Taking Charge of Your Health

We have cells and cells over hundred
billion cells they say all these cells are essentially coded and you know
geared for health for survival mainly their own individual survival and the
survival of the organism a few of them take shortcuts they want to survive upon
others it’s crime you know so there is a pickpocket what is his business what you
took one month to earn he wants to pick it up in one day but he’s also part of
the society till he is caught all right now if all the pickpockets of the
country got together and they came to Delhi now everybody’s pockets will be
gone because now it’s organized so right now what you call as cancer is just this
in everybody’s body there are cancerous cells when they get organized and get
focused in one place then it becomes a serious problem to a point where it can
take one’s life what is the solution there are many things to say first of
all crime flourishes where there is no order in the system
yes criminals in the society will flourish if the law enforcement is not
in order so there is a defense mechanism in our system are we keeping it well are
we bombarding it with all kinds of stimulants intoxicants everything and
then we’re expecting our defense mechanism to work it won’t work like
that we must understand every stimulant and every intoxicant we consume in some
way dense our defense mechanism people think defense mechanism is only
for external infections no even to contain the internal criminals in the
body the defense mechanism works so a simple thing is you know in the yogic
system this is a simple logic these cancerous cells in our body they consume
usually about twenty seven to ten eight times of food than the normal
cells so if you space out your meme an ideal spacing between one mil and the
next in the yogic culture is eight to twelve hours if you space out eight
hours meals you will see the cancerous cells will all die by themselves because
they cannot survive without food other cells will survive so always we fixed it
morning one meal evening on meal no in between eating and once in a way every
month twice a month or once a month people are practicing one full day no
food these are simple ways to control this
apart from that there are various other things above all if your mind and body
is in a certain ease these will not survive if your mind and body is in a
certain sense of strife then these will survive and not only survive they will
flourish if the society is in strife organized crimes rice if the society is
in order very little crime happens the same is true with our physiological
structure you you

93 thoughts on “Benefits of Fasting or Eating Twice a Day – Sadhguru

  1. Sadhguru has all answers ..from politics , history , medical ..etc haa haaa … overhyped…but we can listen his views ..,😁

  2. Crime? System is the problem 🏡 Our Life should be around these Great Qualities…..

    1, Show all living creatures; all the love and kindness as much as you can.

    2, Only try to be honest with yourself. If you try to be honest with others, you will get into big trouble soon or later.

    3, Aim only one target at a time; otherwise you are chasing two rabbits and you will miss both. So, the reason behind it. Have one powerful reason and never ever give up the one you want the most.

    4, Don't try to be good person only but be the powerful person. We will grow to be the one or we will die. There is no other choice.

    5, Always learn and look for to improve something your life.

    6, You are not alone. Love and faith the high power reduces unnecessary stress in life. But never completely rely on it.

    7, Success and happiness are the byproducts of our usefulness. So, always increase the possibility of success.

    8, Life is not going to be easy. Because of our unnecessary things. Eliminate all the unnecessary things as much as you can by organising yourself well with the environments.

    9, Never believe anything without the proper evidences.

    10, Always try to give more than you take.

    Because it is dignity/ character of the divinity within you.

    🌎 As long as people continue to see themselves as separate from everything else, they lend themselves to being completely enslaved. Success depends on how well we relate to everything around us. Joy comes from that bliss of connectedness. I believe that unarmed truth and love will have the final word in reality. To love; you should have good heart. I am a good person until I see a person better than my standard of goodness. Being good is the progress towards a worthy cause. Love is God. Whoever lives in love, lives forever. How selfish it is to try to keep something forever? Love is all about nourishing, nurturing, sharing and expanding the love within you for all. The principle to which we adhere to is that we have kindness of love at heart for the whole of mankind.  As long as there is the unnecessary differences within us; we can not live peacefully so we have to eliminate all the unnecessary differences among us so we can love all. People abilities may vary but not there true love. If we love a person/ God for a reason then we love the reason but not the person. No reason is the reason to love the person because true love never fails. So do not compare or measure the true love as first or the last but love all truly. If you love people truly then you can understand people. If you don't love then you don't understand people at all.

