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what is the best breakfast for vata?
honestly, any breakfast at all and that’s because Vata people have a tendency
to forget and so they’ll grab easy on-the-go convenience foods like granola,
a breakfast bar, or a cold smoothie and those are not the most supportive for
Vata folks. what really is supportive are warm and easy to digest foods. my
personal favorites are rice porridge with dates and ghee and cinnamon or
sweet potato with collard greens also a warm fruit soupy so a fruit soupy is
basically cooked fruit blended together it’s really delicious I love it so as a
vata person you just gotta eat breakfast and make sure it’s warm and
create a routine around it

5 thoughts on “Best Breakfast Ideas for Vata? | Ayurveda Q&A | #AskBanyan

  1. 1. rice porridge with dates,ghee,cinnamon
    2.sweet potato with collard greens
    3.warm fruit soupy: blend cooked fruit

  2. With food combining you eat a raw salad/veg before cooked food. For Vata is that okay or would you cut out that?

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