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with the practitioner please talk to your health care practitioner before
undertaking any changes to your treatment regime. imagine this scenario:
you’re a woman who has made the massive decision to get her breasts enhanced
perhaps you’ve just had a few kids and after the ups and downs of breastfeeding
your once perky breasts are now somewhat deflated or perhaps you’ve always had
small breasts and what with the current obsession of Western culture with big
breasts this really affected your self-esteem or perhaps you like a
surprisingly large amount of woman have asymmetric breasts and choose to get
implants to even them out or perhaps you’ve had a mastectomy or a partial
mastectomy and you choose to get implants to feel like yourself again but
then it’s a few years later and all of a sudden you start to experience all of
these symptoms that you just didn’t understand your tests come back normal
and doctors can’t explain it you’re losing your hair you feel crazy tired
anxious you’re getting weird rashes you get weird aches and pains and a whole
host of other symptoms that just don’t make sense
this experience is happening to a lot of women and sadly it’s been going on for a
fair while but there’s very little awareness about it it’s called breast
implant illness a chronic and diverse type of sickness that’s a result of
breast implants I think all of the reasons that women choose to get
implants for are understandable personally I’m I’m still breastfeeding
and I’ve sometimes thought of the girls might look like and I stopped
but what they might change into and I’ve considered augmentation if there’s
something that I’m unhappy with but currently I just don’t feel confident
with the safety of the implants it’s not fair why is something like this put on
the market and touted as being safe when it’s really not how much safety research
went into this not enough and why are so many women getting dismissed when they
do talk about their concerns to their doctors one we shouldn’t have so much
pressure on us as women our boobs shouldn’t divide us and two there should
have been so much more done to ensure that breast implants are safe I think
that the amount of different types of implants that we have gone through is a
clue that the experimenting is happening on us continuously we are guinea pigs
and breast implant illness is the result and this is something that’s been going
on for a long time but we’re only just starting to talk about it I didn’t know
anything about this condition until recently I knew that implants could go
wrong in the form of rupture or migration but not anything like this we
need to know more about it so I’ve brought on the podcast today and
naturopath who has gone through the journey of breast implant illness
herself and is passionate about bringing this knowledge to people, educating women
about what breast implant illness is as well as what can be done about it Alysha Habgood is a Sydney and
online-based naturopath and yoga teacher her interest lies in autoimmune disease
namely got thyroid and rheumatoid arthritis but her specific focus is on
helping women overcome breast implant illness Alysha’s treatment encompasses
not just the unique physical aspects of the disease but the underlying
psychological impacts of breast implant illness Alysha is passionate about
raising global awareness of this growing issue to both women and also to
practitioners I’m so excited to have you here Alysha to talk about this topic I
think it’s going to be so exciting to get this information out to people
Thanks I’m really excited to since something I really love talking about
because like I said you know awareness is really minimal minimal on this topic
yeah for sure so why don’t we just get started with what is breast in breast
implant illness means sure so breast implant illness we can define it as a
period of sickness that affects multiple systems within the body and it’s caused
by silicone or saline breast implants doesn’t not necessarily one or the other
and it’s also not dependent on it through implants ruptured normal as well
so women experience breast implant owners in the intact implants with all
types of implants and the illness varies greatly confess in person as one of us
know everyone’s an individual so my symptoms could vary greatly to someone
else’s symptoms and it could be a list of two or three or 20 your laundry list
so they’re quite fast and and varied mm-hmm so can you list some of the
typical sins and symptoms that some women might experience yes also extreme
or chronic fatigue dry mouth brushes or attic area hyper thyroid hypothyroidism
so memory loss or concentration issues and
constipation or any kind of IBS type of symptoms any kind of sinus issues post
nasal drip sinusitis heart palpitations shortness of breath you know
constriction in the chest acne dry skin brittle nails exercise intolerance
painful joints like fibromyalgia tonight those symptoms as well so really bad and
pain throughout the body musculoskeletal metallic tastes and chemical
sensitivities and multiple chemical sensitivity pins and needles numbness in
their extremities in the Lammers there’s a lot of symptoms yeah for sure
and I think that that makes it so tough as well because you know you go to your
doctor and you complain about a lot of these sorts of people would present
their concerns about these symptoms and then you know you should get told Oh
like we don’t really know what’s going on or the worst thing is then you know
it’s just your hormones or it’s just stress so these are the typical symptoms
that so many women get to semester with as well a big part of the problem the
breast implant is because it’s is not something recognized by mainstream that
your GP is not going to sit there and consider breasts from plenty owners
they’re gonna go oh how many’s have a bit anxiety you’re good stress work or
what it’s going to fly you know and and they’ll run a few tests they’ll do
thyroid they’ll do you know the inflammatory markers things like that
and you know whatever tests they decide to run and half at the time it’s either
we get false negatives or false positives with with those testing so a
lot of breast implant notice patients come up with no issues on their test
results so the touts are all fine on oh good you’re fine it’s all in your head
is what some doctors will tell their patients unfortunately and these women
walk away feeling without set and frustrated and don’t know what to do
when it and that’s all the time it needs women
after sometimes a short period of time sometimes a long period of time a panic
