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Top is bad the two mostly this physical service call me today Hi Folks, I’m Bob short physical therapist grad ionic physical therapy We are the most famous physical therapist on internet in our opinion of course today We’re talking about absolute best [Rhoyne] pain self treatments exercises and stretches that you can do Guaranteed so that’s that’s quite a complex sentence Bob [alright]. Let’s get into it [alright] today We’re gonna talk about this to where you get a cot. It’s a common injury especially in football and soccer especially soccer I think when you’re doing those cross passes right without a lateral motion So it’s very you know pretty easy to diagnose a lot of times you’re going to getting pain in the groin or in this Inner side right there’s some ask you some pretty good-sized muscles And you know the groin muscles consist of what floor muscles you have at least a dr.. Longus adductor Brevis pectineus now in addition to bringing the legs in and across They also Flex the hip right so you may have some pain bread when you lift your leg up like this, right? You’re going to have some pain when you stretch your leg out to the side, right? One of the good telltale signs is if you squeeze your legs together like I put a fist Squeeze your legs together and that hurts in that area and a pretty good sign that you pulled the muscle there and pulled a groin Muscle so the primary job of a groin is to bring the leg to the midline or [toward] the center? But they do stabilize they do some flexion. There’s no muscle adjust those one thing right, right? so there’s usually third degrees of injury [three] degrees of injury third degree three degrees of injury and The third Degree [is] where you actually care the muscle So in that instance my guess is you’re going to be seeing an orthopedic surgeon quite often because it’s complete tear right so very Uncommon I wouldn’t think that happens that much yeah where we’re going to kind of put that through the side so we’re talking about the first degree or second degree tear sure so The first thing you’re going to want to do is you’re nice you’re going to start by I so. Yeah, I [pulled] it out It’s not going to feel [very] good you got one yeah, we got one right here And you may do that in a recliner laying down and get that cold back in there just relax for 20-30 minutes Avoid things that you irritated that make it hurt yeah We actually have an old video brad of how to make a nice back I think I’ll link that up a putter up there because that it’s actually very helpful especially some of these are new are new people who are having watches right and Realize that we have a lot of videos [that] can help them stay safe healthy strong vibrant Exertion a accessible which makes us beg you that if you’re watching for the first time please take a second to go ahead and hit? The subscribe button [code] as we upload every day you get back to the old adductor muscle Okay growing so we started off with some ice and you’re actually going to rest it [to] I mean you can’t be out [there] playing when You’re when you’ve injured this right, right? And you can you know you maybe can do some things that don’t hurt right like walking, right? But anything that’s going to put stress on that muscle you Can’t you can’t be doing? so then this is kind of the crux of the treatment brad is you’re going to start off some [cross-fiber] friction massage sure and Ideally you’d like to do this in long stretches But you probably won’t be able to do it because your hands are going to fatigue, right? But very simply what you do is [gonna] get itself in a position where? I’m gonna go this way [right] actually let’s say This is my injured leg breath and put it up here and the injury is going to be quite up Your the groin quite often you guys and the muscular tenderness Junction it can be in the muscle itself it can be where the tendon attaches to the bone to work But most often it’s at where the tendon beats the [muscle], right? So and you’ll know because it’s going to be the [tender] [spot] going to be the tender spray and is that’s all you need to Look for is what weird where does it hurt you take one finger on top of another two fingers together? Whatever wheelchair We do and you’re going to go in [there], and you’re going to find this tender spot And you’re going to rub up and down across the fiber, right? That’s why it’s called cross fibers right the fibers will lengthwise through [the] leg we’re going across yeah And this is going to get more blood flow to the area The other thing that’s going to help with rad as you know is it’s going to help Take care from that scar cheese you have to anyway break up that scar tissue, so when he heals it feels healthy and strong Right because when scar tissue is laid down [its] laid down in a [radek] fashion, so it’s kind of like Chaos, right It’s like a web. You’re doing wonderful words today by trying to come over Here, okay, all right We better keep going So this is going to help those fibers align now the problem like I said is you know? [syriac] to invented this and by the way, you’re going to push pretty hard ground. Yeah, there’s a lot of muscle There’s the object deep you want to get really [onto] that and and ideally what you should feel after 30 seconds 40 seconds maybe a minute is that it actually starts to feel a little bit better or the pain levels out right if you do this and It just hurts hurts hurts and gets worse back off ice for a while. Then come back to it again, right? it’s too early so the day and record here [see] [rex] recommends 20 minutes [two] times a week for three to four weeks sure but Most people can’t [reach] what there’s nobody to carry when you’re doing that cross friction your fingers get tired might get tired after about five Minutes, that’s all and that’s usually what I would say is five minutes. You could do that four times a week honor and and You know it you can actually ice then afterwards [you’re] [sure] if you fire it up a little bit That all then what are we going to do well after that then after [a] few I’d say You know after the pain starts to come down you’re going to want to start doing some strengthening and stretching sir to that area? one of the strengths and