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“Benefits of Tea Tree Oil
For Warts and Cold Sores” It’s been reported that essential
oils show not only anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activities,
but also antiviral activity. But it’s also been reported that
Bigfoot kept Lumberjack as love slave. What does the science show? How about pitting
essential oils against HSV-1, the herpes virus that
causes cold sores. There’s a drug called
acyclovir that helps, but now there are
drug-resistant strains, and so they were looking
for other alternatives and they found that a
variety of essential oils at a concentration of just
1% could totally suppress the replication of the virus,
including tea tree oil, peppermint, and
on down the list. But this was in a petri dish.
What about in people? Recurrent cold sores affect
as many as 20 – 40%. Tea tree oil appeared to work in vitro,
so they undertook a randomized, placebo-controlled study to evaluate
the efficacy of topically applied tea tree oil in the treatment of
recurrent cold sores. A 6% tea tree oil gel versus
placebo gel 5 times a day and the average healing time
seemed to be a few days shorter and the virus wiped
out a little earlier. But none of the differences between
groups reached statistical significance, meaning that small a difference
could have just been due to chance. They blamed the sample size, but
maybe tea tree oil just didn’t work. It would be interesting to put
lemongrass oil to the test, since it was the only one still effective
at wiping out viral activity at even a 10 times lower a dose, 0.1%, but it
doesn’t look like that’s ever been done. What about warts?
Warts are caused by viruses, too. Irish researchers reported a case
of successful topical treatment of hand warts in a pediatric
patient with tea tree oil. A 7-year-old girl with six warts
on the tip of one of her fingers, so heavily clustered as to distort
the appearance of her finger, interfering with her writing
and piano lessons. She had undergone the
standard caustic treatment where you paint them with acid, but
they just came back with a vengeance. So her doctors figured
what the heck, and suggested applying
straight tea tree oil, and after 5 days, all warts had
considerably reduced in size, and in another week they were all
gone, and they didn’t come back. Not bad compared to conventional wart
treatments, which can be really painful. Whereas in this case the tea tree oil
appeared to work with no side effects, only affecting the warts, in contrast
to the standard acid treatments which can damage
the surrounding tissue. So they make an urgent call
for randomized, controlled trials, but who’s going to fund that?
It’s like pennies per dose. But the reason we’d
particularly like to see randomized trials
for wart treatments is that they tend to get
better on their own, disappearing without any treatment
typically within a year or two. That’s why since antiquity
it’s been believed that warts can be removed by
various magical processes. You pay some witch doctor, your warts go away on their own,
and they take the credit. Surprisingly, such “charming” of warts
was actually put to the test, and had no effect on the warts. It’s interesting how they
do these studies, though. Like this study on whether
warts can be prayed away. They used like a placebo prayer,
so people didn’t know whether they were in the
prayed-for group or not, to exclude the possibility that they
mind-over-mattered their own wart cure. That’s been put to the test too. They used a “magic wand”
secretly connected to a circuit such that it tingled when
the wand touched the wart to maximize any placebo effect.
And the patients were mostly “unsophisticated Negroes”
wrote these ’60s scientists. Yet, despite their purported
“deep belief in magic,” more warts actually
disappeared spontaneously in the untreated group compared
to the magic-wanded ones, with no hint of the mere suggestion
of magical cures being effective. I was surprised studies like
this were not only performed, but published in decent journals. Evidently publication followed
a considerable debate among the journal editors,
but they wanted to keep an open mind, they said, but not
so open that their brains fall out.

69 thoughts on “Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Warts and Cold Sores

  1. For lip cold sores I crush an asprin and make it into a thick paste then apply it to the cold sore and let it dry for about 20 minutes. The cold sore dries up and dies.

  2. As soon as you feel a cold sore coming on, cut a garlic clove in half and hold it on the area of the cold sore. It will never form or it will not be a big outbreak. If one does form, anytime that it gets itchy put garlic on it again and it will instantly stop the itch and stop it from growing.

  3. For coldsores – Lysine, humic acid, St Johns wart and relaxation techniques. Stay away from refined sugars, caffeine, chocolate and too many nuts and seeds. Stress and forms of shame often cause outbreaks. Lemonbalm is good topically. Also garlic is good both internally and topically. Adaptogenic herbs are great for this condition. Its not just a skin condition its in the nerves. So nourish your nervous system lots. ♡

  4. I usually take a double dose of lysine, and put hydrogen peroxide on the spot. Since going wfpb I rarely get them anymore. I used to get around 3 a year. I just had my first one in almost 2 years after a week of almost no sleep (sick baby).

  5. Hmm, so tea tree oil worked for warts for 1 person? I'd definitely try that even if the sample was so small before using liquid nitrogen…

    Also how disappointing is our health care system? possibly effective methods don't even get minimal funding to be tested because there's no money in it… jesus.

  6. Unfortunate how the teatree oil that benefited a seven year old with aggressive warts on a finger is marginalized behind scoffing characatures of charlatans.

  7. There is a simple solution of how to get rid of a wart.
    First you make camp fire and then you put a birch tree trunk on it. Make sure it is a freshly cut and quite a big one.
    Then you wait for sap to come out from under the cortex. Don’t worry it’s not hot. It won’t even be warm. You get a knife or a spoon and you collect it. Then apply straight on a wart.
    You could take a bath before to make it a bit soft and rub it a bit before you apply the sap so it would get through and straight to the roots of a wart quicker.
    Don’t wash it, just leave it for a while(day or two). Let betulin do it’s magic.
    No pain, no hustle, no warts.