illness down the path of maybe it is my wrestle and maybe things are causing me
an issue and then they start researching and lo and behold they find that there’s
thousands of other women they’re also experiencing quite similar symptoms to
them mm-hmm but what I would imagine is that you know we’ve been told for so
long that you know these new silicon and Salo and breast implants they’re safe
safe safe so for so many people you know like they might be able to put that down
to a time period like but they would dismiss it because they’ve been told
it’s safe yeah that’s that’s an issue these implants whilst we want to trust
the things like in the FDA and all those authoritarians and that they’ve done all
the research then that we know that breast spots are safe that’s a butt hole
that some plastic surgeons will tell you they’ll run you through the surgery
risks and complications as any surgery has infection and whatnot but no one is
going to tell you that there is a risk of developing all of these strange
autoimmune type symptoms at all you know all these all these issues that I
mentioned that can be experienced we’re just not hold and the research
unfortunately is lacking when it comes to two breast implants
it’s only been and since about 2005 that the FDA and all those regulatory bodies
they now require ten years studying some breast and hearts before that before
1991 there was no regulation for breast implants and that’s not fair at all
about 2003 there were only about studies for about three days periods we met and
they were only a handful of women that were following and studied so it wasn’t
like there was 40,000 we’ve been stung even for three you period and a lot of
people dropped out of these studies and they and
a lot of it was done on reconstruction patients to not even you know your
everyday woman that wants to just enhance their breasts so yeah
unfortunately the research really is lacking there isn’t a lot of long-term
studies and even with the 10-year studies again so many women drop out so
you know if they’ve just got have a few thousand women doing these studies can
you really say that oh they’re safe oh you know these women may have developed
a few symptoms but no we don’t believe the building so it’s it’s just not the
evidence is not reliable so when you think they’re dropping out of the
studies do you mean that they’re actually choosing to explan not
necessarily but they just know they’re no longer part of the the breast implant
studies so the main companies that are producing breast implants an elegant and
mentor now and and you know every time they bring on and you put after a new
implant a new type of implant and they’re required to do studies and
things are now that the ten-year studies that they’re having to do to produce but
when women are dropping out of these studies it’s usually because they know a
little wonder what to participate and I heard rumors about if you do develop
chronic illnesses and symptoms that a lot of the time they will exclude you
from the symptoms which makes absolutely no sense but whether that’s fact I can’t
vouch for that but I have read I have yeah so that’s totally skewed data in
the case but that’s that’s ridiculous that the time period that they’ve been
studied for is so short because from the cases that you’ve read about and seen
what sort of time frame does it normally take for women to start experience
symptoms well that’s the other thing as well its parent so I experienced
symptoms four months in to having my implants and I didn’t put it down to my
implants right away because it we don’t like like everyone else up to you I
would yeah there’s no issues why would I be concerned about them about nobody
some women don’t develop an illness and for five years for eight years for ten
years so it really does vary some women will be fine until their implants
rupture some women don’t need to have their implants ruptured to have an issue
yeah yeah and there are plenty women I’m sure that having plans and have no major
issues as well but then that’s the same with every type of infection or toxic
issue everywhere it’s all to do with the person and you know your susceptibility
as well isn’t it yeah it is we find that right there are plenty of women who are
completely fine and have breast implants no health issues they feel great but
unfortunately it’s not as as not as common or uncommon as a lot of us think
but for us for my illness yeah it only happens to you know one in 50,000 women
and I really don’t believe that it’s that that’s that smaller number because
there’s over 50,000 women just in one Facebook group Lauren that feel that
they stink and that’s just the amount of women that have realized their implants
I mean how many other women are out there there’s really haven’t put two and
two together yet yeah so it’s um it’s a bit sad really
so yeah sure and I think going back to now that seemed homeliest as well as
because it’s so big how women are gonna really be able to attribute it to that
when so many of those can be put down to other things and or just you know good
office stress so that’s tough we see that a lot of these women that are
developing symptoms have some commonalities or some we find that the
susceptibility with women that have Pauline said polymorphisms so genotype
so the HLA genotypes so more susceptible to having breasts with my donors and
polymorphisms you know comp issues methylation MTHFR
GST v1 all any kind of sneak that in has
detoxification pathways rates one place to pollution all of those things
anything that impairs that we have a greater susceptibility to developing
breast implant illness and that is mostly due to the toxicity of breast
implants so the breast implants they can change a lot of toxins a lot of heavy
metals and they’re very toxic substances not just on the inside gel but also the
outer shell which is why the Saline breast implants are not immune to having
these issues so they contain things like methyl ethyl ketone which is neurotoxin
toluene acetone benzene eliminating aluminum lead mercury platinum rubber
solvents they’re all inside breast implants yeah that they say it’s just
still like an insane line yeah they’re inert yeah there’s nothing wrong there’s
nothing wrong and unfortunately the breast implant manufacturers don’t have
to disclose the exact ingredients in the breast implants when it’s patient
concern they can get away with saying oh no we don’t need you to disclose that
because it just in case someone steals out your app or not sure yeah
so we don’t even know for a fact things act in green so there could be worse
