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my name is Doug die here because of i was diagnosed with diabetes cancer about three months ago and I had a referral from a friend of mine to living waters and basically wanted to know what I was doing because i had no clue what I was doing and we are going to sit down and talk about my my situation and I’ve learned about the aquatic bad and how organ having your colon cleanse this to a good healthy immune system because I chose to fight this disease naturally rather than using kima and basically told my doctor that wasn’t going to do that way so that’s why I’m here and I think people here for help me you know guy peein in a direction that I can feel you know comfortable moving forward and multiple development of bullying standpoint you know it’s kind of exciting but at the same kind of scary because I didn’t know what to expect that I did come in and have 22 colonics previous to the 10-day but the day is much more extensive program deals with the of white variety of different different approaches to healing and so that was you know for me it was African building diet everybody here has been so kind so nice there’s something that came up and in the course of the day that I kind of very emotionally and spiritually and I appreciate the approach to that because I undersold unforgiveness is not good bring and I thought I’d online my work but actually a small things came up for the price to you a depression yes you have to still have that emotional week we talked a little bit about it yes yeah and i cannot show the different ways in my character and my personality and you know i activate granel you know why I would be like upset that somebody was driving five miles under the speed 155 call i’m going to get pulled aside and look at trees all so yeah great Matt itself in different way because you literally and your benefits in the liver and yeah sure cancer is going on the vials that was interesting well but it is good it did spread a little yeah so and it’s closely so he actually looked up by the cancer and it was actually I think windup right delivery for being angry and a result you know issues with the with people and so that was a fraction another place for you to just as you know you’re in table we have a port in you with dental treatment of cancer chemo and all the sudden someone says hey you consider this in distance research on your old all of them you have to take you maybe just maybe differently i charged it was we may be pleased that you just shared with people who went through that that’s no ammonia well basically a idea felt like Irish you know that I don’t mention me in the hospital that I felt as though I was being railroaded traditional treatment and the treatment that they had offered me was basically nine because they said I think I would live six months if I don’t do the chemo therapy and have little year to keep up all that’s not what I anybody wants to hear and so you know i started looking at the possibility of you first i actually bought totally into the traditional treatment and when I you know what happened to offer that kind of diagnosis and processes i started looking at other other things of course we’re friends of Lord time and I was praying and God healed me and I you know but I got to the point where it’s like okay well i think spring I can pray Lord and you could you will be instantaneous I’m not really believe that but I want to do something to me like personality want to do something anyway and you know I mean how can I you know not make it use possible for that you invite you into my lifestyle and and looking at you know what contributed to the problem the beginning so that’s what we might find this obviously I talk to my family before making a final decision and I was supported by my brother and sister and and you know like anything all of the hardest things showing traveling so you know they’re they’re supportive of my approach and I’m you know let’s put it this way I feel better than I did when I need that see okay so obviously something’s happening because you know cancers and identity generative to see disease you should be feeling worse you know so I just refused to even think about it there I mean the keyword is no longer you know I have to keep reminding myself this see works no longer in my vocabulary complete unless the little isn’t it yeah yeah actually even before I came here when i switched over to you juicing and and this other thing that I’ve been doing which is basically a juicehead process and I want to even then that even think of anything but comparative let’s say wherever we go yeah skin tone is you know I mean like contract scanner hire a couple marks from the dark stretch and before you can hardly tell the difference between those two men because the skin which is not the pigmentation wasn’t this contrasts with that’s great so yeah we’re not together a great person that you were with you off yet ready i guess maybe kind of color yeah Colin I was just really yellow though I was yellow and too much for those you don’t know what bio duct cancer is and what it does basically blocks the viaduct between the liver and gallbladder and pancreas and locks piled from being produced and going into the small intestine and create Jonathan basically you turn yellow you know your urine is amber any puncture golden and you fish everywhere that was the worst part of John it just it was almost unbearable so that is one thing that be traditional medicines active threat so I have a couple dents in my choir decorate out like shopping whatever instruction when i’m going to talk about it seaward is whatever back i had like a capital offense to my small intestine and she and come out triple duty because that is not happen don’t know maybe I have deserved I just was very well yeah you know everything target area there and then when you do a liver cleanse you know there can be some big stones it right after way through that area then it didn’t comment by a library doc but and which I could you say that word before my leg or bilirubin I didn’t order since we’re going to hockey parallel i was eating right and good old-fashioned a tie-pin right chicken with all its good ingredients you can pronounce you know it’s funny read the whole label you know how many nights turned into this person that I never not that I you know judge people that we have anything to do with their own thing and honestly I’m that guy I mean down the organic foods market looking at labels you know i was guided window and packed one all the cheap stuff right then went to the whole food go to Whole Foods or the National clear with a low yes and you’re slowing what happened 20 min ah normally what I was smoking before i got got sick I was I was smoking a pack and a half a day usually and you’re down to now I’m down to like a quarter-past intend to this building to really find actualize the device should rest last night I didn’t find this morning that’s been an ongoing addiction for me so much for your souls don’t start this is a particular tell tony little strange person getting clients here yes talking about turning well our first one was you know I of course you have your little bit after a prediction engine which is going to be lighting that kind of thing and part of that is actually realize it away because i was so locked up that I would paint the village but didn’t want to get constipated like I just like other block I was you know and so it’s totally you know took that first sign kind of like soft things up a little bit right and then into the second time to get it good you know where we’re getting past some of the the instructions there whether it be a spastic colon or whatever you know what’s causing the destruction but yeah initially it was pretty painful but your knowledge were what every you want to actually I guess I normal development for me as it once a day in the morning usually and sometimes I said so i have been sick but Chester the condition I’ve been and it’s like it once every other day my hoping that will change but what was your favorite tool to you too well I had declined good because I know what’s really biomass you know feels good I said flying today because it’s some definitive results well it was learned of course was that your constipation is building topic yes system as well you see I want to do everything I can boost my immune system good and there’s talk to be anywhere that it’s working on those things then the things she wanted to work I’ve had worked hard on the emotional side of that Domino’s you know to progeny one said going to the the books here not exactly my point of view our spiritual aspect of it but some really good points and you know if you can just you not be so uptight about maybe the differences are and our spiritual perspectives because basically they’re good people here and they want the embassy get better and because matter because you good people and mental thank you living waters

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  1. What stage was his cancer? My sister is stage 4 biliary truct cancer, can she try your treatment even though she also was told she has one year to live and she’s deteriorating day after day?

  2. my cancer started in my bile duct and rapidly moved to my the time they found it,my liver was at least 45% covered with come I didn't ge jaundice.i don't know.i optd to take chemo and took three treatments.i want to quit the chemo.i hate it and it damages your biggest problem is that its very hard for me to eat anything.they want to place a port onto my chest

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