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Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine, founder of In this video I’m going to do an advanced
training on tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca, and go through all of the benefits and uses
and how you should start using tea tree oil as part of your natural medicine cabinet on
a regular basis. One of the first things to know about tea
tree oil is that it’s sourced in Australia and it was often used as a number one form
of medicine by the aborigines and so it was often times used for cuts and for treating
wounds most often during those days. But it treated many diseases. One of the things I want to mention about
melaleuca is this is an essential oil that can be used topically. It can be diffused in the air. But it should not be taken internally because
of some of the powerful medicinal compounds that are found here in tea tree oil as well. So let’s start off. Let me talk about some of the uses. One of the number one uses of tea tree oil
is to use it to fight acne. So if you know anybody with acne I would text
them after this or let them know tea tree oil the most powerful essential oil for fighting
acne. My favorite natural acne remedy is mixing
about two to four drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of Manuka honey or raw local honey,
some honey, a teaspoon, two to four drops of tea tree oil, mix it up, rub it all over
the skin, leave it on for about two minutes, and then rinse it off. It is the most powerful natural antiacne treatment
that’s out there today that’s also very, very good for your skin tone. Now, one of the things that’s so incredible
here about tea tree oil is that is has antifungal and antiviral properties, and that moves me
into the next great benefit of tea tree oil. It’s great for treating chicken pox and shingles,
so if a child has chicken pox, if an adult has shingles, you can do a natural treatment
using tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca. And I like to do a similar thing. You can mix it with some raw honey. Also, you could mix it with a cream, such
as a shea butter or a coconut oil, and rub it directly on the area of somebody that has
shingles or chicken pox. This is one of the most powerful things you
can use. Now, another thing I like to mix tea tree
oil with is lavender essential oil. It’s really, really good for the skin. So again, if you have shingles or chicken
pox, it’s good to use with shea butter, it’s good with coconut oil. Also, if sometimes it’s nerve related, using
it with helichrysum oil is really good for fighting shingles. The next big benefit here of using tea tree
oil is if you have a cut or a wound, so if your child falls and they get a scrape so
they have a cut or a burn or any type of thing that could possibly get infected, tea tree
oil is one of the best things you could use in terms of an essential oil because it has
antibacterial properties and often times bacteria can get into a wound and cause an infection
so this is a natural antiseptic, natural antibacterial. So mixing this, making kind of your own at
home natural wound ointment, this is great, again, along with Manuka honey and things
like that are also very beneficial. This next big benefit here I want to mention
is for treating toenail fungus or athlete’s foot or ringworm. Now, my mom hates me telling this story, but
years ago my mom was diagnosed with toenail fungus and she tried different creams and
treatments. Nothing seemed to work. She did a 50-50 mixture of oil of oregano
and tea tree oil. She started using it on her toenail fungus,
and after two months, it was completely gone and that’s because of the antifungal properties
of both tea tree oil and oil of oregano are so powerful. So again, if you know somebody, or you, yourself,
have toenail fungus, ringworm, or athlete’s foot, mixing these essential oils with, let’s
say, a coconut oil, rubbing it directly on the area three times a day, has major, major
benefits. A few more benefits here of tea tree oil,
it’s great for treating dandruff and just in general any type of skin issue, even eczema
and psoriasis. So if you have any type of flaking in dry
skin or red dry flaking skin, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, you can add it to shampoo. You can actually add it to shea butter and
put it on different types of inflammatory skin conditions. It is fantastic for those as well. And then also, I love using it as an antimold. If you know that you have an area of your
home, let’s say, a basement, that’s at risk of growing mold, or even in your shower, we
love to use this in our home, we mix it with a little bit of vinegar and tea tree oil and
we actually spray it in corners of our home. We spray it in the shower. Which leads me to one of the last uses, using
tea tree oil as a natural household cleaner. It’s great. It’s a natural deodorizer. That’s actually why you can actually make
your own homemade deodorant with tea tree oil, some beeswax, some coconut oil, some
baking soda, make your own homemade deodorant with it. It’s also great to mix with lemon oil, spray
down your stainless steel appliances, countertops, floors. Again, this is one of the most powerful natural
cleaners in the world today. And if you have something that has a foul
smell in your house, it could be the bottom of a garbage can, it could be a dishwashing
detergent, it could be maybe your kid plays soccer or hockey or football and you want
to put something that’s anti-stink in their stuff, using a little bit of tea tree oil
actually on shin guards for soccer or football or hockey pads is a great thing to do as well
because, again, it’s antifungal and antibacterial. It actual helps things smell fresh and alive. So I want to encourage you, add tea tree oil,
also known as melaleuca, to your natural medicine cabinet. Makeover your medicine cabinet at home. Makeover your personal cabinet at home. Start using tea tree oil. And hey, if you want to learn more about essential
oils and advanced remedies, make sure to check out my website. I’ve got an article on there all about essential
oils as well as one in more depth about tea tree oil. So just do a Google search for “Dr. Axe essential
oils” or “Dr. Axe tea tree oil.” You’ll find more online. Also, I’ve got a lot more videos coming out
here on YouTube about essential oils so make sure you subscribe here to my YouTube channel. I want to say thanks so much. This has been me, Dr. Axe, talking about the
many benefits of tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca.

