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200 years ago a strange new medicine was
invented it was called homeopathy and despite all the advances of modern
medicine homeopathy still survives today that is surprising because its central
principle is diametrically opposed to that of established medical science.
Homeopathy believes that the more a drug is diluted the more powerful and
beneficial a treatment it becomes. In order to work the drug must be
repeatedly diluted and shaken in a special way. It’s a belief system that
sounds more like arcane ritual magic than modern rational medicine and yet
today in the late 20th century Homeopathy is becoming more and more
popular not just with the general public but among Doctors too. So which is it?
Medicine or Magic? In Britain alternative medicine seems to be booming offering a
variety of treatments and potions unheard of in conventional medicine.
Homeopathic remedies are particularly in demand suggesting homeopathy has a
special appeal. “Homeopathy is the most popular and well-known of all the
alternative forms of medicine. It is in fact the only alternative form of
medicine available on the NHS. It has a long tradition of medical practice
attached to it and there are over 500 fully qualified doctors plus five NHS
hospitals operating in the country. Therefore I think homeopathy have a much
higher profile than many of the other alternative medicines. Also the royal
patronage without doubt does help homeopathy to raise its profile and to
give it a seal of approval.” The Royals are big fans. The Queen Mother
Prince Charles and the Queen herself have each given royal warrants to firms
of homeopathic chemists and when medicine was nationalized in 1948 the
royal patronage was crucial in ensuring homeopathy became part of the NHS. Today there remain a handful of homeopathic hospitals which have doggedly survived
attempts to axe them and where you can still get treatment on the NHS…. Like any
other NHS hospital they have qualified nurses and properly qualified doctors….
“and he did very well”… Every doctor is fully trained in conventional medicine
and has then taken up homeopathy. A consultation at first appears like any
other but quite soon the similarities with Orthodox medicine begin to
disappear… “Are you a sensitive person? Are you intuitive can you read
people’s minds?.. I know that’s a difficult question but are you worrier for
instance? Are you big worrier?..”No”..”Are you a neat person? Are you very tidy and
meticulous and precise?”.. “Yes..!”.. “Very?” “Organised” “A strong-willed person would you say?”.. in
diagnosing the patient’s illness and deciding on treatment personality can be
as important as the disease itself. With hundreds of possible remedies to choose
from, the doctor tries to match up all the aspects of a patient’s illness with
the particular homeopathic drug that’s been found over the years to work best
for people with his very specific symptoms and personality. So unlike
conventional medicine, people with the same disease may often not get the same
treatment….”We’ll start you off with the homeopathic remedy which is really some of the main symptoms that you brought up.. all right? and for example the wind and
bloating then not so good in the middle of the afternoon as a general feature
and also the rather odd symptom which you brought up for the feeling something
alive inside the abdomen.”.. But the biggest difference from conventional medicine is
with the homeopathic remedies themselves. Unlike most normal drugs they are made
mainly from plants or minerals. There’s no chemical processing the whole plant
extract is used… And millions of medicines can be made from just one drop!