things in there that we don’t know about may not know how much worse it can
really get but there could be other things but these honey metals these
toxins they actually can cause the immune dysregulation and they can close
toxicity problems that can lead to viral infections which is a BB is something I
see linked to breast implant illness by often whether it’s an underlying issue
or it’s made us more susceptible to developing viral infections as well yeah
that’s in because everything is so common I’ve
seen barbarous and so many people have that just you know earlier on and it
lies dormant in our systems but it seems to be that you know once our terrain is
jeopardized that’s the issue and so is it the case that the breast implants is
putting this toxic load on our system lowering our immunity and therefore
other virus can take hold and also these viruses will feed on toxins they don’t
feed on heavy metals too so if we put an overload of those things in our system
and immune system is suppressed then these viruses are gonna take homes and
they’re gonna break swim and explanting and still remaining seat why am i still
saiful a lot of the time we have to have to help the body in a clean off the
bunny first and bite these viral infections hmm well I definitely want to
talk to you about the protocol of what women can do but I just what interested
to know how many women per year are getting implants in its around 10,000
women in Australia every meal yeah not a tiny number and it grows all the time in
the u.s. about thirty thousand yeah is that the number in Australia is that the
surgeries done in Australia because I know a lot of people go overseas to get
it done because it’s cheaper that’s mostly for in Australia yeah that normal
so possibly even more than that yeah and you know and that’s what makes that you
got no copay yeah like you said not insignificant and
then we don’t know how many people are actually experiencing breast implant
illness because it’s not learn enough about and we don’t have the data on it
but if we’re seeing such an increasing amount of people actually coming up and
saying I’m not feeling well from it then you know it’s gonna be quite a lot of
people out there without without a diagnosis without an information for
them there yeah that’s the biggest issue we see so how long do you think that
were like when was the first time that you’ve
ever heard a case of breast implant illness happen how long has it been
going on for well the breast implant illness has been going on since since
Dow Corning started manufacturing breast implants which was the 1980s so the
1980s to 1990s that’s when Dow Corning had that huge civil suit against them
they were into bankruptcy because they were sued by so many women that
experienced illness because breast implants there they enhance about
rupture more more often than other brands so Dow Corning that was a was a
really big and well-known and well publicized issue with the implants and
thousands and thousands of women in suit chuckling so was that a different type
of implant that they were getting that family is looking breast implants and
that’s when the FDA in the u.s. they they took silicone breast implants off
the market for quite a period of time and they were only allowed to place
saline breast implants into women that’s just in the u.s. though not in Australia
because of that dark point in case because that was an issue okay and they
were different but it you know different manufacturers different products and
then we’ve seen the pay IP implants they used they didn’t use a cosmetic grade
silicon they used an industrial grade of silicon in the implants and again higher
rupture rates and complication rates from their implants but I’m not saying
that there’s one implant that has issues on the other star because that is
definitely not the case I’ve seen women with all ranges of implants whether
that’s the VIP the French ones the dow corning i mean they’re not made anymore
if you had Dow Corning implants now you have them to like over 30 years these
days so that’s not something that really is much of an issue now the major
implant manufacturers Allegan and menthol and the implants that we’re
seeing now most commonly and the implants that have
issues are all implants all types of implants but no implants are immune but
we all seem really a great it would increased risk of breast implant illness
with these new a gummy bear textured implants for a number of reasons but
whether that’s because they’re more toxic than some of the other implants
some of the ingredients because these implants that have been to be like a
Turkish to life consistency where that are if they rupture the budding and then
not meant to leak and burning with the other organs in your brain and all that
sort of things so that they’ve meant to be safer and that’s what I was stalled
on with my surgeon there the implants I had them make me sick after four months
but that’s not necessarily the implants that make them and take it off so
everyone is susceptible potentially susceptible it’s getting breast implant
it won’t fill this whether that is saline silicon elegant men full IP
whatever it is it really is in France Pacific yep so they doesn’t seem to
matter what it’s made of some things worse than others but just the implants
themselves doing some sort of harm yeah it’s really really about immune
dysregulation because the body object in my body
what is this why Isaac here it’s not saying if it tries to wall it up and we
know that the body tries to do that but the body sees it as a foreigner and
tries to attack it because it’s a fact that every single women develop a
capsule around the implant is I’m gonna starve
paschal and it’s gonna actually okay you know whether you impressive my owners or
not your body will make a scar tissue around your implants some women it’s
thicker than others you know so it’s really feeling like okay
paint my wafer thin so I was really quite big so the highest surgery
complication complication that mainstream will tell you about is
capsular contracture and those because the body makes this capsule and the
women that have capsular contracture usually the body will then squeeze the
implant together a bit of pain because of the scar tissue
and potentially a bit of deformity so the breast then looks a bit out of place
and once it’s been higher than the other you know it looks looks a bit odd right
but there are different grades of capsular contracture so you know grades
want to fall for being really bad and obvious from the outside and I had grade