Techniques, you can do is just take a small ball ball I’m having trouble staying then yeah here. Just use it okay I don’t know what you’re talking. You can do this laying down, and you can do it sitting like this red You can just going to do some squeezes, and they’re going to be gentle to start with yeah this shouldn’t create any sharp pain Maybe a little discomfort like a good working thing, right? So you know you’re bumping up into the pain as we have to say [ten] 15 at the most is what I typically fish or start off with that And then eventually you can do like three sets of ten sure oh clapping get a little you know a minute rest in between and you can work and rub that muscle a little bit and then if You want to work some other parts of the fiber you can actually take a larger [Bowl]? You know and you [can] do the same thing here or again. You can do a lane down Right [you] start doing squeezes like this right again It’s getting some of the different fibers now because we’re further up right so the hips are more abducted so different fibers have [at] work And you can even go to the largest ball wall near extra Athletic people who will get full range of motion you know plessy playing soccer football They’re gonna really work those legs, and I would even start doing a little you know at [Levon] bit and brad Maybe do a little bit dynamics when we use them bring it up here now You’re [gonna] leave it getting the hip flexors that is I mean it’s acting as a hip flexor [and] a hip adductor Absolutely [well] this is a little more advanced okay. That’s enough Bob Grad tries to keep me on track. It’s really difficult [alright], if you don’t have a ball one of the simple things you can start with is just laying on your side and doing hip Adduction sure sure you want to it. No, okay? I’ll do it. I had something else on my mind That’s why I said no, I didn’t want to miss going okay? So really just lay on your side got the other leg up and you’re going to start doing some lists like this And this is one of those that looks a lot harder than it looks [a] lot easier than it is right Yeah, I know. I didn’t say that right. I think I get that speech therapist yeah Yeah, you can do a little bit of hold when you bring it up It’s not hard for the first six, and then it starts getting a little bit difficult right you have to understand I’m 56 years old or two so I might not be any letter get information out. I let it out yet. All right What about the stretches Bob? Yeah, well show the other band oh, oh yeah, cuz that weird van a little more advanced [alright] The stretches that we’re going to want you to do before an event Are different than what we want you to do after event especially [when] you’re in what we call? [fourth] where you need a lot of power, and you know quick stop and start [yeah] You want to do dynamic stretching sure because if you stretch the fibers too much before event like that You actually take some of the power away okay? So is this show. So very simple what you’re going to do I? give Lani a second to adjust the Camera this is my involved like I’m [gonna] do it on both sides But you’re going to do some swings like this, and I think you’ve seen people doing this right rather I think a lot of sports these are very common right and The leg is relaxed you’re just getting them off the outer stretch and relax at the same [they] [can] go straight back And you can also turn your foot this way a little bit because it starts getting a little better But the other one you’re going to want to do is actually going back and forth. Yes this is one were three up against the wall in front of you is the way I kind of like to do it then you’re swinging this way the wall is here use your imagination there you have that leg [relaxed] and Obviously, you know you want to don’t take it to the point where you’re actually injuring things but start off with small [hands] oscillations and then work [the] larger ones Yeah, I use. Good [judgment]. You remember you got an injured muscle there You don’t want to re-enter it by doing too aggressive of a [warm-up] now in the evenings, then you can do static stretches pressure That’s where you can do a stretch where you can go ahead, and you know go ahead Well, I’m gonna show this one brad. Give me a pillow now. This is a good one to do we’re going to put your knee down you’re down Lonnie I’m stretching this side I’m going to bring the foot out like this and just chairs in the way brad I’ll come over here more That’s what happens when you’re six and a half foot [yeah], big room so [I’m] starting with the [toe] forward first for 30 seconds sure okay And then I’m going to put the toe at a 45 degree angle brad yeah So we’re talking about this right here, so straight [forward] for your bar And then you’re going to go up to 90 for the last 30 seconds and what that’s doing Is that’s rotating the hip where these muscles connect? We’re getting a stretch in the hip as well again one of those things that look looks mini school But it can be a little hold it right. This is just a good stretch [you] [want] [to] have good posture, right? You want to want to be leaning this way or this way sure and when we finish off brad? What was that dynamic strengthening? Oh, yeah, it’s a band. This is a if you can use some air tubing you get a wrist Or foot strap foot strap ankle strap and with this I will start How are we doing? [are] you getting [okay]? Yeah, that’s fine. If you [just] that’s all [you’re] yeah, we don’t they don’t want to see my stage ahead anyways So you see the resistance I rivairy the resistance obviously by how far walk later by the color of the band, but I’m going to inflection And they can turn 90 degrees [in] here. We’re going right directly at those hip abductors that growing muscles working directly right now [now] don’t overwork it when it gets fatigued stop, but you know and you could go all four directions. You can work that way Certainly not going to hurt you [that’s] [certainly] that’s going [to] be good for your hip overall exactly in this way It’s good for your balance. That’s one of those things like Bob mentioned This is getting you ready for the activity again Right [so] right before you’re going to go out do the real thing exactly so thanks for watching all right you

