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Six things you can do to keep memory. Did you know that there are some food and
tea items that will help you keep your memory? Let me introduce the ingredients that will
also strengthen nerve contact today. Memory is one of the most valuable things
among human beings . If you feel that memory has become uncertain or forgetful, please
try out the natural remedy you will introduce from now. What we should not forget here is that biological
processes play a key role in genes. But on their own in, it is also true that
there are things that you can so that you can maintain the memory. Things to know about loss of memory: Any change in medicine or body may intensify
forgetfulness. Some medicines prescribed at the hospital
have medicine to “rest the brain” and may forget the details. For example: Antidepressant,
Antihistamine, Diet medicine,
Blood pressure medicine etc. Because these drugs may affect memory, it
is recommended that these body problems be treated with natural remedies. Another thing to not forget The cause of loss
of memory is the change of hormones. Among numerous hormonal changes, changes in
hormones that occur during pregnancy and in menopausal disorders may encourage concentration
and forgetfulness. This symptom may be said to be general in
pregnancy or menopausal impairment. Also, sleep deprivation is greatly related
to memory loss. In one study, it turned out that if you wake
up for a long time, it will greatly affect the speed of reflection and memory. This includes
people with insomnia and those with insufficient sleep. Natural remedies that can be done not to lower
memory: 1, spend active: Actively spending is very important to keep
memory. By being active it will encourage the creation of new cells in the brain. Aerobic
exercise can achieve even better effect. Furthermore, you can consciously use the brain
in everyday life. Reading,
Crossword, Games that require strategies such as chess
and shogi, Musical instrument playing,
It is said that it will become a brain exercise. It is also very important to control stress.
Incorporating breathing methods, meditation, yoga and so on will eliminate stress. Together with this, it is important to get
a good sleep. Sleep is not an exaggeration to say that it is the basis for keeping human’s
recognition function. 2, Ginkgo Biloba:
Some ingredients also enhance memory. Ginkgo leaves improve blood flow in capillaries.
It strengthens its capillary and makes it hard to cut. From this, it is said that ginko biloba tea
is good for brain health. By keeping capillary vessels strong, we help to avoid situations
that lose memory. Please try to drink ginkgo biloba tea in order
to realize the efficacy of ginkgo leaves. Material: 1 cup of ginkgo biloba tea spoon,
About 220 ml of water, How to make: Boil water and put in ginkgo leaf tea,
Wait 3 to 5 minutes, please filter. You can drink up to 2 cups per day,
3, ginseng, Korean ginseng is one of the ingredients that
will help you to keep memory. It improves cerebral blood flow and exerts
its efficacy as a vasodilator. This will activate the brain, you can keep your memory. In addition,
the ability to understand things is improved by improving your understanding. 4, Blueberries: The abundant anthocyanins contained in blueberries
are considered good for brain recognition function. This recognition function also includes
a function to master memory and things. Furthermore, anthocyanin makes the connection between nerves
better. You can eat blueberries as it is or you can
make them drinks such as smoothies or make them tea. Let’s introduce how to make tea: Material: About 220 ml of water,
1 cup of dry blueberry spoon, How to make: Boil water and add blueberries. Leave for
10 minutes. Please remove it after 10 minutes and enjoy
2 cups a day. 5, nuts: Nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin
E. These nutrients are very effective in reducing cognition. It strengthens memory, and even has the effect
to raise memory. If you start to notice the forgetfulness, please try incorporating nuts
into your normal life. 6, Spinach: Spinach is also one of the ingredients that
will help you to keep memory. The brain is protected by abundant lutein
contained in spinach and it prevents the cell from being destroyed. Furthermore, it contains
a lot of folic acid, so it prevents loss of memory and increases concentration. Spinach is one of the perfect vegetables.

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