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sweating is a natural body process but
bacteria thrive in the sweat leading to a foul odour this can be very embarrassing with people shunning you and not wanting to be around you so what does one do to get rid of the
unpleasant smell first of all you need to understand that
the areas that sweat the most are the underarms the feet and the groin so these areas need to be targeted take a glass of normal water and now add about 500 milligrams of wheatgrass mix this well and have this in the morning
on an empty stomach dust baking soda on the sweat prone
areas is not only absorbs the sweat but also fights the bacteria that causes the
order and another remedy would be to take a small ball of cotton wool and dab it on white vinegar and applied on the sweat prone areas take about 6 tablespoons of gram flour
besan added to a bowl and then add enough curd to make a thick paste now apply this paste on sweat prone areas before bathing and then wash them off cut about eight tomatoes into large chunks blend them well and sieve the
pulp and extract tomato juice like this you can add this tomato juice to your
bathing water alternatively you can also add few
tablespoons of rose water to your bathing water and finally for the final
rinse you can add a teaspoon of honey to look warm water and rinse yourself of
follow these remedies to get rid of foul odour but make sure you have frequent
baths and hydrate yourself well drink plenty of water and have a lot of
spinach and other green leafy vegetables eat well drink well and lead a healthy
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and remember stay healthy and live a long happy life

5 thoughts on “BODY ODOUR – Causes | Prevention | Treatment – Home Remedies To Eliminate Body Odor

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