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What’s up, dudes and dudettes. I just want to share a few trade secrets with all with you all. I want to share some cool
supplements that have really helped for my Lyme disease. Yeah, this is really a
cumulative effort. These supplements are accumulative effort from some mentors
and reading Buhner’s book, Healing Lyme by Stefan Buhner. And this is what, in my
opinion, are some of the most powerful Lyme supplements out there. So I’ll just
go through them for for anyone who’s out there suffering and struggling to find
the best information or who has you know maybe taken antibiotics and that hasn’t
worked for you, I encourage you to do some research on these supplements and
and check them out. So yeah, the first and in my opinion, the most powerful is Biocidin. Lyposomal Biocidin and it has bilberry and noni, milk thistle, echinacea,
goldenseal, garlic and it’s liposomal right. So it’s encapsulated with let’s
see what they use here sunflower seed lecithin. A lot of supplements use soy
lecithin. And it’s encapsulated and vibrated at a specific frequency that
basically fuses the molecules together. So it fuses the liquid of this with the
fat of the sunflower seed lecithin and basically allows the supplement to cross
the blood-brain barrier. So yes, really, really important in my
opinion and you may notice some really strong detox reactions with this
one. I did for sure. Next is teasel root. Teasel root is
excellent for getting the spirochetes out of the bones so also can cause super
intense detox reactions but this is a very common Chinese remedy for Lyme
disease and also Buhner talks about it as well. This is not really in many books
or studies but I met an incredible herbalist in Portland who runs this
ashwagandha farm in Portland and he has a heroes blend which doesn’t say
anything about Lyme but what he told me is that he actually originally created
it to be a Lyme remedy so Devil’s Club, knotweed and ashwagandha are three of
the main ingredients. So this stuff has been awesome. Totally love it. You can
actually order it online even if you don’t live in Portland. And I don’t have
an affiliate, I’m not affiliated with any of these companies so. And just
so you know like whenever I do use affiliate links, making money is like
secondary because I am never going to share a supplement or a product with you
guys unless I have taken it and received benefit and most of the time five to ten
if not more clients of mine have also received benefit. So yeah, so like you
know, I’m not going to use affiliate links for any of this stuff but whenever
I do use affiliate links like on my website, you know it’s not to make money.
It’s ‘Oh. Well I can’t make money on this as an added bonus. Why not?’ But yeah, it’s only if I strongly believe in the product. So just know that. This is
Douglass Labs Niacinamide which basically thins the blood and allows the
Lyme supplements to do a better job of penetrating and cleaning the blood. You
can also use regular niacin. I actually use both. This is LymeCore Foundation Formula, which is basically just two ingredients, two wild crafted
ingredients. Knotweed and cats claw. So Japanese knotweed which has the highest
concentration of resveratrol of any like plant or herb or anything on the planet
through anything, knotweed has the highest concentration and cat’s claw is
a super immune booster. And it’s actually interesting, both cats claw and artemisia
which are in this formula are actually sometimes, according to what I’ve
researched, they have actually are treated as toxins in the body. So there’s
an there’s an enzyme that breaks down the cat’s claw and the artemisia because
it’s so intense that our body basically look takes it and says ‘Oh wow, this is
too intense. We got to shut this thing down’ but if you drink grapefruit juice,
about two ounces of grapefruit juice before your dose of these two
supplements, in 20 minutes to 30 minutes before, the grapefruit juice deactivates
the enzyme that deactivates cat’s claw and artemisia. So you don’t this supplement
is not the best because it’s not really organic. The ingredients are great. The company is
pretty good. I also use their melatonin. But I wouldn’t say this is like an
amazing supplement. So I don’t know. I’m going to go through I’m going through a
few bottles and seeing what it does but yeah you can also just replace
this with like Quicksilver’s liposomal Artemisinin or even like Herb Pharm has a sweet
wormwood as well. So yeah. A couple of other supplements that I really like for
Lyme and other co-infections and other bacterias and viruses is Herb Pharm’s
Fungus Fighter and Herb Pharm’s Andrographis. Andrographis is especially
important for Lyme. I went through three bottles of that. So yeah a few of
these supplements, I kind of just stopped taking. But I’m still my main focus right
now is on the line. So yeah, maybe one of these days I’ll film a video and take
you inside and just show you what I’m doing now. It’s really not that much. I
mean, I honestly, I went like 20 days without taking any supplements
whatsoever and that was great. But yeah, I pretty much am only taking you know 10
or so supplements right now. I actually just bought like six more all like
nutrients like multivitamin and B complex and stuff like that. So nothing
too fancy or exciting but yeah for a few months I was just taking like ten
supplements. So anyway, the last supplement here from the same company is DaVinci Labs Liposomal Melatonin which, I could probably just make a whole video
on just liposomal melatonin but Klinghardt talks a lot about the fact that
glutathione is this thing that we used to think was super important but in
reality, the most important antioxidant for the brain is actually melatonin. And
taking melatonin on its own non liposomaly, it doesn’t do anything to
the brain but when you take it liposomaly, remember the same thing i talked
about with the Biocidin, it crosses the blood-brain barrier, cleans the brain,
detoxes the brain, and protects the brain, protects the brain from spirochetes and
Lyme. So super strong stuff. The dose that Klinghardt talks about, he treats autistic
children with three to thirty milligrams. So that’s like two to twenty squirts of
this. So yeah I mean I’ve never gone above
10 milligrams. I mean actually I think I once I did like 12 or 14 or something
but yeah, it’s really strong stuff and you wake up groggy.

