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36 thoughts on “Black Raspberries versus Oral Cancer

  1. There is certainly evidence to suggest pesticides are harmful for the human organism; and despite industry influence, there much to suggest GMO should be avoided; due to moral and health related reasons. BTW DR. Greger does not respond on YT 🙂

  2. Well I did in fact answer your question, if you read between the lines :-). Observe the findings of independently funded studies, and you will find much evidence to support the dangers associated with GMO and pesticides. Polyphenols; flavonoids, flavnoes, isoflavones, etc. are associated with the healing mechanism of berries, wherefore any form of berry may be useful, provided the polyphenol content is sufficient, however you may foster other problems in the process of the "treatment".

  3. Nice comments beautiful! I'm totally against GM foods and pesticides myself and avoid them where I can afford.
    I quite like this comment from the FAQ at foodnsport, "To worry about pesticides while eating cooked food is like stepping in front of a moving train to avoid the sting of a bee".
    And, "It may be better to eat non-organic raw vegetables than to eat cooked or steamed organic vegetables, but it is a difficult choice."

  4. I would really like to know the answer to that. I mainly bother with organic foods to avoid a lot of the unnecessary chemicals in commonly used pesticides and such.

  5. Why can't people just eat fruits and veg exclusively?
    BTW, you can buy a 4lb bag of frozen mixed berries at Costco for around $10 🙂

  6. Some~most people prefer the taste of meat, the other reason is the social, culture, or family reasons– if a person does not eat meat, some people may say/think mean things about the non-meat person because they are different, and being different — yes or not eating meat, skin color, race, nationality, physical looks, money, items, jobs, religion, and other things–, some people would hate them. This is the world we live in.

    Fruits and veg and walnuts all the way…….thanks for the Costco..

  7. Sorry to ask but… what is the difference between 'as consumed' weight and dry weight… like freeze-dried dry weight? Huh?

  8. No, friend and prodigal youtube poster; 🙂 you seem to be obtuse! The answer is simple, phenols have been demonstrated to contain anti-cancer principles, such will be present in GM berries, wherefore they may very well, relative to the quality and quantity of such compounds, mitigate the deleterious effects of certain cancers, however, as mentioned, such GM foods, have been demonstrated, by non-industry sponsored research, to pose a serious health hazard, such must, likewise, be considered.

  9. "Name calling", you misunderstood, I was trying to be funny and friendly 🙂 I'm truly sorry if I offended you! Please reread my comments, I have thus far almost exclusively discussed the science; that you have failed to see so seems to expose your bias. I repeat: it is a fact, that there is much independently; meaning mostly governmental and, or university sponsored, non cooperate, research, which has shown multiple dangers which may be associated with intake of GM food; a scientific fact!

  10. (continued) Wherefore ingestion, let alone treatment of cancer by GM berries, ought be avoided until a scientific consensus as to the safety of such may be available, moreover, extreme prejudice must be placed on research based on industry sponsorship, vested interest, has been proven to corrupt the quality of research; to maintain otherwise, appears naive, why do you think proving smoking is dangerous was such a laborious endeavor? Companies invested in GMO stand til win or lose billions!

  11. Maybe you didn't understand my reply. I know your question didn't, that is why I said I myself would really like to know the answer to your question. I hope that you will eventually get the answer to your question, be it from Dr. Gregor's videos or from some other source. I was just stating why I bother with organic. That is all and it had nothing to do with politics or political bias. No need to get testy. Good day.

  12. Oh, so here's the answer to my question about cranberries from the previous issue. Freeze-drying does work very well.

  13. You mean with pesticide-proof GMO and pesticides, yes? Care to drop a link or two?
    We need to kick some pesticides out, since they destroy local insects, esp. bees. Any argument would be great.

  14. There's far more to GMO research than just the bt toxin. Would you find it immoral to alter peanuts so that they can no longer cause allergic reactions?

  15. People have a right to non-GMO and pesticide-free food. Corporations do not have a right to irreparably alter our food.

  16. I eat a lot of strawberries, because I know a strawberry farmer. I didn't even like strawberries until I tasted his strawberries. The ones in the stores mostly look good but taste terrible.

  17. I've been seeking out both fresh and frozen blackberries. I receive frozen from Vital Choice, which cost for 3 one pound bags $29. No sugar is added, but I swear that these are the sweetest black berries I've ever tested. Also available are blueberries, red raspberries and strawberries, all frozen. The shipping is free on orders of $99 or more.

    Of course, local berries are often the best option, but that's not my option on a year around basis.

  18. I agree. But that's not what this web site is about. This is about studies, and what we can do right now to choose healthier food sources.

  19. Strawberries are being genetically engineered. But, not all berries are, as yet. Furthermore, nearly all of us are going organic and vegan, even if we have to grow our own.

    As far as allergies are concerned, many allergies were around before environmental change or biotechnology. But, definitely, biotechnology increases food related allergies. But, again, that's off topic for this web site.

  20. Excellent Video! These berries are so easy to grow!

    I just picked several pounds of Black Jewel Raspberries and BlackBerries today! I uploaded a video to show you how I grow them.

    Thanks for posting this!

  21. Awesome video. Just one to share that for the first time Black Raspberry and Grape Seed extract has been added to this Black Seed formula increasing its health benefits. Search Youtube for ( Try Soul Black Seed Formula ) amazing testimonies chronic pain.

  22. I saw a study on TV that said the average supermarket fruits (freshly) FROZEN contain 55% the vitamin content compared to picked straight from the ground, whereas left to sit in the supermarket and storage areas a day or two or more (probably), the average FRESH fruits contained only 30% the original nutrient content of freshly picked fruits. This suggests it's better to eat frozen than fresh, if you're buying it from a supermarket.

    Then again, I've also seen a TED talk where a woman is debunking the Paleo diet. I think she said our ancestors ate fruits and vegetables with something like only 30% of the nutrient content of the fruits and vegetables we eat today… So perhaps we'd be more suited to the content of vitamins in frozen vegetables and fruits. I can't remember the exact figures for the TED talk, but anyone interested could YouTube search it of course.

  23. Hi I am a huge fan.Could you let me know which cream/ ointment was used to add the black raspberry powder and by which method it was added / mixed with the cream/ ointment. Thanks.

  24. Fascinating research and much more to do. Picked some here in NJ today – even though it's past the end of the season, there were a few bushes that had some stragglers and i picked those up.

  25. Thank you. Lovely professional video very easy to follow. I have some black raspberry plants and was looking in info about them- was trying to decide if want to sell them or grow them. This is promising information here! Am glad our understanding of natures pharmacy is increasing.

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