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Do you have bow legs and wouldn’t you want
to learn how to correct your legs in school? Then keep watching because in
this video I will show you a yoga for bow legs sequence for school
students and pupils. My name is Chi and you’re welcome to The Body Conditioner.
Here we work in not out! If you’re new to The Body Conditioner … Hi!
You’re absolutely welcome. Please write ‘I’m new!’ further below in the comments section
because I really want to get to know you. What we are all about here at The Body
Conditioner is working in. That means we’re going deep. I’m using my passion for yoga, my passion for healing and empowerment, my passion for physiology to help effect
structural changes in your body. At the moment we’re focusing on bow legs and
how to correct your bow legs naturally. I know how it is. In school we
all want to blend, we don’t want to be singled out, but at the same time you
don’t want to make your bow legs worse. Right? So, these are three tips I can help
you with on what to do when you are at school. So tip number one: Bring your big
toes down, plant your big toes down. And I know you’re wearing shoes but at the
same time be conscious of your big toes in the shoes and through the shoes
planting them down onto the ground. So you’re a bit more grounded and a bit
more connected. Number two: sit upright. So slouching makes it worse your whole posture
changes but as you sit upright you are more likely to keep your legs in a way
that helps correct your bow legs. So as you press your palms against your chest, and this is something you can definitely do in school, you press them against your chest and then you work the muscles out against it. So let me show it to you from the other
side. So you press the palms against the chest, as if you want to slouch, but then
you use your muscles to do exactly the opposite movement and you notice the
back muscles at work and this is what helps you stay upright. So tip number one:
Plant your big toes down. Tip number two Sit upright. Tip number three: Bring your
knees together. So instead of slouching and sitting with your legs bowed, you sit
upright bring your knees together because this
has a beautiful counter effect on what is going on in your legs and teaches
your muscles otherwise. Thank you so much for watching. If you have more things you
need to know about bow legs, please write anything you want me to answer further
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  1. 1st one didnt understand i dont understand ur english…tnq for ur respect and putting video fr me love u sister

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