two so mine was the obvious from the outside but it was just a little bit of
pain around my chest wall complication I suppose that the manufacturers try to
mitigate by cravings texture breast implants they only have about a three to
five percent reduction in capsular contracture on these textured implants
but these implants that are textured are the ones that are implicated in the BIA
able seal which is a type of lymphoma so breast implant associated anaplastic
large cell lymphoma that we’re seeing now as of March 2017 the FDA issued a
warning confirming that the implants can cause this chocolates non-hodgkins
lymphoma that’s crazy and particularly for women
who are trying to deal with the after-effects of another type of cancer
and then to go on and receive the thing that they’re getting you know
they’re getting cancer from the thing that they got make up for the cancer
wasn’t but you know what I mean this is so it’s not fair no it’s really not it’s
really not fair at all especially these mastectomy patients that are sold on the
idea of having breasts again and breast implants and it’s something that I’m
sure that they’re really happy and hopeful about and I’m looking to speak
it without them so and then they go oh actually there is a cancer risk
associated yeah so yeah so apart from we know you were talking before about the
heavy metals being found in the things is there anything else being
found in explanted implants yeah there is a risk of biofilm within the implant
capsule so that can mean that there is bacterial fungal overgrowth within the
implant which are making some women sleep mm-hmm yeah what’s a biofilm for
those that don’t know well a biofilm is something that will it’s going to grow
around the implant and it’s basically something developed by the bacterial
fungus that make it very hard for the body’s defenses or even antibiotics
anything to kind of treat this film and actually kill and attack this bacteria
or fungus so it’s basically like a protection mechanism made by these bugs
basic cleans it stop anything from getting in and killing it mm-hmm and
like that biofilm exists in a few other situations so people might be familiar
with it in a case of you know they like hip replacements and knee replacements
where that sort of thing has happened but also in sinuses and dental health as
well so it’s kind of like just the right all the more ways that bacteria and
fungi can moccasin around isn’t it yeah exactly
if this biofilm is living within the capsule of the implant so that’s got to
show I mentioned then it is next to impossible for the body’s defenses to
get in there and to kill it off because you’ve got this this hard scar tissue
around it you know how how can it penetrate through that Scott is should
then learn the Meyers film as well so the ability for antibiotics or anything
else any curves or anything that we use that can usually chill off or help to
kill it kill off bacteria and virus if it’s fungus and viruses makes it near
impossible unless you were to explant and then you hopefully the the defenses
are down and they can get in there yeah so that means that when they do have the
explained ton women they need to have the capsule taken out
as well that’s really important so women that are considering taking their breast
implants out they have to make sure that they find a plastic surgeon that really
one that is someone you feel is trustworthy old and keep their word
because if you don’t remove implants end block which means removing the implants
with the scar capsules still intact around the implants and if you leave
that caption alongside then you run the risk of remaining sick even new implants
are taken out so there’s been quite a few women that weren’t aware of this
have them has taken out just by the plastic surgeon to put them in did it
insist on having n block surgery and and then the plastic surgeon left the
capsule in there because they said either what it will will degrade it and
the body will get rid of it over the years
could be couple could be ten or if you stayed who knows but it’s not a big deal
but you just need to be sick for that long you know not to be sick and if you
know if it’s got a virus the bacterial viral fungal infections in there and
even silicon if it’s late sore even the outside shell look is silicon it
degrades that’s a fact degrades and it can be left it’s like the pudding then
the body is still seeing it as a foreign object so you still got this issue and
the women are then having to have surgery again having the capsule removed
so it’s it’s a pretty big deal to have yeah and not every surgeon will do it
and lock it’s much more complicated it’s more invasive it’s far longer to follow
the procedure to have done so you have to find a surgeon that says yes I do and
block and have a track record in the history of doing them because it is a
complicated procedure if they screw it up then they can puncture your chest
wall they can coach you along they can deform the muscle you pack muscles so it
is it is an invasive procedure but it’s a really important one and it really
important for women to make sure that they have a plastic surgeon that they
trust will do that not just catch elect me as well because there is
a difference between n block and colectomy so capture elect to me is
where they remove the implants first and then they remove the Scott Scott capsule
so that’s not a good idea either because what can happen is when the surgeon
removes the implant the the implant can rupture in that process and then it
ruptures inside the body and then you have the possibility of still looking
and still being left inside the chest wall and then the copied so this sticky
gooey and math and you can watch these YouTube videos and this area because you
should see a plastic surgeon getting a cloth and shoving it into the cavity and
trying to get all the goo out of the wall so it’s pretty pretty important to
end yeah oh my god that would be so it would be so scary though I like to have
to make these decisions yeah that’s why it’s really important be fully aware and
informed when you’re taking the breast implants out I make sure I think the
surgeon that was quite popular on the breast of my illness groups then I know
he’s been passing for a long time I know it does explain and what was really
important to me is that he believed in breasts and I don’t know so he didn’t
sit there and go no I’ll do it for you but I don’t believe that it’s that it’s
real yeah that was important yeah cuz then you know he’s gonna do a thorough
job for you as well yeah yeah yeah my soda was fantastic it was amazing dr.
