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L4 L5 disc bulge. L5 S1 disc bulge. What do I do about it when my MRI tells me
that I have an L4 L5 disc bulge or an L5 S1 disc bulge? That’s one of the most common questions I’ve
been getting right here under my videos in the comments below. So in this video I’m going to give you four
exercises that you can do to help relieve any pain associated with disc bulges in your
lower lumbar spine. Your low back. Either at L4 L5 or L5 S1. So follow me and I’ll show you some of these
tips right now. Helping you relieve pain, conquer stress,
and supercharge your health, the chiropractic. So in this video, not only am I going to show
you these exercises that help relieve pain associated with disc bulges, whether it’s
low back pain, gluteal buttock pain or leg pain. I want to actually show you some of the anatomy
associated with disc bulges. So here’s the spine. Here’s a spine. The white blocks here, these are the bones. The spaces in between these cartilaginous
spaces, these are the discs. They act like shock absorbers when they’re
healthy. When they’re injured, they can bulge, right. So here’s an example. This red one here, that’s an example of a
disc bulge. If that disc bulge actually goes back and
hits this nerve over here, you see that nerve so it hits that nerve right there, that will
cause radiating pain into the leg. That nerve could contribute pain all the way
down to the thigh and into the knee and into the calf. If it’s the lower nerves over here, these
ones here may even go down to the foot, these nerves, they’ll radiate pain into the foot. So a disc when it’s injured can actually have
inflammation in this local area at disc region and that in itself will cause local pain. But when that bulge actually hits a nerve,
whether it’s inside the spinal canal or at the lateral aspect here, where the nerve comes
out, that nerve can radiate pain into the leg. So let me show you a bit more of the anatomy
and they’ll go over and show you these, these four stretches and exercises you can do to
help relieve any pain associated with disc bulges in either L4 L5, or L5 S1 lower lumbar,
low back region. So follow me and take a look at some of the
anatomy of a bit further. So here’s a spinal chart from the Anatomical
Chart Company. And, I want to show you again some of the
structures associated with disc bulges, so here’s a normal spine. So nice curves on the lateral aspect. Very, very important. Here’s L4, L4 vertebra, L5 vertebra. That’s the L4 L5 disc. L5 vertebra. This is the sacrum, that’s L5, right here,
L5 S1 disc. Here are the spinal nerves. So you’ll see that the discs actually absorb,
so that’s a normal disc, when you put weight or load, they act like shock absorbers when
they’re healthy, but when they’re injured, so here’s an example of a herniated disc,
again, it can actually touch that nerve. The nerve can cause local pain, the disc can
cause local pain, but can also refer pain down these nerves that go into the legs, lower
glute and buttock area and the thigh and cause sciatic type pain. So that’s an example of a disc bulge right
there. And let me show you a bit more of the anatomy
here because people ask me about their MRI reports. So here is a cross section of the, of the
spine. So over here is the back part of the spine,
over here is the front part, that’s the vertebral body. That’s an actual disc, so showing half of
this, showing the bone, the vertebral body and the disc. And then here’s the spinal cord inside the
spinal canal. Over here is called the Dura Mater and the
Dura mater makes up the thecal sac. If you compression onto the thecal sac, that
means that the disc is pushing back towards this protective sack. Inside here is a fluid and of course if it
touches far enough, it’ll touch the spinal cord and cause spinal canal stenosis and injury
to the spinal cord and even further damaged organ systems and referral pain. If a disc goes lateral, it’ll actually hit
the lateral recess. If you here neuroforaminal stenosis or lateral
recess stenosis, that disc is actually herniating laterally over here and this nerve actually
emerges on the side of the spine. It can cause, again, radiating referral pain
into the glutes and into the legs. So there’s some anatomy that will help you
understand what’s happening with lower lumbar L4 L5 discs, L5 S1 discs and to get an understanding
of your MRI report. So let me show you these exercises. So hope you found that lesson on anatomy useful
and very, very basic lesson. Give you an understanding of the lower lumbar
spine anatomy, how it relates to your particular low back disc bulge condition. And if you happen to read your MRI results,
what the MRI results are telling you, basically you can relate to the anatomy. So let me show you what these exercises are
that could help give you relief for your associated pain associated with L4 L5 or L5 S1 disc bulge. And I’m going to use this bed over here, this
table here, and I’ll show you these exercises, OK, there’ll be four exercises you’re going
to learn. So pay attention and check them out. OK let’s get started. This exercise, number one for it’s called
Mad Cat or Angry Cat stretch or exercise. These are pelvic tilt coordination exercises. Arch your back to get a backwards pelvic tilt,
sag your belly to get a forward pelvic tilt. Arch your back to get a backwards pelvic tilt,
sag your belly to get a forward pelvic tilt. Do these rhythmically 10, 20, 30 times, very
effective in mobilizing the lower lumber joints, the lower lumbar discs, L4 L5, L5 S1. More mobility means more fluid being drawn
into the discs, more hydration into discs means more health and the motion also relieves
pressure in these discs and also any tension associated with the disc injuries or lower
back inflammation and injury. Exercise number two of four. It’s a seated version of these pelvic tilts. Sit at the edge of your chair and you’re going
to jut your belly forward for a forward pelvic tilt, round your back for a backwards pelvic
tilt. Very rhythmic coordinated movements. Jut your belly forward for a forward pelvic
tilt and then round your back for a backward pelvic tilt. The seated version of these pelvic tilts a
little bit easier than the mad cat version. Always do these exercise within your pain
tolerance. Exercise number three of four. These are knee-to-chest stretches, helps relieve
muscular tension in the gluteal region, the buttocks, also the low back region, and also
relieves pressure and tension in the nerves that are associated with leg pain and sciatic
pain. So you pull your knees toward your body. Hold that for 10 seconds. Repeat it three times. Again, always do this within your tolerance,. Never stretch or do exercises that triggers
or aggravates pain. This is a single knee-to-chest stretch three
times on each leg and hold that for 10 seconds and then there’s an angled version, good stretch
for the gluteal region and also low back region. Very, very effective in relieving tension
in the lower back and also in the nerves that go into the legs. Exercise number four of four is an extension
McKenzie protocol exercise. Helps relieve pressure in the lumbar discs. You lie flat and you lift your body, your
chest off the ground. Keep your elbows flat, though. Do not lift your elbows up. This is the easier version. Helps relieve pressure by gapping up the spaces
between the vertebrae where the discs are. This is the more challenging version, more
advanced version. It’s an extension exercise helps relieve pressure
in the lower lumbar region. You extend your arms out to get a better,
bigger extension. There you have it. I hope you found that useful. And if you have any questions, please leave
them in the comments below. And if you found this valuable share it with
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the notification on as well. Dr Walter Salubro here, chiropractor in Vaughan
at Back To Health Chiropractic Centre, signing out and I’ll see you on the next video. To learn more about how corrective chiropractic
care at Back To Health Chiropractic Centre can help you with your chronic pain problem
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