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Many of you have bow legs, and many of you have knock knees. But many of you also suffer from knee pain. Have you ever wondered why? Today, I’m going to answer exactly that question. My name is Chi, and you’re welcome to The Body Conditioner. Here, we work in, not out. What we are all about here at The Body Conditioner is working in. To me, that means going deep. It means pairing my passion for yoga and healing with the idea of educating you in order for you to make structural changes in your body. That’s why I’m here. So, if you have more suggestions for me, then, please let me know in the comments section. At the moment, we are focussing on bow legs – how to minimize and how to fix, how to correct bow legs, and how to help you feel better. If you want me to make more videos on bow legs, then write ‘Yes, bow legs’ in the comment section 🗩 If you want me to make more content on knock knees, write ‘Yes, knock knees’ in the comments section 🗩 I have a private client, and he has been suffering from knock knees for a long time, since childhood. And he likes to go for a run, and then is complaining of knee pain after the session. Why is that the case? So, let’s take a look at the knees. I’m sure this looks familiar. The knees are not straight. However, in yoga, we want to treat the knee as a so-called hinge joint. So, a hinge joint is a bit like your index finger, it just moves this way. However, the knee is capable of also moving this way. But this is not what we want. Can you see that when your knees are in a V-shape, when you are knock-kneed, that you are doing exactly that. You are moving your knee inwards, and this way, you are shifting the alignment, and on top of that, do not allow the stabilizing structures the tendons, the ligaments in your knee to support your knee properly. What is the solution? We want to make sure that we get your legs back in line. And that means you want to work on strengthening your outer hips, the deep buttocks muscles, the so-called hip abductors – ABD And you want to release some tension, some tightness, from the inner thigh muscles. If you have missed my video on Yoga for Knock Knees, you will find it here in the cards, and further in the description. Now to the bow legs. If your legs are bowed, let’s take a look at those legs. Then equally, your knees are not in line. Again, we are not using the knee as a hinge joint, but take it out of the alignment. In that case, we also want to work on minimising the bow. We want to correct the legs by here, releasing some tension, some tightness from the outer hips, the hip abductors, but then, work on strengthening the inner thigh muscles, that means the hip adductors. So, each one of you is a bit different. Perhaps, your bow is along the inner thighs. Some of you have the shins bowed. In any event, it is about the inner line, that you want to be a bit more aware of it. If you have missed my playlist on Yoga for Bow Legs, you will also find it here in the cards or further below in the description. So, my dear friends, I’m at your service. I want to help you fix, minimize, correct your bow legs and knock knees. So, until then, thank you so much for watching, have a fantastic day. If you want to get your free ebook on how to correct your bow legs naturally, then, click on the link below in the description. If you want to send me your bow leg pictures, join, I have two groups, one for ladies one for gentlemen. And there, I answer your questions to help you minimize your bow legs quickly. If you like my videos, click ‘like’ 👍 subscribe down here, and remember to share it with every person you feel may benefit from it.

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