David chin in Brisbane I flew up from Sydney to Brisbane to see him I’d
recommend him to anyone he was such a fantastic surgeon and did a great job
did everything I asked took photos of him removing implants and block so I
knew for a fact he did it I was able to keep my rest implants which I requested
just in case you know I just wanted to see that they were intact or what they
look like or if I want to get and test it in future or whatever reason I want
to keep them and he was like yep no worries he it was a
really really good surgeon that’s awesome and really good that you were
able to find that we have we haven’t really talked about the start of your
story though have we in terms of how they started to become
an issue for you as well can you talk about that yeah sure so about six years
ago I decided that I wanted to have breast implants I was quite a different
person back then thankfully quickly I was far more worried about my looks
and growth rather than over my health sneer whilst I didn’t know regress with
my illness existed back then it was very important to me to have nice and looking
breasts the confidence reasons and all the other reasons that you know why do
women get breast implants in the first place I was just a typical another
person another case of that and so I got these breast implants put in
I went from the reputable surgeon Sydney he cost you decent amount of money
wasn’t at a procedure by any means I didn’t go to Thailand which I get asked
a lot you know or did you you know have an infection no no complications no
issues everything was alright and he did a great job they looked right night I
liked them four months later I started to develop bonus so I became really
fatigued you know couldn’t understand why I had many of those symptoms that I
mentioned before my thyroid became hyper and updating rates disease a chronic
dehydration it’s pellet you couldn’t drink enough water all the time no
matter how many liters I would consume I just developed acne all over my forehead
which I’d never had in my life before I can non distinct linear algebra is
chronic sinusitis post nasal drip that didn’t go away for the whole six years I
have implants musculus little issues really bad chronic pain in my shoulders
my neck and I have that joint pain mostly all down my left side so I’ve had
joint pain in my elbow my left shoulder my sacrum on the left side my left knee
goes all left-sided were strange even in my joints and fingers on the left side
too so that was very quite unusual for me I developed a lot of these symptoms
over period time they didn’t all just come for months after but mostly the
worst symptoms for me was the fatigue the tingling and also cognitive issues I
had so I couldn’t concentrate a terrible memory and I just couldn’t remember
anything and it really affected my work and everything I was doing basically I
ended up not really being up to work as might had to cut back my hours I was
just way too exhausted to do anything digitally at social life because how do
you get the energy to do work and social life when you’re a cutie I went to every
doctor every GP specialist I took I took drugs I took steroids I took anybody out
of the choc you name it I did all the mainstream as well then batting work so
I then found naturopath I went to have a coupon charities in petitioners
chiropractors osteo DH although basically everything everyone I
went to them I tried everything and my I did have improvement when I changed my
diet significantly not that it was ever unhealthy before because it wasn’t by
any means I was quite in a healthy girl other words wanted to maintain my health
and my looks and weight or not so I didn’t eat on a junk food I ate really
well I exercise almost every single day so I told
when I had no problems before nothing so I ended up losing at pad I started the
Gerson Therapy diets I was really extreme B in diet that I went on
drinking multiple vegetable juices every day and coffee in the news every day
really strange stuff and I started to get my energy back but I was only about
2% to where I was before I just didn’t feel like my old self at all and then in
the last 12 months before I brought my implants taken out I came across breast
implant illness online because I decided to do my own research and I found out
all the symptoms and you know made matched all these other women and I
thought okay this only makes sense so it took me about 12 months to make that
decision and come to terms with having to take my implants out because like a
lot of other women you don’t want it to be a breast implants you get these
things for a reason and you like them and they look great and I didn’t really
have had no complications so why would I want to take the match I I really hoped
that it wasn’t and I thought okay I’m just gonna try and get my health back on
track and see what I can do for 12 months it didn’t work and you know I
couldn’t I was studying to be an aunt at that point as well so I knew a lot about
what to do what not to do what supplements are going to help me blah
blah blah but it still didn’t make a huge difference and I ultimately knew I
just knew in the back of my head that I would have maintained feeling okay and
and not ending up in a wheelchair and can’t get out of bed and I knew that I
could maintain that by using diet and supplementation for the rest of my life
that’s what I really wanted but I decided that that’s not what I wanted
and I wanted to get my life back so I decided I had to have to talk in have
explant on and over about four months just over
four months post-op now myself and so many my symptoms have gone away already
and no longer have chronic like fibromyalgia tonight pain and that’s
because they don’t shoot so don’t and they had that any muscle pain anymore my
shoulders and neck my joint pain is completely gone you know that was
debilitating because I ended up not really being able to practice younger
anymore or run none of those things I could do and I’m a yoga teacher so not
being able to practice very concerning for me my joint pain was just too bad
you know me to do that so a lot of that’s gone away my my thyroid is no
longer hyperactive anymore so that’s calmed down my pacer antibodies have
significantly gone down since my eight months of being taken in so I’ve had a
lot of improvement in my sequence already and my energy has improved
significantly I don’t expect to be a hundred percent
I reckon or take about four months until 99% my symptoms go away but I have no
regrets taking that so glad you yeah oh gosh that would have been such a hard
decision for you I mean it is yeah I mean I can totally understand they are
women choosing to do that and to get them in the first place and then to have
to go backwards from that that would just be so tough but yeah yeah I guess
now that you’ve you know that was the right decision for you because you’ve
had your health improved so significantly that would have made it a
lot easier as well don’t get me wrong your first surgery even though I have a
lot of my body practices and meditation and generally all these things that I’ve
done to get my mental health to another good place before and after surgery
because I was very worried about my mental health and how I feel having this
I suppose top of body dysmorphia I guess when I was young and when I stopped on