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  1. Am confused how do you use this to help your strength your gums.i what healthy teeth and gums with out half killing my self like half of these other people

  2. one more use for tea tree oil is to trea head lice it dose work my mom mix oilver oil and tra tree oil and left it on my head for about an hour with a plastic bag or shower cap so oil didnt get on any thing and after leaving it on for as long as possple then take a lice comb you might still have a littel truble get the nates and eggs stell and you mighrt have to wash your hair twice to get all the oil out then just put some of the tea tree oil in your shampoo as pervitel trement

  3. Would this be good for blackheads and stuff like that im 13 and i just got my first blackhead in my whole life and i just rubbed some of it on it and it actually dead serious went away the next day serious this could be a great way for blackheads and skin infections.

  4. Don't people realise the best way of bump in people of is tell them is take loads of stuff that not good for you but kick on it healthy see how my people kick the bucket.

  5. Kills cold sores like none other!! I was on high dose prescription for mine because they got so bad and tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil is amazing!!! Thats all I use now!

  6. 1 video of hair loss and how to regrowth of hair after hair falling please make it as soon as possible its my request to you dr

  7. G'Day, Tea tree oil, will brake down and remove almost any glue. It is the active ingredient in hair lice products. They only use about 2%, and this will kill the adult lice, but not brake down the natural glue the holds the eggs to the hair, so the lice come back, and they can sell another round. Mix one third tea tree oil with two thirds conditioner, and apply to hair. Cover the hair with a small towel, shower cap so that it can stay in overnight. Now when you wash and comb, the eggs are removed, and the lice will not return a week later. Mix one third T.T.O. and lavender oil, add water and spay the kid's hair each day, and headlice will not come near them.

  8. I use it for deodorant. Splash a few drops in my palm, and rub it under my arm pits. Works wonders. Don't need the crappy poison stick anymore. Should have discovered this years ago.