Homeopaths claim that gradually diluting the extract in stages will make it more
potent, providing every time it’s diluted it’s sucussed. (shaken) Each stage of dilution involves adding one drop to a hundred drops of a water-alcohol mixture…It was
an 18th century German physician Samuel Hahnemann
who first laid down the principles of homeopathy. He said that a disease can be
cured by giving a substance that produces similar symptoms to the disease
itself. He called it “curing like with–like”. He
also claimed to find apparently by accident, that diluting and shaking the
substance makes it safer and more powerful. But as each stage, called a potency makes
the mixture a hundred times more dilute than before, the levels of dilution
quickly become astronomical. After only three stages it’s a million times more
dilute but homeopathic doctors might prescribe anything up to a thousand
stages of dilution normally in the form of pills… To a bottle of sugar pills will
be added just a drop or two of the final dilution and that’s the medicine in the
real world of normal physics and chemistry it’s hardly surprising most
doctors and scientists regard much of homeopathy as completely absurd one of
the basic principles of homeopathy is simply this the less you give of a drug
the bigger effect that it has and this is really rather like saying the less
whiskey you drink the more drunk you get everybody knows that that’s not true and
one really doesn’t have to have any sort of scientific suddently to realize that
it’s not true it’s counter to ordinary everyday experience now this is really
very easily illustrated by just considering sort of dilutions that are
used in homeopathic remedies those are quite a commonly used dilution 24c
so-called what that means is that you make a
hundredfold dilution of the drug and then you repeat that and you repeat it
another twenty four times and that means you diluted the drug out by a factor of
a million million million million million million million million fold so
there’s not very much to the drug left in fact as none of the drug left
whatsoever in order to get even one single molecule of the drug when the
dilution is like that you would have to take a pill which was the size of the
whole planet Earth just to get one molecule now that is really very hard to
swallow and yet more and more people seem to think oh my op a–they works
last year an estimated eight million Britons took homeopathic remedies and
had over a million consultations a fee – some of them apparently successful as
for this patient with severe rheumatoid arthritis I saw an immediate improve
within a couple of months so it was very it was a very dramatic thing that
conventional medicine certainly couldn’t help me at all and homeopathy did he was
ecstatic oh very well I took him to the doctor and the drugs that he was getting
we’re making him rather dopey so I thought there’s got to be another way
and I tried one other thing and it’s not just in brilliant for honey I wouldn’t
practice homeopathy if I wasn’t convinced if I hadn’t been convinced by
my own personal experiences over many years that these things do have effects
I know what you know I’m ventually trained in medicine I know what you can
achieve with conventional drugs and I’ve seen homeopathy do things that I’m sure
one couldn’t have done by any other means sometimes there appear to be
spectacular cures I started treatment last Wednesday and by Saturday no I
could move my foot that I haven’t been able to move for at least nine years I
just can’t believe it I feel fantastic no it’s miracle but
miracles aren’t proof and the official view is that homeopathy only works as a
placebo effect any cures being due to suggestion it’s all in the mind
basically we were unable to find any evidence to support the view that
homeopathy offers anything to patients other than it will help but from a
psychological and possibly even a psychiatric point of view patients need
a shoulder to cry on and only a Pathak physician provides that whether his
medicines do any good not there’s another matter the medical establishment
having dismissed homeopathy it takes courage to investigators within its very
walls but that’s just what one young doctor at Glasgow’s prestigious Royal
Infirmary has done David Riley like other doctors has been aware of the
growth of alternative medicine and out of sheer scientific curiosity felt he
had to discover why some of it appeared to work it seemed to me the homeopathy
presented really the greatest sign Challenge and within her a thought
structure it seems completely implausible and yet the worldwide demand
and the patient experiences seems so dramatic and persistent across time that
I fell it was a puzzle that really had to be solved so I decided to investigate
the strange therapy and one of the aspects that looked at was the
historical background I was quite stunned the system had been developed in
a progressive manner for approaching 200 years I found medical journals published
in continuity for a century and a half I found many apparently Leonard and
skilled physicians rating up case histories reporting success and serious
life-threatening infections and leafing through one of these textbooks I
realized a 5% of this is true the implications are absolutely stunning for
the population and for medicine itself nevertheless I am I came to the
conclusion er must be honest the biased conclusion that I was looking at Warren
was fascinating structures built around suggestion and good will and naivety