the knee to get breast implants because I wasn’t good enough the way that I was
you know ultimately why why do we get them because you know we feel that we’re
not good enough where we are that’s gonna be a lot of night instead of women
out there do rather than some reconstruction why else would we get
them other than a lack of self-love really I I did all these practices and
still I had a really hard time that a couple of weeks following was to my
implants being removed because it was a huge adjustment for me I went from
having nice large boobs which were not produced by any means I were you know
natural because I could be having back to my small a caboose so it was a very
big adjustment and I felt anxiety in the fourth surgery I had anxiety after I
felt a little bit of depression and a couple of weeks after but you know a lot
of that can also be attributed to the drugs I’m gonna stay remember thing that
I had to so that’s what would we be tossed out so I wouldn’t be surprised so
there contributed but this you know it wasn’t an easy process just because I’m
a yoga teacher not math doesn’t mean that I was completely fine post-surgery
so that’s something that does need to be addressed both by if you’re a
practitioner trying to treat your patient with rest of my illness that
you’ll need to give support in that way as well because it is going to be a
really difficult decision for people just have them taken out but just based
on on that based on the the fear what they’re going to look like the fear of
how their mental health is going to be in so in practitioners it’s going to be
an important part of helping patients to overcome those things and also you know
you’re listening and you do have press apply onus are you worried that you do
then getting some help in that waiting some ways to works for those things are
going to be really important yes that you could a topic to address for that
did you find that there were as any particular tools that helped you the
most being really away so every time I thought I’m not
attractive well that it look nice or you know because there’s also after surgery
they’re never going to look amazing week after surgery its run through a lot of
trauma you know so that’s what I’m gonna go back into place and just knowing okay
it’s not the way they’re going to end up they’re gonna settle down everything’s
gonna be fine and I’m gonna have my health back when it feel great soon just
basically trying to be notice my thoughts notice the negative thoughts
that came up writing them down journaling or anything about how I’m
feeling journaling about you know is this is
this a real issue or a system insecurity and such being coming up
what is it behind all of these things this dogs that are coming up what what
is that that I need to heal so that was important for me
meditation really important I couldn’t do yoga obviously just after surgery
that no before surgery and and once you become a concern
I know you’re they helpful any kind of mind-body practices and techniques but
journaling was a really good one I found listening to any kind of inspirational
and motivational motivational podcasts or talks or anything to kind of get your
spirits up a little bit on maybe even seeing a psychologist or counselor or
spiritual healers that you’re interested and that’s what I thing whatever is preference I suppose because not
everyone’s gonna resonate in one a journal that everyone’s gonna want to
meditate so finding something that you feel you resonate with is really
important I believe that’s good I’d love it if you could share some of your
podcast that you liked as well and we can maybe include that in the blog post
attached to this yeah that’d be great Wow so what apart I’ve said we’ve that’s
the mental side of things and the self esteem and self love side of things how
do we go about as practitioners and how can patients know how
support themselves physically going through this process you know in both
women who choose to explain it and also those who decide that they don’t want to
explain at the moment or even if those who aren’t ready to do it at that time
in place sure well there are a lot of nutrients
that are depleted based on oxidative stress the implants are a stress or on
the body alone so a lot of nutrients can be depleted so it’s taking or doing it
do the tests to see maybe one nutrient side to Plato and maybe what metals are
elevated so a lot of the common ones that you’ll say or being agnesi and
saying B vitamins selenium omega-3 and six and I also say quite commonly an
increase in copper levels in in women with breast implants and I find that
that is because breast implants as Zena Easter generally these there is own
ingredient in the silicon which are the kind of silence’ monomers and they each
Jennings’s xenoestrogens and they can cause how estrogen levels
to rise which you’re fine will need to be detoxed and we know copper can be
elevated based on high levels of estrogens so I do see that quite
commonly so that’s usually something that is good to take in order to detox
to help the liver to detox and estrogen so do I like to use DM I find that works
quite well any of the indoor carbonyls are quite good anything to support the
liver is going to be important so any of the herbs such as milk fish this little
schizandra supplement selectors and acetal cysteine to help with ion
production lipoic acid taurine for phase one and it’s true
detoxification all of those are quite important any
kind of lymphatic help it is difficult to whilst you have implants to do much
with the lymphatic system because you often find the breast implants to
constrict the lymphatic system from flowing as as they should
I had thermal imaging done a couple of months before my breasts have taken out
and just the amount of constriction you see through and then finding system
especially around my breast area was out of control and the amount of
inflammation and it’s at a high chronic inflammation so trying to support the
lymphatic system without making your patients feel really sick because when
you’re stimulating and pumping all those toxins around obviously a lot of women
can’t do a lot worse dry skin brushing is important any of
the herbs that are gonna stimulate the lymph calendula fibers and infrared
saunas are something that I’ve been doing a post explant
and a bit julius about whether it’s a good idea to do them with implants
because I worry that heating the body even more can cause leaching more toxins
from the influent so I I do worry a little bit about recommending that
whilst you have breast implants but when you take them out infrared saunas are a
really important way to get some relief from the symptoms are experiencing and
to help the body detox and you’ll really want to buy those toxins that have been
released into the bloodstream as well so any kind of seer in life purifies the
air like clays are quite good for binding those toxins immune modulation
is always going to be important with breast implant owners any especially if
they’ve got an unwilling viral issues so assisting the body with some ceremonia
any hubs that are going to support the immune system do John’s mr. Goodwin said
John’s forever like viruses God is always a big one as we know in a trouble
he got work was really important so supporting the digestive system I know
that another symptom and it didn’t matter for but as soon as I had my
