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Hi, my name is Christian Bates. I’m an osteopath and naturopath and baby expert, at the Perrymount Clinic in Haywards Heath. And here, I want to bring you a top tip to help you and your baby. In today’s video, I
would like to talk about breastfeeding and a very common problem that I see
with the mums that are breastfeeding is actually that they’re not eating enough. And even some mums might be on a diet trying to lose that baby weight. And in fact, if you’re not eating enough and fueling yourself enough, you won’t be producing
the milk which is then satisfying your baby. And the most common group that is
missing from the mothers diet is actually protein and fat. So, mums tend
to eat a lot of carbohydrate. They’re having toast and cakes and things, and if
you’re actually low in protein and carbohydrate, then your breast milk isn’t
bolstered and heavy, and actually you end up getting quite a hungry baby. And after
advising mothers to eat more protein and fat I hear a similar story over time
that the baby is feeling better, feeding longer, less snacky and then
because they’re less snack,y they’re getting a longer sleep between the feeds, and the
mothers are very appreciative of that. So, if you’re having any breastfeeding
problems then I do advise to increase your protein and your fat. If you’ve
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  1. If you're having problems with breastfeeding, or you think you are not producing enough good milk for your baby, have you looked to see if you're eating the right foods? Please leave a comment below.

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