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Ayurveda prescribes some essential guidelines about drinking water i.e. whether before food, in between food and after food Taste of water is distinct in different
wells Quality of water flowing from different rivers, basins or seas or water at the construction site of flats or water from villages are different Water from another area or source is to
be taken only after the water takes from other source or area is fully absorbed by the body If three glasses of water is taken for
boiling, it should be reduced to one glass after boiling and allow it to cool
for consumption Spices and herbs of medicinal value can
be added or steeped into boiling water to have therapeutic value Dried ginger can be used for boiling the
water to reduce some ill effect and also for maintaining good health. Ginger is Hot (ushna)in potency and good for vata (rheumatism). This water is refreshing in summer. It is also good for Rheumatoid arthritis Drinking of water boiled with dried ginger
is good for stomach ailments and fever Drinking water boiled with dry ginger is
good to avoid blood clots. It also helps improve digestion Blood related ailments can be prevented
by the use of this medicated water It improves taste, digestion and body strength. It also helps proper metabolism. Consumption of cold water suppresses appetite and slows down digestion process Water can be boiled with 10 grams of dried ginger and 2.50 grams of coriander. Herbals like Ramacham , karingali, Nerinjil, chandan and jeera can be used for boiling water Water may be boiled with spices and herbs in the ratio 3:1. This can be drink next day Water boiled with spices and herbs are
safe for two months, unaffected by bacterias Boiled water is better in quality clears
the channels andalso have good physiological value. Water boiled with spices and herbs are having added therapeutic effect Drink only boiled water. Contaminated water may give rise to various diseases. Boiled water when cooled can
be kept in refrigerator Water boiled with dry ginger when cooled can be kept in refrigerator. It can be used in summer season. Boiled and cooled water can be mixed with this water for drinking based on the ratio of water and dry ginger used.

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