breast someone’s taking out my God was 50 times that are so I think the chronic
inflammation in my body was just causing my got to be so enflamed that no matter
what I ate I had the worst bloating I had pain really about flatulence and
that has significantly reduced by just taking the implants out and I was taking
Gardens I was eating and limited diet before surgery all those sorts of things
but just because I wasn’t just one extended inflammation it didn’t matter
what I did but why don’t we know so you those
people that have a lot of multiple food sensitivities can possibly attribute it
to a similar sort of thing going on yeah if you have breast implants and that’s
the case definitely definitely because I was reacting to everything it was pretty
hard to eat anything and not very yeah exploding again and and there’s that
pain that I was gonna put again notes really limited to what I was eating
before because I knew there’s so many things set me off but in the last six
months I really didn’t matter what I ate I just had the worst bloating and
flatulence so did you find that all the symptoms that you had did they can
exponentially worse yeah they did in the last six months they got worse
especially my joint pain that was really really bothering me much he was getting
worse because I did get that out for a period and I think that was because I
was really detoxing and it’s flushing everything out of my body and helping my
body in that aspect but as soon as I stopped being so rude
with my diet and trying to be that person when I take normal a normal
person you know American diet of its everyday or anything like that I was
very very healthy still but I wasn’t just saying a strict vegan diet during
coffee enemas every day which is a bit a ridiculous to do Malto suitable for
people sorry I didn’t you yeltsin i was a-sayin sorry it’s not very maintainable
for a lot of people I mean how can you socialize like that because you just
have to not eat different the family and so you know it’s not maintainable for a
long period it’s really not you’d have to just start but inside and be a monk
it’s not very exciting but so so women who if they’re not ready to explain till
they choose not to they can do things to support themselves but it’s possibly
something that they might find that they have to work really really hard to do
that and actually get to a level that they can enjoy their life or feel
relatively symptom-free in which case you know would I come to a point where
they do ultimately decide that they need to explain to anyway that’s right so
look you can go down the route of trying everything in order should just feel a
little bit that all good try to eat sorry I can understand why women would
want to do that completely understand and unfortunately you will find that you
you just don’t get back to that place these don’t so I haven’t come across a
single woman that has with their breast implants that said oh I’ve done these
things no I feel fantastic there’s no issues I just I just haven’t not to say
that that’s one out there it’s gonna be a super super rare so you can do these
things just feel a little bit better and they will make you feel a little bit bad
often than not but you know you should be for a period of time and you’re going
back once we have a flare-up of some sort
and ultimately your mind that women you get you get to a point where you’re so
secret feeling stick all the time and feeling good for a week and then really
bad again that Yodas go I just want these things out and just I just have to
do it so your point that people they get to that point and I got to that point so
I understand it’s it’s a process but you’ll find more than not that’ll be the
case yep yeah for sure I think yeah that’s
such an amazing amount of information for women that have breast implants and
they’re experiencing illness that they don’t understand why and so I think you
know we could write a bit of a list of symptoms that a common that women
experience to sort of say oh I have a few of those and maybe they can look
through that and go maybe it is an issue for me is it any way that they can
potentially confirm and it like are there any tests that you found that can
sort of leave them more towards that direction there is at the moment there
is no test this I can go go get this test on and you’ll know 100% there just
doesn’t exist there’s nothing like that out there unfortunately because because
this is not something that is commonly known about there’s not much awareness
so there’s no test that has been developed which I’m hoping in future
than it will be but just because of the complexity I’m I’m not sure at the
moment if you are wanting to do tests based on your symptoms in his chest to
me for they vary depending on what what’s going on with you individually
because like I said the symptoms of the so does vary so we’ll probably want to
do some kind of testing Candida bacteria any kind of passions I would probably
test because when we have such a dysregulated immune system when I mean
system isn’t functioning the way it should then all of these opportunistic
bacteria and pathogens can take a hold of us so your mind kind of eater and the
bacteria and all those any kind of issues with infection wires
will take over and there’s a really common thing had tissue minimal analysis
tests cord to find out if you have heavy metal toxicity or an imbalance you know
with your minerals or you know what’s going on there that’s why it’s good to
test so that you you know what minerals you actually do need a na so the
antibodies see if anything comes up their CRP and ESR sandfly matauri
markers any of the thyroid thyroid because you know it is an accrediting so
breast implant so it’s checking thyroid if you don’t have any imbalances there
EBV seen the antibodies if you do have that underlying viral infection organic
acids can be a good one to do to check you produce iron and then I’m also do a
lot of the bacteria neurotransmitter because you know anxiety and depression
and Western play on us symptoms too so empty HF are any genetic testing so that
you know how to do have those polymorphisms or snips that are common
with wrestling the oldest patients to do have anything you know you need you okay
which take NAC this and take touring to help this function or whether it is
benign means the flesh and whatnot so those ones can be really useful to do
but one I also find that I’ve got a lot of benefit but I know a lot of women
have as well is a thermal imaging or thermography I mentioned it before that
it gave me a really good snapshot to see that well Wow okay I do have a little
congestion around my lymphatic or my breast area the small red it’s all
inflamed all under my armpits and I could see the inflammation on the image
on the camera so I was like okay yeah this really correlates with how my body
is feeling so I’m feeling all of this restriction in my chest area
you know some even don’t feel that restriction but they still have
congested limbs in that area so that gave me quite a good insight and a
feeling of okay I know I’m doing the right thing my explanting because I know
that there is constriction in my limbs in that area yeah so that sounds like a
good confirmation and then all those other tests will give you a really good
understanding of what else is going on to make you feel the way that you are