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  2. Yo brother! Yeah you making the vid – not sure if you hear this enough, or at all, but you're a hero, man. So many people keep their experiences, knowledge and know-how to themselves and that is sad. That you've opted for the route you have says a lot about you. I am always spreading the words and trying to help people as well seeing as I'm educated in Health, Wellness and Nutrition. It is so commendable what you do. How many people in this world suffer yet have no idea what is wrong or how to deal with it? Way too many, no doubt. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my being for doing the great work you do. You're touching many lives. In fact, my friend Jane, who lives in Africa, me in the U.S., is starting to watch your vids because I sent some to her. She loves the info you provide because she was near death and is now recovering, sllloooowwwwwwllllyyyyy, from Lyme. I just sent her this vid as well. So, bottom line – you're a rock star in my eyes, brother. I pray this life affords you in return all that you give a thousand times over. Peace. By the way – I make my own Liposomal Vitamin C and it is amazing. Watch Dr. Levy's videos on vitamin C to learn how amazing it is. As for Cat's Claw – lose it. Use Samento instead for immune modulation.

    SAMENTO — MICROBIAL DEFENSE – Cat's Claw may offer microbial defense properties. This concentration is Non-GMO, vegan, and contains no corn, gluten, yeast, or soy.*
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  3. A lot of people haven't studied the chemical extraction techniques that go into herbal supplements. There is one chemical in particular that gets stuck in cells and leads to cell death because the body lacks the ability to metabolise these chemicals. It doesn't matter if a supplement is labeled as natural or not. Read up about it. Don't buy supplements, buy the herbs in their dry form.

  4. Now I know who u look like. It hit me I said he looks familiar and I feel comfortable watching you talk and could watch for hours. ☺️ Jon Bernthal. An actor from the walking dead. They call him Shane. But only you have a beter nose. ?. Great video very informative and positive.

  5. Have you, or anyone you know and trust used Monolaurin and BioFibrin?? I started using, I'm not having bad herx at all.. Just wondering if you know about it..

  6. Lyme disease is caused by spirochetes spirochetes are causing many diseases in our bodies it's this spirochetes that are doing the damage we need to get rid of this spirochetes that's the only thing that's going to stop these diseases but there's no cure for spirochetes it is man-made it is the Invasion of the Body Snatchers

  7. I'm always amazed when people do videos or post a photo of themselves with barely any clothes on. Like maybe put a tank top on or something. You look like you are butt naked sitting there talking to the world. You probably drive around looking like a naked man behind the wheel as well. I would like to suggest taking your class up a notch and wear a shirt of some sort.

  8. Try teasel root, osha root and biocidin at the same time. The teasel root brings the Lyme out of hiding and the biocidin and osha root work together to kill the bacteria. Also try medical grade cbd oil this will kill the eggs which is also why it’s hard to get rid of Lyme all together. Many don’t know about the reproduction from it laying eggs. Best of luck with everyone’s health and Lyme has been the hardest thing to over come! Josh thank you for your video!

  9. Liposomal biocidin: allows supplement to cross blood brain barrier, Teasel Root: gets spirochete out of bone. Heroes blend: (Portland Or) Devils club, knotweed and ashwahghanda.
    Douglas labs Nicaicinmide thins blood allows herbs to do better job
    Cats claw and artemisia have enzymes… drink grapefruit 20mins before it deactivated the enzyme
    LYME Corp foundation formula knotweed has highest concentration of reversatrol on the plant.
    Cats claw…enzymes try to shut it down but grapefruit b4 it will deactivate the enzymes so body can use it.
    Quicksilver liposomal artemisia and herbpharm as has or Andrographis super important for Lyme. Devinci labs melatonin liposomal helps to get to brain barrier and protects from spirochetes

  10. hey man, thanks…can you make a sugestion which are the best liposomal products to feed you and your gut is totalty a mess? i know about colostrum ldl…but can you sugest some for fat vits, or active b's….or more aminos? you think iv's are an option?

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