  9. Tea tree oil is " The Wonder From Down Under ". We have used this since 1991. It is AMAZING !! I can go on and on about this product ! Most people have no idea about this oil. Years back my parents had a stray kitty who was wild. It would come to their deck and eat the cat food my parents had to feed their own cats. One day I noticed the kitty wasn't acting well. She must have been attacked from another animal because her face on one side was terribly infected and was really swollen and abscessed. I knew exactly what I needed to put on her. She needed Tea Tree Oil. The only problem was she was wild and scared of us. So how was I to get the oil in her face ?? I knew if I didn't she was days from dying. She was already in so much pain it sadden me to see her suffer So I bought a squirt bottle from town, out a few drops of oil in it and then water. I knew I had one chance to get the oil on her infected face. I waited till she came to the deck to sneak in to my parents kitty dish they left out on the deck for their own kitties. Soon I got my chance. The cat came to eat. I grabbed the water squirt bottle and squirted her in the face. She took off running and shaking her head ! But here's the amazing thing ! She had stayed away a few days out of fear but when she came back the big Pusey abcess had gone down in size incredibly!! With only one squirt that cats life was saved. Eventually the sore healed completely. Where the abcess was she had lost all her fur. But it grew back as time went on. I have COUNTLESS stories to tell thru the years of using this oil. More animal stories after another. When our daughter was little she got the chickenpox. We had a lotion with the oil in it. So I started soothing her itchy skin by applying the lotion. It helped her not to scratch where the pic was and also after she was well she had NO scars from it. We had been told it would help heal the pox and prevent scarring. Again another true testimony of this wonder oil. Our teen aged son got herpes in his mouth. It was HORRIBLE ! It spread in his nose as well. He was CRAZY in pain !! He was so sick ! I took him to see our family doctor and all he could do was prescribe him this clear jelly looking stuff in a bottle that numbed his mouth when he swished it around. But the numbness lasted only a few minutes. Lo g story short he was almost hospitalized because the pain was so intense he stopped eating and drinking. I started having my son swish the oil mixed with water in his mouth and the minute he did it would sooth his mouth. And AGAIN the oil went right to work and his mouth started healing ! I took him back to our doctor and he was amazed. And wanted to know where to buy the stuff. He was also going going to start telling his patience about this remarkable oil. This oil is used as disinfectant to clear Mersa in Australia hospitals and for just basic cleaning supplies in Australia. You can buy toothpaste with this oil in it and it helps prevent gum disease. It's also used in shampoos and conditioners. The list goes in and on. Our family is never without this product in our house. You can buy it in Walmart and I'm sure many other stores. I like to impress people by demonstrating how fast this stuff penetrates the skin. It goes 7 layers deep within seconds ! Take a balloon and blow it up. Then put a tiny dot of the oil on the balloon and it will immediately pop ! Well I guess by now you know our family and many others are indebted to this miracle from down under oil. I recommend anyone and everyone to try this oil ! You can use it with or without diluting it. You can mix it in lotions, toothpaste, ect. Oh my goodness one more story and will shut up ! A friend of ours got burned extremely bad. Part of his arm literally was on fire. He was rushed to the ER. After being treated in the hospital they gave him antibiotics and some kind of ointment to keep on the wound. It wasn't healing well and he contacted my husband to see where he could buy the oil. We gave him ours. The oil went right to work . It soothed his burn and began healing his arm. And guess what ? After almost 30 years later no scarring !

  10. Dear Doctor Axe, thank you for being so passionate sharing knowledge w humanity, this country USA, since everything is about money, I have watched videos of other doctors or eye doctors but is all promoting their products, and no compassion, yet you sound so genuine, 🙏🙌🏻🙌🏻🙏😇☮️

  11. am i the only one that used tea three oil on acne and didn't work?

    – and i basically tried mixing tea three oil with water and coconut oil and also just tea three oil, neither of these worked

  12. Can I use tea tree oil in my eyelid because I'm lossing my eyelashes and my eye itchy and red maybe it is Demodex mite disease

  13. I have had what I can only describe as severe acne on the back of my neck since I was 17, I am now 51 and it had never gone away. I have tried All of the over the counter products to get rid of it to no avail. Recently I mixed 1oz of tea tree oil with a half cup of coconut oil and a half cup of aloe vera gel and 1 small tube of neosporin. I started applying the mixture 3 to four times per day and to my utter amazement, within just one week the acne was completely cleared up. I continued applying the mixture for another two weeks before discontinuing. That was several months ago and the acne has not returned. This is the first time I have been acne free on my neck in over three decades.