from though from the implants yeah there’s just not one test I can say go
do that there this it’s not like rheumatoid arthritis you have over to my
laptop you know it’s unfortunate Lee’s like that so it’s a bit of a guessing
game it’s a bit of an investigation with the pressing plant illness just what it
makes it tricky for practitioners to identify so the most important question
if you are a practitioner is to ask the patient
do you have breast implants and even men and getting the surgery these days and
medicating implants heck muscles the getting all sorts of things – with this
rise of plastic surgery its most important do you have in any kind of
medical implant – device and I really wouldn’t just include breast implants in
this issue any other knee replacement hip joint any joints any anything that
is a foreign object in the body has the potential possibility of creating and
immune dysregulation so I would definitely be asking you know do you
have any implant advices for the young male or female that should be really
important on the intake form and then also if you’re a patient also bringing
it to practitioners attention and awareness okay I’ve got these breast
implants and to make sure you mentioning that your practitioner so that maybe
they can go oh okay that could be an issue yeah yeah that’s right it’s really
important to know about and hopefully you know with everything that you’ve
been doing with all your interviews and your spreading information and with this
podcast as well people are going to become more aware so if anyone I mean
anyone that’s listening today or watching today if
have anyone that they know that has implants please spread the information
because we need to get that information out there yeah there it is becoming a
little bit more known about or talked about there’s been a lot in the media
recently a lot on new stations a lot of the publications or interviewing women
and printing their stories online and in lots of media outlets sir it is getting
a bit more awareness is gonna get more press but it’s still not enough because
there’s no no changes the FDA are deciding to look into the safety of
breast implants against they are reviewing it I think is based a lot the
pressure there you know that they’ve received from four people and I know
that there are plastic surgeons out there that are also doing their own
research and study on breast implant illness I know my surgeon was looking
into especially the cognitive issues he was working with some other people and
doing that there is surgeons in the u.s. dr. Susan cold and Lou Jane Jane who
Plastic Surgeons that specialize in breast implant corners and remove breast
implants that’s their thing so there is there is becoming a bit more awareness
it is but it’s still it’s still not enough it’s donal out there because
plastic surgeons are still not warning their patients of this potential issue
because they say wasn’t a research so while they mentioned it yeah let’s see
that’s the thing isn’t it and so just because there hasn’t been the research
done on it doesn’t mean that it’s not real maybe there is some research it’s
just it’s it’s not a lot and it’s it’s not like there’s 50,000 women and
it’s just not quite to the standard that they would want so it’s it’s not enough
in the eyes of mainstream medicine to to say that this is a real issue but I’m
hoping that will change plus the more awareness but it has stopped
researching so yeah yay more research more awareness well yeah so do you have
a take-home message to women out there that have breast implant honest look
breast implant awareness is really tough it’s hot and you’ll get a little
resistance you’re gonna little people telling you crazy they’re just confused
and really get some support from other women go and join the breast implant you
know support groups there’s quite a few of them and then now go and speak to
other women and maybe it’ll make you feel like another why because a lot of
the time you’ll be feeling horrible and alone and wondering you know why what’s
happening no one’s telling me what’s wrong with me and it’s really hard and
difficult place to be in I know because I’ve been there and the best thing to do
is really get support and know all the facts we do all the research read all
the information and all these groups they’ve got a lot of information the
files part of the groups that talk about great so just to go to any of the
research has been done all the evidence all the stuff you need to know about
removing the capsule and there’s a lot of information on there that is
important to read so make sure you do your homework read about everything to
do with Russell my illness and stick to your guns on it too because you’ll find
a lot of resistance we need a new speaking to doctors and
Surgeons about it so just know what you want and make sure that you get that
support and get that help and don’t make the mistake of waiting years to explant
when you find out about breast implant illness if you’re in a bad place then
all the supplements in the world they’re not going to do a whole lot for you
really the best thing to do is to explain and try to be strong
and what your mental health and do what you need to do to get better because
it’s really not worth having these plastic objects just to look good when
we’re sitting at home by yourself anyway not exactly join them so yeah get some
support that’s my main message yeah well that’s an excellent message thank you
thank you yes and thank you for everything today this has been wonderful
and I’m really enlightened to know about this topic because like a few months ago
I’d never heard of it so I’m really hoping that we can spread the word yeah
you come thank you if people want to get in contact with you what’s the best way
to do so so my website is as you know it I specialise in breast implant illness so if you want to have a chat about how I can help you prep before
surgery and and after surgery then I’m always happy to have a have a chat
consultation I also created a group run in the last couple of weeks and it is
group on Facebook called healing breast implant illness naturally that group is
not so much an awareness group because a lot of those out there and I don’t you
know just gonna be another one it’s more about the healing aspect so what do we
do to practice surgery what do we do after surgery well how can we heal a lot
of women have not known a huge amount of funds especially when they’re trying to
muster up $10,000 to explant so anything that we can do naturally even
just diet recommendations and I encourage everyone to posts about what
they found works for them so it is a small group at the moment that only just
started it but I encourage you to join that and then we can form a group and
bring some more awareness and help other people that may be kind of host a
practitioner in the you know me future awesome
so we’ll link to that in the show notes as well great wonderful and so people
can find me on today you and yeah thanks to everyone
for listening please subscribe please leave a good review as well, and share this with your friends particularly anyone that you know that
might be impacted by this so thank you so much Alysha for joining us. that’s been
the absolute pleasure okay, bye everyone! 🙂

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