Taking Charge of Your Health

Numbness. When you first hear, you kind of
go into this zone where the next thing you hear is your blood racing in your ears. We
did not know how much time I would have, so we needed to move quickly. Here, at New York-Presbyterian,
their treatment plan had a very good chance of success, in fact they said, “You are a
good possibility for a cure.” Those are the words you want to hear. New York-Presbyterian
has been the number one hospital in New York for over 10 years now. We’re able to treat
every kind of cancer that there is, and we’re extremely proud of our bone marrow transplant
programs. On the Weill Cornell side, we have the bone marrow and hematopoietic stem cell
transplantation program, while on the Columbia side, we have our Irving transplant unit.
We pride ourselves on providing optimal care, working closely with our colleagues, while
at the same time, moving the field and contributing to research. We offer the whole array of stem
cell transplant procedures, which includes autologous transplants, allogeneic, from matched
siblings, matched unrelated donors, or even half matched transplants, and offer a transplant
option to patients who otherwise don’t have a fully matched donor. We did a worldwide
search, we did it for months, but we didn’t find an identical match, so the clinical trial
was my only option, and that was a technique that Dr. Van Biesen perfected. We have the
doctors who actually make the discoveries that then take what’s learned from the lab
and actually treat patients with it. We have all the latest technology, and we’re innovative
in terms of how we use that technology. It was very important that this particular hospital
does the research that’s necessary to assist the patient through the journey of a bone
marrow transplant. I like to go to the people who write the book, not the people that read
the book. A successful bone marrow transplant is a team effort. We work with amazing collaborators
here at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. This is a multi-service hospital. When you undergo
a stem cell transplant or a bone marrow transplant, you can get various complications. It’s an
amazing thing to have all these specialties, all with trainees, all with expertise, at
your site. They’re telling you, “Listen, this is our options, this is what we can do for
you.” They always knew where I was in my progress and they were reporting back to me. Every
patient is different and every patient deserves individualized care, so we try as much as
possible to personalize the care that these patients receive, and we make sure that every
patient’s goals and challenges are addressed appropriately. We have a motto here, which
says, “We put patients first,” and everything we do comes at it from the patient perspective.
That’s what really sets us apart. I knew I’d found a partner, I knew I found the right
place, that’s going to walk with me step by step to heal me.

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