    People are controlled by system why?
    The Cyclical Consumption is the current economy all over the World. It is making the scarcity problems of the earth finite resources to deteriorate day by day. Current Monetary System is legalised theft. Real money is Gold and Silver. Scarcity gives the money more value. Real money won't lose it's value. When Governments stay away from Gold & Silver then very easy to transfer the wealth / resources to upper class the Rich (Corporatocracy) Elite. When the Governments are printing out more new fiat currency with reserve banks, our old currency is losing its purchasing power everyday. They are printing millions of currency everyday. All governments and laws are existing right now to transfer wealth to upper class the rich elite. The USA Government & other Governments are in many countries, bailed the investment banks & financial institutions in 2008 against the majority of the people. There is no democracy in any countries. Because of the Money System based on profits motive only above all else even humans lives and well-being. So, we do not have freedom to protect our values with the money so on. The violence, bankruptcy & all the negativities are build into the Monetary System of our society. All are owned (including ourselves) by Reserve Bank. Which is private cartel the corporation. So, in legal system, we are legally considered as chattel the properties. They make money in the capital markets with our birth certificates. They do not consider us as Humans. That's the truth. We are at the invisible war with the Elites (Corporatocracies). We have to fight for our Freedom. Resource Based Economy is the Solution. We have to declare the earth resources as the heritage of all the people of this world. So everyone has access to it. Please have your research about zeitgeist movement then you know the truth more. 

     Truth About Health/Drugs Industry Because Of It Your Life At High Risk The drug industry is a 1/2 trillion dollars a year worldwide conglomerate. Almost 300 billions dollars just in North America. That is really big business. What would happen if everyone were well? There is no money in health. You see, good health makes a lot of sense but it doesn't make a lot of dollars. Because everything they do is toxic. Every drug they use, prescription drugs, all drugs are liver toxic, bar none. If you've had amalgam fillings put in your mouth by dentists. It is highly toxic. There's cancer because most of the chemos are themselves carcinogens. To view the tumor as the cancer and we know the tumor is not the cancer. The cancer industry is 200 billions dollars a year. The more work they get, the more profit there is. You have to dismantle; If the truth ever came out about what we would need to do. 30% of people of females in America are at risk of getting, will get cancer of the breast. The ones that are already dead have been grossly mistreated by the medical profession and by the government that supposedly is supposed to encourage free research and development of all possibilities. Why would medical doctors who studied medicine and practice medicine and are heavily funded by pharmaceutical companies why would they go and look into vitamins? That they never had the answer orthomolecular. And as more and more of our population start taking their health into their own hands, there's going to be even more and more of changes. It can't go on the way it is. The system is failing apart. We must make nutrition the primary prevention strategy for the population. You are what you eat. You are everything that you have ever done to yourself. The choices you make directly affect the outcome of your life. – (Food Matters Documentary in Netflix)