that the medical world had perhaps ever seen but he decided to put homeopathy to
the test on hay fever a standard treatment for hay fever in fact uses a
homeopathic principle that like cures like conventional doctors tried to cure
hay fever by injecting grass pollen to build up immunity homeopathy use the
same idea but in pill form and in infinitesimal amounts homeopaths claimed
that if you dilute this pollen in a particular way it continues to be active
at levels which we would say are impossible beyond Avogadro’s number as
in technical language really ridiculous levels of dilution so although a high
fever was the disease the issue was these so-called potencies or extreme
dilutions these two bottles here contain the medicines so in 1983 dr. Riley
tested two bottles of identical pills and over 30 hay fever sufferers unknown
to them only one of the bottles had been dosed with a few drops of the
homeopathic remedy the other contained dummy pills you’ll fill out this Lane as
a described a visual analogue skill that will score just how bad their Heaphy
that has been that day his volunteers were asked to keep a daily record of
their hay fever symptoms by taking first one bottle and then the other dr. Riley
fully expected his trial to prove that any benefit from the homeopathic remedy
would be due to a placebo effect that it was all in the mind
but the study showed that remedy worked unfortunately for me and my thinking at
that time a real did a positive result a statistically significant positive
result so I took the attitude something has gone wrong here
this is impossible and I said let’s read on this study so all all in any
criticism Abbas Alford was incorporated in rerunning the study and it was
running the year later on a much grander scale five times more patients and all
sorts of inbuilt measures against bias or fraud or any other possible
explanation every diary was examined by an independent Assessor from the
University Department of Medicine who verified the data against the computer
printout he signed this place that was sealed envelope and delivered it to the
statistician he checked this paper against the disk it received and
analyzed the results triple blind as is known in the trade he didn’t know which
screwed the switch the result was a surprise
again the homeopathic medicine demonstrated itself has been greater
than defect than the dummy medicine in fact the homeopathic remedy was 15
percent better and indeed quite as good as many conventional hay fever
treatments so does that prove homeopathy works it’s completely artificial to
expect one trial to prove or disprove such an important controversy one looks
across a broad spectrum of activity and see if the critical mass of evidence is
moving towards a resolution of this problem Christopher Day is a homeopathic vet there’s a juicer he’s a leading figure
among a growing number of British vets who have turned to homeopathy and his
experience with it provides another important piece of evidence
although conventionally trained over the years he has come to reject conventional
drugs and now relies mainly on homeopathy I qualified in 1972 from
Cambridge University and after a few weeks in practice I was tempted to try
some homeopathic remedies on some chronic cases and I found to my surprise
that a percentage of them were responding in a way which I never
thought was possible before and from then on really it’s been a slippery
slope I’m afraid I’ve gone on deeper and
deeper oh I got it alright alright we obviously got to try and stimulate that
nerve to heal and reduce the bruising around it and that way she’ll have a
chance broadly speaking the advantage of homeopathy is the lack of side effects
in that especially in the case of chronic disease where you can envisage
long-term treatment with drugs which even with the mild drugs will produce
side effects with homeopathy we are free of that danger so we’re talking about a
tremendously safe system medicine and all it requires is to know that it’s
effective before it becomes correct to use it and we’ve certainly proved the
effect in chronic cases here this is Kim as with humans is homeopathic diagnosis
for animals includes personality you feel that she is much happier anyway in
the cold in the cool which is and so does she have any fears people know
other dogs all right yes for the last five years Kim has had a skin condition
which conventional vets have been unable to clear up with drugs and in
desperation Kim’s owner has come to Christopher day for help she’s very good
isn’t he I don’t think she’s really enjoying this this particular case is
very typical of many of the skin problems we see and it has been on
steroid for quite a long time with diminishing effect and it is still
self-mutilating it is still scratching and biting has these tremendous sores on
the back and has lost a lot of hair and what do we intend to give it is
sulfur because this remedy in fact fits most closely the picture that presented
by this dog in terms of its character and its likes and dislikes and the skin
lesions that we’re seeing and I’ve chosen the two hundredths and has more
potency the two hundred see because I feel this will see it the case best and
the power that it will give and this is the remedy diluted one and a hundred two
hundred times so we’re talking about a remedy well sub molecular and I
anticipate it would have quite a beneficial effect on the case
three months later Kim was brought back for a check-up by a grateful owner
