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hello frnds,welcome to the new episode of aadhoyogi ayurveda today i’m going to review a product ROOTS HERBAL SHAMPOO | this is the 1st time that i’m reviewing a product i reviewing this bcoz i felt wonderful while using this product personally & thought to share really my frnd who suggesting this shampoo to use I have already used so many varieties of shampoos but this one gave me a complete ayurvedic experience it is 100% natural as well and a pure
Ayurvedic | no chemical been added so why i’m suggesting it is been manufacted by raja ayurvedic group in palakkadu dist kerala ingredients 1st of all hibscuss rosa sinensis which means our hibscuss plant we know that flower and leaves of hibscuss is useful for hair conditioning the front face image of the bottle is of hiscuss flower second thing bacopa monneri.this is the botanical name of ‘BRAHMI’ it contains brahmi also. next is ‘AZARDIRECTA INDICA ‘.it is the botanical name of ‘ARYAVEPPU’. VEPPU we know that the decoction made out of its leaf is good for well as good for dandruff. next ingredient is SAPINDUS LAURIFOLIA. this is known as soapnut .this can be purchased in ayurvedic shops(angaadikkada). soapnut gives natural froath to the shampoo. next is phyllanthus embilica .indian ghooseberry(nellikka). as we all know nellikka is good for hair. eating raw nellikka or the oil which is prepared out of it is good to improve hair growth. next lawsonia inermis.its leaf is used as mehandi… for girls used to give color to parms and nails. it is good for hair growth and gives strength and for silky hairs. next is campiferria galanga .this is ‘KACCHOLAM’in malayalam .u know its used as powder mixed with honey for children to relieve abdominal pain it is having insecticidal action. good for dandruff caused by some fungus. so is used here. next is ACATIA SINUATA. this is also soapnut.sopnut is used twice here. is used for detergents added externally to create froath. i have experience ,with little quantity itself..enough to coverup whole hair its enough to get the sopy feel. this is all about ingredients. all contents are natural and ayurvedic only. we can access when we use it. there are some ayurvedic shampoos also using artificial colours and other chemicals. its purely artificial colours. this is the bottle of 100ml MRP; rupees 100 If you likes to purchase it ,i will put the link in description box. you can purchase it through that link. INDICATIONS;for healthy and silky hair. its true..when we use this we will feel a strong hair will feel a natural shining without using any conditioner. strenghthens hair roots.prevents itching in scalp .and keeps the scalp healthy. it means it gives stregth at the root of hairs. so that reduces hairfall. itching of scalp reduced by removing dandruff. keeps scalp healthier. directions for use ;apply on wet scalp and hair. massage gently for 1minute. after 1 minute u can wash it off with cold water. this is actually a thick consistency. the method i prefer is 2- 3tsp of roots shampoo mixed with 2tsp water .and massaging gently for hair and scalp. after one minute rinse off with cold water. gives good advicing for my patients too. preveously i was using some other shampoos but now i stocked this shampoo at my clinic for patients complains of hairfall,dandruff…etc. these all are its benefits.if you want to purchase this you can use the link in description box. this i recommends because of my personnel experience100%.and using so many patients too.. .so we will see in another episode… thank you.

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