.
Use this solution to cleanse the vagina twice per day for couples of day. Another option is take 1 to 2 tablespoons
of vinegar with some honey into some warm water and consume twice per day. 3. Garlic. The antiseptic and antibacterial from garlic
are significantly essential for improving your immune system in order to control yeast
or bacterial infections. Due to its strongly effect, garlic is often considered the best
natural solution for how to get rid of bacterial vaginosis. Make a mixture from some drops of garlic oil
with half teaspoon of coconut and vitamin E oil. Directly apply this mixture on the
affected area twice per day for couples of day. Add garlic into your cooking daily as well
as consume few cloves of garlic on a daily basis. Take garlic supplementary pills after consulting
the doctor. 4. Boric Acid The antifungal and antiseptic properties are
extremely helpful at relieving discomforts such as irritation, itchiness and pain. Also
it can even assist you in keeping a balance level of pH and cleansing the vagina. This
method is one of the optimal solutions when you think about how to get rid of bacterial
vaginosis. Take a gel capsule to contain some boric acid. Put this capsule inside your vagina before
sleeping. After waking up, cleanse your vagina using
warm water. Perform 1 to 2 times per week. Avoid using for women who are pregnant. 5. Coconut Oil. Another excellent home remedy for bacterial
vaginosis that you should take into consideration is coconut oil. It is loaded with natural
antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral agents that can help kill the germs as well as banish
them against returning. Dip a tampon in fresh coconut oil and place
it in the vagina. Wait for a few hours and wash off with warm
water after removing the tampon. Perform the treatment once per day in a few
days. Alternatively, you can rub coconut oil directly
over the affected area for about three times per day until getting some better improvements. 6. Tea Tree Oil The antifungal and antibacterial properties
from tea tree oil can help you eliminate the odor of vagina as well as alleviate symptoms
and improve the treatment for bacterial infection of the vagina Take few drops of tea tree oil into some warm
water. Use this solution to cleanse the vagina. Perform once per day for couples of day. Avoid using for women who are pregnant. 7. Turmeric Well-known for its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic
properties, it can help you decrease the swelling significantly and control the infections’
symptoms. Therefore, this herb is considers the top among the best home remedies for bacterial
vaginosis besides garlic. You can take some turmeric powder into some
warm milk and consume twice per day. Also you can add turmeric into your cooking daily. 8. Cranberry Juice The acidic nature of cranberry is perfect
for treatment of bacterial infection in the vagina which will give you more control over
infections by bacteria, especially vaginitis. Consuming cranberry juice on a daily basis
in your normal diet will effectively assist you in how to get rid of bacterial vaginosis
for good. 9. Vegetable Juice You can add some vegetable juice to your diet
since it is extremely good for treating bacterial vaginosis. Vegetable juice can have parsley,
garlic, ginger and green vegetables which have amazing effect for easing itching and
relieving pain caused by bacterial vaginosis. 10. Ice Cubes and Cold Water This is extremely effective at relieving you
from discomforts, pain, inflammatory and itching sensation through numb the affected area.
This bacterial infection natural treatment in the vagina is recommended in case you need
to ease the symptoms immediately. If you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis,
do not ignore cold water because it can be a perfect home remedy for this problem. A
cloth dipped in cold water can be out across the affected area to offer the relief from
swelling as well as redness caused by the constriction of blood vessels. Cold water
is widely known as one of the fastest ways to cure burning sensation
and pain.

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