there’s a good girl goodie so we turn around the light and let and see a
little bit better and then for the first time in years the skin problem looked
considerably improved has she been well regardless you know condition of couch
she’s under percent better than when we added before and just up here it seems
to cleared up tremendously well doesn’t the animals are meant to be less
suggestible than humans so do successful cases like this mean
that homeopathy might not be all in the mind
I think the skeptics would often level the argument that the apparent healing
effects of homeopathy will be down to a mental process if it’s all in the mind
and this so-called placebo effect is a word that’s often used and where you
could imagine perhaps a small amount of this occurring in an owner pet bonding
relationship I fail to see how when the large proportion of my work is done on
farm animals large herds of farm animals dosed by their drinking water how we are
going to convince them that they’re going to be healed and therefore have a
mental process that’s healing them I fail to see how that can be all in the
mind like most country Beth’s Christopher day
has to survive in the hard commercial world of the farm we’re sick animals
cost money a major loss for milk producers is an infection of the utter
called mastitis as day became more competent with homeopathy he decided to
offer farmers a new mastitis treatment he told them they could help prevent
mastitis by adding a few milliliters of a homeopathic remedy to their cows water
supply just once a month I was very very skeptical when he told me it’s just
matter of putting a few drops of water into a traffic on how an earth can it
work but some actually doing it has proven to me that it is very successful
and the savings on the herd is incredible just by putting five
milliliters of water as it looks like into the water trough once a month the
same year thousand times a year so that has convinced me I’m not skeptical
anymore the new homeopathic treatment for Peter reeds cars has saved him that
much money because the normal treatment for mastitis ends up being pretty
expensive vets normally prescribe antibiotics which must be repeatedly
injected into the order until the infection clears up the reason the
Orthodox treatment is so costly is that for days afterwards the cow’s milk must
be thrown away because of the antibiotic residues but these days for Peter Reid
that problem is rare before we use homeopathic treatments we were getting
about 30 to 40 cases of mastitis clinical cases in mastitis every year
since we’ve been using homeopathic for and remedies we are going to a low six a
year now which is very rare as we get a cases we can always put it down to the
code having a blow from another cow have been kicked or bunted in the other never
from just a normal clinical case cattle on other farms have also been getting
Christopher days homeopathic treatments again it seems with good results we’ve
been using homeopathic medicine for about six years on the farm here now and
gradually increasing it over that time we find it very effective in many cases
not totally effective but in many cases very effective in some problems that we
have on the farm we have a disease called new forest die which is a disease
of the eye that cattle get and there I would describe it as a miracle cure no
doubt about it with new forest dying cattle if you look
at the cows here the conventional treatment would be shots of antibiotic
underneath the eyelid every day for four or five days now those animals would
have to be caught out in jail in other big animals and in some cases you could
be talking about 30 or 40 animals a day now with the homeopathic treatment it’s
a case of a few drops of these homeopathic remedies in the water TRO
daily and that will cure this problem within three or four days it is a
miracle Chris days experience with a number of
local farmers like John Geering has finally convinced him we found it
administering remedies in the water does have a profound effect on chronic
diseases within a herd what again a thirtieth Sentinel dilation so which is
one in a hundred thirty times or ten to the minus six T to give it a
mathematical way so effectively you’re still giving water
we’re still giving sub molecular concentrations quantities corn and watch
your leg of the remedy yes in the waters of life
in the water supply so it’s already then being dilated again
which is fairly mind-boggling but then it can be days in several hundred times
again which is infinitesimal amount compared to what it’s already been
through and it appears very effective and it is very very repeatable
we have actually been one trial which we monitored very very closely in a dairy
head to see the effects of homeopathy on mastitis and we split the herd into two
groups of 40 cows and we supplied the farm with two bottles one was an
unmedicated solvent and the other bottle contained homeopathic treatment one was
labeled a and one was labeled B so there was no way the farmer knew which bottle
was which which side of the herd if you like he was treating and which side he
was just giving solvent oh and we went through the whole winter with him
administering small quantities to the water troughs of each side and one side
was getting a and one side is getting B throughout the winter we monitored the
mastitis occurrences we monitored difficulty of curing it and we wanted
all the mastitis parameters within the herd and what we found that she was most