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  1. I have hip arthritis. One day I was wiggling my legs while sitting. I felt a pop and a sharp pain. I went to several doctors over a 4 year period and all they tell me is it is referred pain from the arthritis. I could not raise my legs to climb stairs. I have to assist my leg when I get into a car. It also hurts when I cough. It hurts when I try to cross my legs to stretch my periformis muscle. If I sit too long it feels like it swells up. Those adduction leg lift is extremely painful. I also have s/i joint pain. I have left hip posterior and right hip anterior. and all the pain in left hip.
    Not sure what to do to make it better.

  2. smh i didn’t stretch before practice and when coming down from a 2 foot jump i transitioned too fast and pretty sure i strained it. very helpful thank you

  3. Okay so i'm a dancer, my muscle/bone was already sore but I've been sore before and nothing happened. I went into a split and fell over a little bit, I heard a huge pop. I thought I popped it out of socket (I was at a trampoline park with friends) I had one of them come over and call my parents (who lived 20 minutes away) I tried moving it after I heard the pop thinking it couldn't get worse if it was out of socket, a heard a smaller pop but it didn't get better. My parents came, they took me to the hospital, got x-rays. Everything was fine but i had stretched a muscle. I've been stretching it, never missed a dance class or excercise class (6 times a week) my teacher said it was a hamstring but my hamstring never hurt. What he's saying it is my groin muscle. It is constantly popping when I move it up a certain point and back down. I've been working it for 7 weeks (it's been hurt around 9 weeks now) and it is slowly getting a lot better. I'm almost to the all the way split now. So these excercises will hopefully help it heal all the way

  4. bucking and dragging and loading hay-60# 350 bales off field into barn-do it every year-but i am a girl and 65 hate doctors 0—-6 mos into it but it is healing groin thigh Bellis Perennis homeopathic–walking hurts-this was real bad-getting better no idiotic doctors who steal your money and pass you on from doc to doc

  5. this was also top of thigh and hurt my hip in every muscle in the but down my leg-but i took careful care of 3 =horses and it is getting better thanks to aspirin rest and bellis perennis—doing all your exercises thak you debra noone else to help care for critters and i am so active this has been the hardist thim
    g to get thru

  6. I’ve had pain in the groin and the front of the thigh. And the front of the thigh is where I feel a crack when I lift up my leg. Whenever I do a high intensity workout I feel that area burn and I struggle to go on. Are these exercises going to help me?

  7. I pulled my ground playing football/soccer a week ago and it still hurts , I got it when I took a shot so the whole match I had to be playing with my other foot

  8. can you pls address the problem of other groin issues like deep tissue bruise and chronic pain thereafter, not a pull but due to something pushing deep into the area- in my case: a two wheeler accident, the scooter handle bars pushing in causing a deep bruise which did not show on the surface. i'm sure there are others with similar issues.thanks you

  9. I'm in my 50s and regularly give myself groin strain by falling asleep on my belly with my right knee out to the side
    (thigh at 90 degrees to my body) … Breaking the habit is far from easy
    Every time it happens, it is harder st get back to full health

  10. Can it never heal if you don’t do these excercises? Cus I’ve been having pain when I stretch there for years. Pulled something when I was a kid playing basketball

  11. I've had a growing pool since I was 16 in high school football practice I was soar from lifting weights then they made us do drills. Now I am 38, and I still have a groin pull

  12. Such an awesome helpful video, reassured me and helped get me back in the pool. I heard a pop sound in my inner thigh while playing water polo. Taking time to get back to normal but it’s helping!

