Taking Charge of Your Health

Benefits of drumstick leaves Tamil health tips Drumstick leaves has a vital role in South Indian diet and there are many medicinal properties in all parts of drumstick tree. Drumstick leaves give more energy and it has loads of nutrient. It has vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous etc., In this video let us see what are the benefits we get by adding drumstick leaves in our diet. Drumstick leaves are rich in fibre and antioxidants, reduces bad cholesterol, control sugar level. As it is low in calories it helps to reduce our weight and keep us fit. Drumstick leaves cures pimples, cleanses our skin and keeps it glowing. Drumstick leaves can be taken as poriyal etc., and to prevent anaemia in children fry drumstick leaves in ghee and give before food. If we take drumstick leaves atleast once in a week, iron and magnesium present in it helps to cure fatigue and tiredness and keeps us fresh. 30 types of antioxidants present in drumstick leaves keeps the cells in our body healthy. It cures cancer, fights against ageing and keeps our skin healthy. Take drumstick juice and pour few drops in your eyes or mix with honey and apply on your eye lid to cure eye problems. Take equal amount of drumstick leaves and pepper,crush it and extract juice and apply it as a pack on your forehead to cure headache. An acid present in drumstick leaves is good for insulin secretion if it is in the right proportion. The chances of diabetes also reduces and so you can add it in your diet. Drumstick keeps our brain healthy and vitamin C present in it protects our nervous system. So if we take drumstick leaves it makes our brain strong.

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