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Natural Remedies For Small Home Burns. Iron, pans, baking trays and cookers: here
are the main responsible for the small burns that can occur while we cook or when we squeeze. These are usually mild domestic
accidents that heal in a few days. In some cases it will form a bubble: do not burst or bend it, but let it heal without
being soothed. If the burn is mild and does not represent
a serious problem, try to heal it by applying one of the following natural remedies. 1. Cold water:
The ‘ cold water is the simplest remedy to put into practice in cases of minor burns
on their fingers or hands. To relieve burning and discomfort immediately, pass the
affected part under running water for a few seconds. You can also try to rinse from time to time the scalding with cold water
to which you have added a pinch of salt. 2. Potato:
Potatoes properties soothing and anti-irritant. You can apply a sliced ​​potato , or a
piece of potato peel from the inside, on small burns . Apply the remedy as soon as
possible to relieve the discomfort immediately. 3. Aloe Vera: aloe vera has properties astringents, analgesic
and calming. It helps the skin to heal more in slice in case of small burns. Rinse the affected area with cold water and
apply a little aloe gel directly to the scalding. You can buy it in herbal medicine or extract it from the leaves of the plant after
engraving it. 4. Coconut or olive oil: coconut oil can be useful to facilitate the
healing of minor burns. It helps the skin regenerate, is rich in vitamin E and useful fatty acids. It also has antibacterial and
antimycotic properties. You can apply it in small quantities directly to the affected area. Even the ‘ olive oil is suitable to
treat mild sunburn, as we were taught grandmothers. 5. Honey:
Honey helps to disinfect and heal small burns. Helps eliminate fluid from the tissues by
promoting healing. You can apply a thin layer of honey on a gauze wrap around
the burn. Replace it 3 or 4 times a day. 6. You’re black:
The tannin present in black tea can help to reduce the pain and burning sensation. Put
a black tea bag in a glass of cold water, let it rest for a few minutes, squeeze it
and pass it directly on the small scalding. You can also place the tea bag on the affected part and wrap it with a bandage. 7. Vinegar:
vinegar has astringent and antiseptic properties that can help prevent infection of minor burns.
Dilute vinegar and water in equal parts and use the liquid obtained to
rinse the small burns. You can also dip a gauze into the water and vinegar on the side. 8. Essential lavender oil:
Lavender Essential Oil has antiseptic and anti-morbid properties. It also helps prevent
scarring. You can add a drop to the gauze you will use to wrap the little scum.
Dilute essential lavender oil with aloe vera gel . 9. Onion: The onion juice contains substances such as
quercetin that help to relieve pain and promote healing of minor burns. Cut a raw onion and pick up the juice. Apply it
on the affected part several times a day. 10. Banana buns:
Even the scrap parts of the fruit may help to relieve the discomfort caused by minor
burns. Then try applying a piece of banana peel from the inside to the area to
be treated.

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