  14. Hello Dr.Axe. You have a great channel which I learn from on a regular basis. I have a quick question though concerning the homemade antiseptic spray with tea tree oil and vinegar. I have pets, notably 2 cats. And before using this recipe to treat this 1921 home from mold issues, I was wondering if certain essential oils were in fact toxic for household pets? I've been hearing stories such as liver failure in felines following the inhalation of essential oils in general. I wonder what your take on this is. Thanks!

  15. Observe tto is toxic for cats esp as they tend to lick on themselves. Forbexample of you try to cure fungus skin infection. Weak solutions max 1% are ok but not stronger!

  16. I cured very bad toenail fungus by using 50-50 mix of tea tree oil and thieves oil, took about a month and a half. It was amazing to see my toe nails start to look normal again.

  17. For toenail fungus buy a very small drill bit and twist it on the toenail making about 10 holes over the infected area. And apply at the edge. As the fungus dies it can be scraped out exposing more fungus for killing. Repeat until you got it all or until you can remove the nail and keep killing the bed of fungus. Or what ever works.

  18. I had a traffic accident and had a wound in my leg that got badly infected..antibiotics wasn’t working… I remembered the tea tree oil was good for it and I started applying in it, fair enough after a couple of days it started to heal and the infection cleared away!

  19. This BURNS..if you put it on your face dilute it.. I used it on my pimples. And it dried my face and it looked like I burned it.. ugh

  20. Add 1–2 drops to water, citrus drinks, or veggie caps to support healthy immune system function. However, make sure you use the dōTERRA brand!

  21. Thanks, great video ! I have some but never used it because I was afaid … didn't know how to use it correctly !

  22. I am not a scientist, however I have used Tea Tree oil for myself and my Autistic Nephew. We used it for oral care and foot fungal issues. I would suggest that you buy more than one bottle.

  23. also make sure you arent allergic. i have never had a skin reaction to anything and had a crazy full body (like covered head to toe) allergic reaction for almost 4 days from using a roll on behind my ears and wrists. so, not sure how u would know but jesus christ be careful. it was really fucking scary

  24. sinus headache, I put a drop on finger and put at base of nostril just a little inside nose and it really helps…. 🙂

  25. I have used tea tree oil mixed with lavender on my acne. Also I have used tea tree oil on my nose after I got it pierced. Then one time when my son got lice we started spraying it in our hair. We all have long thick hair so far we have never had lice since 🤞I love tea tree oil

  26. It's a great deodorant! I see so many people using commercial deodorants full of cemicals they don't even the names of. You don't want your kids to touch/inhale such chemicals.
    I personally like to use tea tree oil in shoes when they're smelling bad and I can't wash them.

  27. The fungus disease is very serious. It already covered three-quarters of her nail starting from the tip. Thankfully she uncovered as well as tried this particular fungus treatment called ‘Tαkαnu Yuzo” (Google it). For that reason, the particular fungus was stripped away from her big toenail.. .

  28. Hi Doctor can you tell me please which one is more suitable for clear spot free young skin? Vitamin E or Tea Tree oil?

  29. Hey! Thank you so much. 😊

    Do you recommend Raw, or Mānuka honey? I am dealing with possible fungal acne. It's itchy, and tiny bumps many spots of my face.

  30. Please let know if it's ok to sniff essential oils?..I've been on your second video about essential oils….I've been told to sniff to tell what will work for your body etc

  31. Is it okay to use body shop tea tree oil facial wash while using creams prescribed by a doctor for pimples? I hv been using it fr few days nd i didnt get any issue…bt still i wnt to cnfrm

  32. I dab tea tree oil on my breakouts and it works really well for a spot treatment.
    I also dab it on mosquito bites and it takes away the itch 🙂

  33. I used a baking soda and tea tree shampoo to heal a dogs fungal skin infections. It took about 3 baths (1 a month) for it to really show a big difference. It was one of my secrets as a groomer to use that to kill fungal infections.

  34. Thank you Doc, I just have some questions for you, I have itchy ears this itchiness started when I was a kid am 29 now I still have it can you please make a video for itchy ears. Thanks again

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