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Chef Steve: We have three programs at Blue
Ridge Community and Technical College, we have Food Service Retail Management, Culinary
Arts, and Baking and Pastry. All are great, wonderful pathways to experience
within our College. Andrew Baldwin: While I was in the Army I
got a degree in Business so I wanted to open up my own company. I got tired of working for other people all
my life and wanted to do something different and I thought catering. I love cooking, catering is fun, its challenging
as well so you get a challenge and you get to enjoy cooking and wanted to just be my
own boss. The culinary program gives me that opportunity. Erin Whitcomb: Currently working on opening
my own bakery in Winchester Virginia. I enjoy taking over the world one croissant
at a time! Its always nice when they look at you and
say “Wow this taste just like I remember it being from France” and that’s because I learned
it here at Blue Ridge. Chef Steve: We offer very affordable tuition,
and we have very low student to teacher ratio, and we also offer a one of a kind experience
in our Bruin Cafes where students can interact with customers. They actually work and serve customers with
food products and good customer interaction on a daily basis. Karli Hens: I selected the culinary program
because I took an average of all of the culinary art programs around and found this one was
the most affordable and I found that I had the most hands on experience here. Ronald: We start with the teachers. They have decades of experience behind them. They know what they are doing. Each teacher brings a different skill set
to the table and its those skillsets they help us to learn. Chef Steve: Blue Ridge is the premier culinary
academy within the four state region.

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