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Greetings. Eric Bakker, the naturopath from New Zealand. I’m talking about Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. What’s the best treatment? We just talked about foods. You’ll eat a healthy diet, it’s gonna go in
your favor. But what are some of the best treatments to
actually counter this thing? We tend to see Pseudomonas in certain types
of stool tests with people. I’ve found it quite commonly in people with
autoimmune disease. So, if you’ve got Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
or Psoriasis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Sjogren’s syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, any one of
70 autoimmune diseases, there may be a potential for you to have elevated Pseudomonas. I also see Pseudomonas in stool test reports
of people who’ve got bladder problems and lung problems, sick in general, with these
particular key areas. There are many doctors watching this video
who may burst out laughing at this point saying this guy’s on some kind of drugs or something. Well, I’m not. In fact, I don’t take drugs, but what I can
tell you, my personal experience from looking at about 5,000 stool tests, I see a big correlation
with Pseudomonas in autoimmune disease. But I also see it in many people with chronic
fatigue syndrome and people who’ve been unwell for a long, long time who can’t get well. So what do I do with those cases? How do we treat this sort of cases? One of my favorite things to use with Pseudomonas
is grapefruit seed extract. Now you can buy that in a liquid form. There are many companies that sell them. You can buy it in a capsule form. But it works best when used in combination
with other things like Berberine and Caprylic acid and clove and a whole range and balance
of different things. When you’re using these together, in my opinion,
you’re getting a much better affect on normalizing a lot of these pathogens in the gut. Because when we find Pseudomonas in a stool
test, we don’t just find that. We also find Citrobacter. We also find Candida. We find other bugs that are also in balanced
amounts. So, looking at a single pill, looking at,
for example, Ciprofloxacin or one of these crazy antibiotics that people still take,
if you’re gonna take those for days on end to kill Pseudomonas, you’re gonna create a
massive problem. In fact, you’re gonna create two problems. One problem is you’re going to probably develop
antibiotic resistance towards Pseudomonas, which is a very smart bacteria. It knows how to evade capture from many different
drugs. And the second one is you’re gonna destroy
a lot of beneficial bacteria in the gut. So there’s too much collateral damage. So, taking an antibiotic for Pseudomonas,
in my opinion, is just craziness. It doesn’t really make sense ’cause you create
a bigger, bigger hole than the one you’re trying to fill in the first place. When you use grapefruit seed extract, you’ll
find you will get rid of the Pseudomonas in a stool test. But as I mentioned, if there are other issues
there, you’re better off taking a broad spectrum product. This is why I got into product development. Years ago I started to look at something that
was effective that could work on things like Pseudomonas. And that’s exactly why I created my CanXida
Remove product. Now at this point you may be thinking here
this guy goes again. He’s pushing his own wheelbarrow. He’s marketing his own products. I couldn’t give two hoots where you get your
products from. As long as you’re using grapefruit seed extract
on Pseudomonas, particularly if you find it in the gut, but I also believe it works well
on the urinary system by taking it orally. So you’re gonna have a good effect, but remember
if you’re taking a broad spectrum antimicrobial, you’ll have a more complete effect. Normally, I would recommend treatment for
Pseudomonas for about six weeks to take the grapefruit seed extract a few times per day. If you’re taking the CanXida Remove tablet,
you would take one twice per day for a week or two, and then three times per day. After six to eight weeks, you retest. Pseudomonas should be gone or it should have
dropped from a three or four-plus count down to a one-plus count. But you will see a reduction. I’ve seen this in hundreds of cases. So you can get rid of this using natural means,
and of course, medical people are not really that keen on natural things. But if you’ve got Pseudomonas, give it a try
and give me some feedback on it. Thanks for tuning in.

8 thoughts on “Best Treatment for Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

  1. I've got it in my lungs. Antibiotics always scare me. I was prescribed a strong one today. I'm not sure what to do. Would grapefruit seed extract help me too? I have ABPA (Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis). It's a fungus/mold in my lungs. It's been treated but I've had nothing but troubles every since.

  2. Hello! My 3yo son got Pseudomonas aeruginosa here in Australia and he's taking some strong antibiotics. I'm totally scared because we are not from here and I really want to see him better. If he don't get better until Friday 4th the doctor will put some access through his main vain to flush more antibiotics.
    What can I do to help him get better for not to pass through all this? 😞

  3. Sir I'm very depressed now…idk what to do .. My life stuck …
    "Last year Nov 2017 once I manstrubate after that burning in penis start.. This was first time ,I thought it might be just bcz of manst. Too long.. But after 10-15 days burning was still then I go to doctor and he gave me same medicine and with in 10 day little burning was there…
    Then with little bunning I passes with time.. One day I think in may-june 2018 burning in penis and then I goes to uerologist and he also give me medicine ( without checking) ( same thing happ. When i take madi. Little burnig is there)and then in sep-oct 2018 I goes again and he told me for some checkup (urine, CBC,UTI CULTURE) in report UTI show pseudomonas a. Bacteria
    And he give me medicine for 10 days after taking no help from that madi. and due to my college exam I didn't go as doctor told me to meet after 10 day.. Before new year 23 Dec I goes to doctor and told all thing that I left ur course due to some work and then he changes some madicine but same result burning still and sometimes its paining .

    On 5 Jan 2019 I change my doctor and go a new higher doctor and he told me for checkup (UTI, CBC,culture) and report show pseudomonas bact. And today he give me some madi. And I start it from today again…
    Idk what will going to happen in future…
    I will very greatful if u help me in this…
    *~when ever I manstrubate burning increase .. So I stop it for a while.
    My age is only 21 (09/11/1997)

    Email:- [email protected]

  4. Hi there, my grandmother has tested positive for pseudomonas and has been on antibiotics for the past 7 weeks ( intravenously for the past 3 of the 7). It’s in her lungs and has caused a lot of discomfort with coughing and making it hard to breathe. She has asthma and copd so of course I’m extremely worried about her. Does what you speak of work for the kind she has? Any recommendations to help her?

  5. It's true I did find releaf from gse… but didn't have the guidance such ass yours… what should I use? Grape fruit seed extract with echinacea, or your product… or both how….

  6. I was tested positive for the pseudomonas on the skin on my face…grepefruit seed extract the best solution? doctor is getting ready to prescribe antibiotics

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