Taking Charge of Your Health

hello everyone my name is Neha I am a practitioner at Balanced Ayurveda I have been practicing Ayurveda for
almost 11 years Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word which is made up of two words Ayur and Veda. Ayur means age or life and veda means science
or knowledge. So the knowledge of life is known as Ayurveda. Ayurveda is one of the most oldest traditional holistic healing system that was originated more than
5000 years ago in India so here in this video I’m going to give you a little bit
introduction about Balanced Ayurveda and what we offer here.
so first of all Balanced Ayurveda is located near the intersection of Barrington Road and Higgins Road. We are conveniently located right off of Interstate 90 near
the Barrington Road So here at Balanced Ayurveda we’ll see
clients with many problems like stress, anxiety, skin related problems, ear nose and throat related issues heart liver kidney related
problems, digestive system related problems joint related issues, mental health related
problems and many more. Ayurveda also helps a lot of women’s health problems and fertility issues. So besides the Constitutions we also offer detoxification and relaxation therapies like Panchakarma therapies and Shirodhara. So this is one of our main therapy rooms where we perform Panchakarma Therapies The main therapy which we perform here is Shirodhara Therapy. Shirodhara is an amazing relaxation therapy
that has profound impact on Nervous system that immediately relaxes, calms and has a
cleansing effect on mind and nerves. Shirodhara also helps a lot in stress
anxiety and many other problems. To know more about Shirodhara you can check my other video. The other therapies which we perform here also helps a lot in pain
management and overall general health So this is our herbal reserve. During
consultation we talk about your family history, your medical history. We also
talk about your dietary habits and lifestyle. After knowing all about you
we determine your Ayurvedic body type and we do make some recommendations
according to that. We do recommend some herbal supplements if needed.
So this is the area where we keep herbal supplements and various other items.
Thanks for watching we look forward to seeing you soon at Balanced Ayurveda.

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