  13. So years ago I hurt my groin. And now if I sit with my legs crossed or open for to long it reinjured It a d than i cant walk right. I just keep reinjuring it by doing nothing and I dont know what to do

  14. Some people have major groin pulls which are actually groin tears. Evidence of tears or ruptures are bruising and discoloration at the injury site, but not necessarily. Should the pain continue or limit your ambulation and ADL's you are looking at a possible hip pathology, most likely osteoarthritis for those over 40. Many orthopedic surgeons do not review x-rays with you in the office and this is suspect. I had a right total hip replacement 5 years ago by a surgeon who happened to be a friend and I viewed the x-rays of my left hip with the surgeon and it was clear I would need to have the left replaced in the very near future as the femoral head was VERY close to the acetabulum. I continued to train martial arts and the day came when the pain exacerbated. I knew it was time for a replacement and went to the surgeon. No light box in his breakout room and did NOT review MY x-rays with me. Red flag! He wanted to go for a right total KNEE replacement instead. Pain was excruciating in my hip and the surgeon being a Las Vegas ortho (the worst in the U.S.), I declined and choose to move on. As a retired P.T. I wasn't about to be scammed by this Timothy Trainor who treats high volume for cash flow. Be careful out there. If something does not seem right, get out and find somebody else. It's your body. NOBODY is "the best." That term is thrown around loosely and is most often a lie.

  15. Thank you. Great video! Just 1 question…how long after pulling a groin should you start with the massage & strengthening with a ball?

  16. I’ve had a groin injury since October. I’ve taken weeks off sports and it still hasn’t fully healed. I’ve stretched many times and massage. Have no idea what to do😂

  17. After a groin injury, how much rest & icing should one do before performing some of these strengthening exercises?

  18. My pain is real near to the pelvic bone inside the hip and while my motion isn't affected a whole lot the area is still very sensitive when I massage it… should I do it and keep icing? move on to the exercises? help!

  19. When I do the cross-fibre friction massage, should/ could I use Voltaren Emulgel? Or should I stay away from that? The muscle is tender but I don’t think it’s pulled or anything like that.

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  21. Hurt my groin last week and my parents have forced me to continue playing soccer, I’ve told my coaches and they’ve suggested i take time off but my parents still don’t care and I keep aggravating the injury and I’m worried that I’m gonna get seriously injured

  22. Thanks, guys! Any advice on "taping" the muscle? I pulled/strained it two months ago, and just when it seems to feel better, I move in the wrong way and re-injure it. I'm a 73 yr old senior, not an athlete.

  23. Sweet I had a bad “open guard” injury 3 years ago from jiujitsu and it flared up this weekend in a tournament pain was sharp but it’s level 2 most def.. how do you guys feel about a percussion/jigsaw ball approach to the cross fiber massage?

  24. hey bob and brad ! so i injured my adductor and the doctor said i should rest it for 3 months and in the third month i should start doing exercices like this,but it still hurts just a little so is that alright or not ??

  25. Ok Boss..i just rubbed some coconut oil on my hand..went in there…thanks for unselfishness and sharing with us..definetley the 2 coolest C.P' youtube.❤💪MANY BLESSINGS..

  26. Im i the only one injuring my groin all the time? I think i have a really weak groin or there is something im missing..

  27. Will try this exercises 👍 I have had a groin strain roughly 6/8 weeks and was hoping it would be better by now but it keeps coming back with just normal day to day walking, annoying as miss training etc.

  28. When exactly need to start this exercise right after got injured? I believe need some time for its own rest. For sure need some days for rest and then start making exercise.

  29. ఈ ఎక్సర్సైజెస్ బాగానే పనిచేస్తున్నాయి…..

  30. How soon can I do any of the exercises to improve it. My injury happened today before class (Muay Thai) over stretched my inner thigh. But I kept going I didn't feel it much during class. Till I was done at home I felt more pain when I bent down.

  31. Thank you Bob and Brad. ☺️
    I fell from a baker scaffold that caused me to do the splits, six years ago.
    I rested for a couple weeks or so until I could walk.
    I have to work finishing drywall and sometimes I get pretty sore where I end up limping
    I've been encouraged by what you've shown. Thank you.

  32. I can run, do squats, jump, and KB swings. I have pain only when I stretch the right side. Like doing a side squat stretch.

  33. You guys are funny, yet very helpful. My soccer coach had us go running before we stretched out, so I think I ended up pulling something in my groin. Not quite sure if I actually did, but it hurts to go running so hopefully after I try these tips and tricks out it feels better and I can resume play in a couple days/week(s)

  34. One question.Should i do stretching at the same time im doing massage(first massage and then right after that doing stretching)or should i do massage for a few weeks then do the stretching part after im done with massaging.

  35. Saved this for a senior relative with a pulled muscle, wasnt expecting the humor. He's gonna laugh through it too, both great for healing.

  36. So I had a urologist send me to pelvic floor therapy because I have these symptoms. I was assessed by the therapist and was told I do not need Pelvic floor therapy. Im going to try your suggestions. I have a feeling this will solve my issues.

  37. A big hello from the UK! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for all your guidance. Its very well appreciated! Keep up the good work!

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