  8. I have used TTO to remove warts successfully. I apply to wart with straight oil on q-tip 3 times a day. Depending on size, about a week will do the job.

  9. The problem with all essential oils is the purity. Most are not pure and have solvents and other crap. MLM has ruined it

  10. Placebo prayer. LOL. Aren't all prayers placebo ? When is society going to ditch the religious tribalism ? Its such a disruptive belief and nothing but divisive. As for tea tree oil, I tried it on a plantar wart on my toe and it failed miserably. There is a suggestion you get these due to poor circulation which enables the wart to bypass your immune system .The thing that did end up working was the freezing . Go vegan and the circulation comes back along with a supercharged immune system.

  11. I just rub alcohol pads on the cold sore for a few days. It stings a lot but definitely seems to kill the cold sore. Going to try the garlic on the next one!

  12. Once I started eating a whole food plant based diet my cold sores stopped breaking out. I can feel it sometimes trying but it doesn't have enough energy to become anything. It has been 2 years cold sore free.

  13. This just proves that Mother Nature is smarter than man. Any time man tries to improve on Nature, he fails miserably and makes people worse. Just look at
    all the side effects people experience with drugs! Just look at what every cancer patient goes through who is dumb enough to "follow doctors orders" to do chemo and radiation to ruin their entire immune system.

    I bet the 7 year old could have gotten rid of the warts sooner by cutting out the junk in her diet the virus feeds on and by taking additional anti-viral teas; soaking her hand in hot water repeatedly and scraping off the surface of the warts with a pumice stone after they are softened from the soaks.

  14. From that graph at 0:55, lemongrass seemed the most effective in a petri dish on HSV1. It was the only oil to wipe out the plaque formation at 0.1% concentration.

  15. Zovirax is an old and very effective treatment. It cuts severity and healing by 50% or more. Problem is due to price gouging, its now near $1000.00. Absurd. I first used it for a typical cold sore on the lip in '92. Insurance used to cover it and it was pretty cheap. I told everyone about it. Just get an Rx and the small tube of cream keeps for years. Guess big pharma found another way to gouge the consumer. There's no real justification for the outrageous price today. If you shop smart, you can get it much cheapet from Canada with an Rx.

  16. I have it on good authority, from some guy on the internet selling some supplements, that a carnivore diet is the answer.
    So, who are YOU gonna believe? "Some guy," or a "Doctor" with "credentials" and "clinical experience"? Haha, I thought so….checkmate vegans!


  17. I had herpes on my lips twice a year when the weather changed. I stopped all diary products and have not had a blister since. It is my experience there is a connection.

  18. Tea tree oil is multifunctional. I use it on wounds, on the rare occasion I get a pimple, dilute it with jojoba oil as an insect repellant, and dilute it with water as an occasional mouthwash.

    I had a toe injury and the doc confirmed it was infected. He gave me an antibiotic prescription which I didn’t use. Instead, I treated it topically with tea tree oil, ate lots of garlic and took 1 tsp colloidal silver. It took about a month to heal, and although it would have healed quicker on antibiotics, at least I didn’t wipe out my gut bacteria in the process.

    This is the brand I use from Australia 100% pure

  19. Tea tree oil didn't work on my warts but it did completely remove a mole about the size of a dime on my arm. I applied 1 drop to mole daily and after about 2 weeks it was gone!

  20. I know this is not scientific. My wife has had a terrible time with cold sores for 33 years I know of. I told her about trying Tea Tree oil a couple of years ago. She has used it topically for two years now, and if she starts to feel a cold sore come on. She dabs a drop of Tea Tree oil on the spot, and it seems to stop it before it gets started. She hardly ever has a cold sore anymore. She is a believer. I on the other hand am allergic to the stuff. I break out in sores anywhere it touches my skin. Same with our daughter.

  21. Its also really good for Acne and keeping bugs away. Aussies know 😛
    Essential oils are natures medicine because they are so concentrated its like drinking 10 – 20 cups of tea per drop.
    If you burn yourself try peppermint and lavender you wont waste money on creams again and ditch perfume, essential oils smell way better and also boost mood/well-being.

  22. Hi, everyone!
    ***Please like and watch my video****
    It’s about Kalel going back to animal products. Check it out here:
    Thank you, guys!

  23. Tried this it didn’t work for me hpv
    Someone used my shaver or something I never understood who I got it from
    I’ve had them for years they have not gone away I wish they would

  24. I have found aloe helpful on my lips in a recent outbreak that was probably herpes. The more painful area responded well to lysine supplements. The new shingles vaccine seems to have triggered a 2 month herpes outbreak and more. I have been fighting outbreaks for decades while lacto-ovo vegetarian, wish I had known more about amino acid interactions, guess the data is new.

  25. The longest living cultures and groups of people are not vegetarian. Its a load of crap cause sugar, oil, French fries…all vegan plant based..Healthy right?????

  26. Not left not sure what the f to do with this cold sore i got yesterday. Get to the point doc ! I want to hear about oils used on cold sores not witch doctor magic.

  27. As a person suffering from herpes so many times that I can confirm with statistical significance that tea tree oil directly on herpes works wonders. Pure magic. Acyclovir or any other lotions or pills do not work for me but this stuff does.
    If no one made a proper study it does not mean that it does not work. Lack of proof at this point in time does not prove anything.

  28. Zovirax pill form ( not cream) is THE ONLY thing that works in hours .. The only drawback it that a Dr. prescription is required.

  29. So just to clarify… Tea Tree Oil cured warts for a single young girl. Is that all the evidence we have for the "Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Warts?"

  30. Using tea tree oil for my cold sores, they dried up and went away. While with abreva, it took forever to get my sores away.

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