    😊 Well, I truly love God. I am not religious but very spiritual person. So, I believe 1) Religion is the beliefs in someone experiences But spirituality is having my own experiences. The mainstream religions people promote religious ideology by giving guidelines and guide but In my spiritual life; I do not want anyone or anything between God and me to restrict my freedom to worship God. 2) We do not need any authorities to do good work. The god work is the good work always. In contrast; organised mainstream religions are claiming that they have the authorities to do God works as leaders so on. 3) God is not capable of doing wrong thing, change the past for us and create anything out of nothing for us. Nothing means not anything. So, even God is limited. The mainstream religious people believe that God is unlimited. 4) God wants us to take responsibilities for our righteousness life but not for all the consequences of our actions because they are continued to exist among us. So, How can god punish us for all our consequences? The mainstream religious people believe we are full of sins because of all our actions. 5) Freewill  is an illusion. People always choose the perceived path of greatest pleasure.  So, we do not have choices all the time. In contrast teachings of the mainstream religions are promoting people to do god's will always because we all have choices of freewill always. 6) We can not separate everything into groups. So, everything for good and evil and there's no success and failure for everything. If everything is real then real things can not be threatened. Once you come to understand that God/The Holy Spirit is in each of us, You will no longer need a Book to tell you how to live. Then why we need religious scriptures? The Virtue is the expression of the basic goodness in our actions. The Basic goodness is the fundamental worthiness of every individuals. We are worthy to God always in everything. 7) Beliefs in a cruel God makes a cruel man. No matter what; every living creatures has the right to live and What makes their life cheap? Everything depends on everything. Nothing too big or too small in value. We can not love and hate at the same time; Being a vegetarian means love without cruelty happily. The mainstream religious people are killing people and sacrificing animals in the name of God. They promote God's cruel punishments. The Punishment is endless for Sinners/Devil according to religious scriptures. But God is love always. Overcome hate with love. If all religions for peace, unity? No way. Because they are not for peace. 8) Well, The God gave us everything to go from moment to moment in our lives as we do our part  and pray only to thank god then the Love is in progress. The Love is always for everyone. We are always worthy of the God's love. Our greatest fear is; not to be loved by anyone but we are all loved by someone. When we eliminate all our unnecessary differences among us then true peaceful life is possible with the true love. If we can't find the peace within ourselves then we will never find it anywhere else. 9) This is the Fight for independence and freedom of humanity to worship God freely without religious guide and guidelines to restrict us. Unnecessarily, We do not want third party controls over us in anything ; especially in spirituality. 10) Revive Survive Thrive. Sincerely,  The Real Peacemaker against religious oppression.

    Even If I know hundred percent, I am not going win, I can not live without giving my best; good fight. So to increase the possibility for others.

  3. Thankyou guru ji . I maintain 12 hours gap between meals but , I have to start that one day fasting . Which my body feels lite .

  4. I dont understand why he is commenting on all subjects with limited knowledge ….Now this guy has diverted his focus from a single stream to various subjects …this seems like self marketing for himself or for a particular group. Because a yogi rarely talks much on various issues of a society…Over a certain time these speeches make people sceptical.

  5. Calories required by a person depend on the work generally done. A farm labourer or some one who does more physical work requires more calories than a worker whose work is more sedentary. Nowadays, industrialization had helped farmers to do away with physical labour as they used to do in previous generation. So eating 3 times a day can be done away. But balance what you eat 2 times with enough protein, fat and carbohydrates. We Indians tend to eat carbohydrates more resulting in diabetes. I find many indians not taking sweets saying they are diabetic but fail to use their reason to judge every carbohydrate is sugar and they should use their judgement to select foods with low glycemic index or how they manage calorie intake.

  6. I fast for 16 hours a day and I only eat during balance 8 hours… I am doing this for the last 2 years… I am always healthy…

  7. Complex subject, simple explanation, it is proved recently, that fasting helps in building natural defense against cancer cells. Namaskaram Sadhguru.

  8. Cancer is like the Congress Party. As long as there is adharma and people have self doubt and are easily corrupted, the Congress Party will survive. Once we stop the immorality and corruption, the Congress will die a natural death.

  9. I wait 12 hours from my last meal to my first the next day which is a general aryuvedic rule. Now I am sure he has a lot more to say and we only got a small slice in 3 minutes but regardless of how many meals etc…what you eat has a huge impact as well. I don't personally think it's good to go a whole day without eating if your active. I like to graze on fruits at least but the hotter it is the less I tend to eat overall. I do think periodic fasting is important and even possibly life saving.

  10. All these self made Gurus..always lie about Cancer..its not wriiten anywhere in Ayurveda that fasting kills cancer..its written when u feel uneasy in stomach not well..that day u must thw system cures itself..ETERNAL TRUTH THERE IS NO PERMANENT CURE OF CANCER

  11. But what about modern nutrition science they said eat meals at every 3 hours. which one should i follow totally confused

  12. This is so true..Only a yogee cultural knows as I one of the yogee too mastered..The big problem to some ppl when a yogee advice them with full knowledge some ppl don get it as they against to yogee wrd..
    Everyone shld know only a yogee advice is always right and accurate cz their conscious and iq level is extraordinary high level due to englightment.They see answer and meaning of all things even on single microorganisme or dot.Some normal being wont know the level we yogee think cz the normal human being brain thinks very basic no matter hw intelligent they were.There is 0 bulb light diference for normal human being and 1000 bulb consciousness light from yogee to the point that maximised.You may nt knw the difference if you not a person who nt got enlightment.You cant be enlightment in one day thats why the process is very tough took many years

