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Steve Young: Hi everybody and welcome to another
segment of My name is Steve Young and today we’re talking about
pain, we’re talking about chronic pain. Fortunately we have Dr. Peter Lathrop joining
us from San Diego, California. Doctor Lathrop thank you for joining us today, we appreciate
you taking out the time and being with us. Dr. Peter Lathrop: Well thank you, Steve,
for inviting me. It’s a pleasure to be here. Steve Young: Great. So Doctor Lathrop I think
it’s important to talk a little bit about the difference between pain management and
pain treatment before we start talking about pain treatment in general and chronic pain.
Can you take just a minute and explain to us the difference between pain management
and pain treatment? Dr. Peter Lathrop: Okay that would be great.
Pain management assumes that you have a problem that you have to manage. It is with you all
the time. And what you have to do is manage the symptoms, manage your life, manage your
way around it, manage with it, manage around although it’s on your back and hurting and
keeping you disabled – so that’s pain management. This is done frequently with drugs,
epidural injections, and other forms of medical procedures. Pain treatment on the other hand
is a system wherein we get to the cause of the pain – the problem, the injury, the
disease, the source – and eradicate it, get rid of it, fix it, and then you’re out
of pain and you don’t need any management. Steve Young: That makes perfect sense. How
does somebody go online and find a good pain treatment center? Dr. Peter Lathrop: I see – I suppose one
would start by talking about pain treatment as a subject, typing it in Google, and then
you would come up with a lot of pain centers, pain management centers, pain treatment centers
and various methods to treat it. What you really need to be aware of when you do this
is who are these people, what kind of credentials do they have, what are their reviews about,
do they have testimonials, and what experience do they have in the field, how long have they
been doing it, and how do they go about accomplishing the task. These are three very important factors
I think in evaluating a pain treatment or a pain management website. Steve Young: Got it. So really what you’re
recommending – what I’m hearing you say if I’m not mistaken – is when you’re going
online check out the reputation so you can see what everybody else is saying about them
and not necessarily what they’re saying about themselves and checking the reviews online
like Google and Yelp. I like that. Of course you want to check their expertise like you
mentioned and then I think you said something about their quality of service. Well those
are great three things, I appreciate that. You know the next question I have for you
is what are some of the more popular procedures that are being done these days to treat chronic
pain? Dr. Peter Lathrop: The word popular is pretty
much based on what people know and pretty much what they know is to take narcotic drugs
and to have epidural injections every about four to six months to keep their pain away.
For example a common treatment for back pain is epidural injections, it’s all drug-based,
and these are popular. Contrary to popular one might want to think about alternatives
to that and there are other popular systems that are used such as exercise, yoga, meditation,
and in my case we use electrotherapy stimulation. So we use high-tech electronic equipment to
program the body to get rid of the pain. So these are some of the more you might call
unpopular or alternative uses for pain treatment. Steve Young: Got it. So the next question
is we kind of touched that just there for a second – what exactly is it that separates
you from the other treatment centers out there? What are you doing to cure pain versus manage
pain? Dr. Peter Lathrop: I think I can say primarily
we look in our clinic for the cause of it, what is the problem, and then we fix it – that’s
pretty much it. We get to the bottom line and we take care of the problem on a permanent
basis and in fact very rapidly, within a few days, a few weeks. Steve Young: Doctor Lathrop I know we talked
a little bit earlier, you mentioned to me that you were going to provide a special offer
for our viewers. If they’re in chronic pain and they’re dealing with a pain situation
you wanted to – what exactly is that offer that you mentioned to me earlier? Dr. Peter Lathrop: Well I would like to offer
the people that view this program if they come to the office and say that they saw us
in this film I would like to offer them an initial free consultation, diagnostic review,
and the first pain treatment free. Steve Young: Okay, well Doctor Lathrop I like
that. So if you’re interested in coming to see Doctor Lathrop, you have any type of pain,
chronic pain, and you want to not just manage it but you want to cure it I highly recommend
that you call Doctor Lathrop at the phone number below. Doctor Lathrop what’s the phone
number they can reach you at? I have 619-501-3752, is that right? Dr. Peter Lathrop: That would be correct,
yes. Steve Young: All right, great. So viewers
thank you for watching today, Doctor Lathrop thank you for participating today and imparting
the information that you provided. We appreciate it and I’m sure that the people out there
with chronic pain appreciate it too. Thank you, Sir, for joining us and thank you viewers
for watching. End.

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