Taking Charge of Your Health

After my third child was born when she
was about eight or nine months old she started to get really sick. She had a lot
of digestive problems, she was in and out of doctors offices three and four times
a week. They had no idea what was wrong with her and that’s when I was
introduced to Shaklee. Couple of supplements, a probiotic, B-complex. I
nursed into my daughter and I was really really blown away, that my daughter
started to get better.I had pretty much been sick my entire life, and at 27 years
old after 2 weeks I had more energy than I had ever had in my life. And you have to understand that I didn’t
expect that, and then I mentioned my doctor, that we were putting on a
probiotic he said, “Oh that’s a really good idea! I should have suggested that.” I was both blown away, but I actually started to get a little bit angry. That
was the point at which I said, “My child has been screaming in pain every day for
months, and you guys could have told me?” That’s when I realized there was a world
that I didn’t know about. That Shacklee had been around since 1916,
that they exceeded pharmaceutical grade standards. I didn’t know any of that
background stuff because I didn’t know that anybody else use this stuff.
Honestly didn’t know that there was a business opportunity here, but I did
remember that somebody had mentioned that if I like the products and I told
others about them I might be able to earn enough to pay for my products. Which
was really great, because I didn’t want to watch Chris rolling his eyes at me
every month when I was gonna buy the products anyways. Which he
completely knows is true, and will tell you that himself. I honestly started having people ask me,
“Well how is Faustina doing?” because they have been praying for her. I mean she was
really really sick. I was genuinely just sharing the information, and people
started saying, “Oh natural supplements well can I see a catalog?” I was a mom at
home with three kids under 3 years old and the last thing on my mind was
starting a business. I think within the first month I was
making enough to pay for the products that I was buying then, and I figured, “Gosh!
If I can make enough money to pay for my product… Maybe I could make enough money to pay
for the mortgage? And then maybe Chris could leave his engineering job that he
didn’t really enjoy anyway. So… I just went for it. I mean I never really
considered that it wasn’t an option and Chris said, “Don’t lose money.” and I said, “Okay.” [laughing]
I didn’t lose any money! Shaklee is a vehicle to helping you to
achieve your dreams. I always say, “If all Shacklee had done is help me to get my
kids healthier. That would have been good enough.” Eventually took me into deciding
to go back to school and get my degree is a Naturopathic Doctor. And we knew
then that we could help other families do this also. And that there were other
people out there who… mothers who didn’t want to have to go back into the
corporate world. We have a team of amazing leaders across the country, and
distributors who really want to get their family healthier. They want to
bring income into their family. We have people in Canada, we even have people in
Mexico! This is a global business and I get to
talk to these amazing mothers and fathers, you know couples across the
country, and really help get into their world. Their family to us, you know these
are people we would do anything for. Really a big part of what we’re doing is
trying to maximize that, and help other people who want to become distributors
and see Shaklee as being a part of their future to be able to do that. I genuinely
truly believe that some of my kids are alive because we were introduced this
world. A way to actually help get my daughter healthy. I mean she couldn’t walk
or talk on the autism spectrum, she couldn’t go to a regular school, and now
she’s in the theater production this weekend. A real theater production you
know not a special-needs theater production! It’s just been huge for our
family! If you would like to learn more about
how Shaklee or natural health can impact your life. Please click the link below or
visit our website.

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