startling in his particular hood we found one case only of mastitis in the
treated head and 19 cases in the untreated side and that was 19 out of 40
so we’re talking about a 50% incidence on one side and one in 40 on the other
side but how can it possibly work no one
seems to better explain why it works I think this is a big problem I have no
problem personally because I’ve seen it working and when you remove yourself
from the problem of molecules being the only thing that do anything and think
more about energies then the thing starts to make a lot more sense
and you can understand the concept that in producing an energetic change in the
body the body can then get on here itself but how can the chemical energy
and information in a substance continue to survive repeated dilutions one theory
to explain homeopathy says that the water the substance is diluted in may
somehow have a memory of the original substance that may be that contained
within the water is some form of biophysical imprint
let me Glenna give you a model for this water is one substance in one
concentration and yet it can take many forms water truly is a strange substance in particular if you think of snowflakes
one substance and one biochemical concentration absolutely identical and
yet showing an infinite capacity for variation and form every snowflake is
unique every one of the countless millions of snowflakes and the pattern
and the field which maintains that pattern is unique and so we have an
infinite capacity for informational structure within a biochemically
identical substance and so really we are asking is bile biological information
encoded within these solutions within these water solutions
but the theory is far too revolutionary to be contemplated by Orthodox science a
principle that the memory of the molecules resides in the water and that
memory lasts a long time and communicates itself to the patient even
months after the delusions were made that is a different sort of claim in a
way because it’s really quite contrary to all we know about physics and it’s in
order to believe that sort of claim then you would have to overturn a large part
of physics as we know it at the moment and a large part of pharmacology too as
a consequence now one can certainly say that physics has been overturned before
if it’s no science is immutable and it is absolutely true that it’s physics has
been overturned many times but it’s only overturned when there is a very good
reason to do so the fact is that because the medical establishment thinks
homeopathy so implausible very few convincing clinical trials have been
done and so there’s little evidence but things are beginning to change a
high-powered team at Bart’s Hospital in London recently organized a proper
double-blind clinical trial of homeopathy on fibrosis so it’s a little
tender there isn’t it’s a condition orthodox medicine finds hard to treat
but this preliminary study showed homeopathy did provide some benefit elsewhere at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary
a similar trial is underway on asthma rights and rights in rights in rights in
blood here the academic departments have been running a full-scale double-blind
evaluation of an extremely dilute homeopathic remedy and the indications
are it too has been successful but much more research is needed the scientific
community in the medical community cannot turn its back on this controversy
we have to open the doors of our academic establishments and open the
minds of our academics to examine this issue I think that’s what the public
understands by science and I think the scientific community must respond to
that need meanwhile the foot soldiers of medicine
have already stolen a march on the academics at the homeopathic hospitals
courses in homeopathy are now being offered to people in the front line of
Orthodox medicine Britain’s general practitioners and they’re becoming
increasingly popular these doctors seem unconcerned that homeopathy cannot work
they simply ask does it work and is it better than conventional medicine yes
certainly does much less harm than most of the drugs we prescribe and I would
suggest that a good adopter might be one who does as Hippocrates said originally
more good than harm and I think there are many doc many of us who do more harm
more harm than good no one system can solve all problems all
the time regular medicine solves many problems up
to an extent or doesn’t deal with very small ones or chronic ones for me operty
deals with that and as so many of them well sometimes you actually use it in
children who don’t know what they’re having and they improve amazingly fast
much quicker than giving them an antibiotic for instance
similarly and people have perhaps comatose they have no idea that they’re
being given the medication and they do improve so the skeptics say it doesn’t
work and they must see there is us fruit as it does so is homeopathy magic or
medicine for a small but increasing number of doctors it seems it’s a bit of
fun I’ve no idea why it works but it does seem to work and I think if it
works you should try Oh Oh

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  8. I have been taking Homeopathy, for more then 42 years, with good success for myself and my family who are believers after seeing the results from taking it. And as the Vet, has mentioned it works sub-molecular, something conventional doctors could not comprehend. I give homage to Dr Samuel Hahnemann, for his genius.

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