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8 thoughts on “Beans, Beans, Good for Your Heart

  1. Yep, cooking up a mess of dried red beans tonight…LOVE them! Will last me all week long for plant protein, fiber, etc. Very affordable too!

  2. If the side effects of beans are causing you too much grief you might try adding some Assafoetida, most Indian spice shops will have it, it's what they add to lentil dishes like Dhal.  Note you should cook a small amount in some oil to make the flavor palatable and then add that.

  3. I fucking love Bush's vegetarian baked beans XD
    I ate half a cup every morning for like three days, hadn't even seen this! I slowed down only to conserve them because I love them so much. Definitely a new diet staple!! Good thing I love beans so much. So many benefits!

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