  13. The best medicine is eat less level..Don eat anything too much dose except only water…Water is the only thing you cn drink without any limitation daily..Maintain the level of food you take..If you want to stay without sick its so easy…Cut meat which contain cholesterol and bacteria you cant see..Cut the main enemy sugar and salt..This 2 things is main culprit for future bp n diabetes and cholesterol..Take first drink only water in every morning and Go toilet everyday…Cut cafiene coffee, tea, such stuff…You can take vitamin fluids such orange, apple etc bt you can take this too with proper level..Too much intake will cause too much vitamin in your body that can make you feel sleepy or lazy too.Take fruits such vitamin C included such orange, mango, apple and etc after a meal..Avoid Sugar thats the main culprit because sugar is the responsible to create wrg bacteria n virus in body..They activate those bacteria…This bacteria will sit many yrs in our body silencely and when time cms it became activated.They becm infection n activate cells which causes cancer..This all happens in our body since we born and when we consume uncertain food n too much sugar daily in life..In certain years they becm activated after accumulate..Average human take sugar as the highest level of food in their daily life because of its sweetness..This is the culprit…Say no to sugar that too much even your body need sugar for to burn energy..Keep them neutral..

  14. If fasting can cure cancer, the whole medical industry would not be spending decades on research to contain them . Stop fooling people under the cover of vedic yogic knowledge

  15. Most of the cancerous cells in India are in Indian parliament..they can be weeded out once in 5 years if people has will

  16. Unbelievable..!! How easily Sadhguru explains cancer cells!!!! Being doctor I know what ever he said is absolutely right… Simply superb.. A research of fasting and prevalence of cancer is on cards!!!

  17. Many of the causes are unknown … so don't say about the common cause for cancer say about the unknown causes please? even medical science don't have the proper idea 😄 i think he must know.

  18. In modern day, this is known as intermittent fasting. It was prevalent since our ancestors. Indian science was way ahead a few hundred years back. Now it is in an average state.

  19. I was going to bag him but ended up wanting to hear more.
    Do think the beard needs a bit of tidy up though.
    Just saying…..!

  20. Very true, master!
    Fasting is known for thousends of years in the whole world that is the best healer
    But we threw this knowledge in the bin in WESTERN Society

  21. Are Hindi me bolo..jisko English nhi aati vo kaise smjega..baba log bhi paise chapne me lge hai..😅🤣

  22. The way he simplified the whole thing preserving the most essential matter is just amazing.A doctor cannot do that. 😉

  23. And now in the modern life people are saying to eat every two hours to keep your metabolism going, such bs. People need to look at ayurveda more.

  24. I don't know any reliable sources showing that fasting helps cure cancer. If anybody does know, please post.
    BUT, – short-term fasting starting several hours before the chemo and ending several hours after chemo helps to better "tolerate" chemotherapy. People feel better during chemo and next day.

  25. Literally stubbled across Sudhguru last night by complete fluke.. amazing! This has opened my eyes! I overeat to deal with emotions. Now I see the danger

  26. I can see the rubbish comments from real uneducated broots and egoistic creatures of this planet.Its because of ignorance.
    Myself doing 31hours fasting twice in a month.Total 62 hours.
    Before judging and portraying negative about fasting ,have some guts to do this. Its good for health.

  27. this is true. Whenever I have constipation, I just do a one-day fast, and afterwards my bowel movement is regular again. And I feel light and healthy inside as well.

  28. Sadguru is very powerful at making things totally simple. I knew already that eating less helps body to fight cancer cells but I wasn’t aware of the fact behind it, now i know why it is said so. I am eating only one meal a day from past 10 days and feeling much more energetic than before ( 3 meals a day).

  29. I still dont understand How come cancer cell die during fasting period? If the cancer cell die during fasting then normal cell should to die.

  30. Won’t the gap enhance acid in stomach and GAp between two meals for 8hrs we shouldn’t even have biscuits or snacks

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