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Brendon Urie is a popular singer as well as
a music artist and a guitarist. In addition, he is a songwriter and a frontman
of a famous band called Panic! at the Disco. A lead singer was born in 1987 and since early
years was interested in the music world and everything that is connected with it. That’s the main reason why he decided to
pursue a professional career in this particular industry and at first, worked as a café singer. In 2004 he became a member of the Panic! at
the Disco. Within a year, the group released the first
album that quickly turned platinum. For now, they can boast of five released albums
with all of them being super successful. Apart from releasing albums, the band also
tours around the world, gathering millions of fans across the globe. And now, we are eager to share some interesting
facts about Urie’s closest people. The father Boyd is a Mormon. That’s why it was such a big shock for him
to hear that his stellar son doesn’t believe in God. In one of the interviews, the celebrity stated
that his dad loves motorcycles, golf and music. He has been married to the one and only love
of his life Grace for many years and together with her parented five kids. The mother Grace is a hypnotherapist. In 2007 she was diagnosed with cancer but
didn’t go to the hospital and instead, healed with the help of meditation, prayer, diet
and homeopathy. She shares a tight bond with a famed son and
in his words, Grace often gives him energy that he needs while performing on stage. The celebrity has four siblings with a brother
Matt being the oldest one. He was delivered in 1978 and works as a financial
advisor. As for his personal life, he is happily married
and raising two kids. A brother Mason was welcomed in 1981. He is very successful professionally, working
as a professor at a University in Hawaii. In addition, he is married and has three children. Kyla is a younger sister, who was born in
1984. She resides in Las Vegas together with a husband,
with whom she gave birth to four kids. The fourth sibling is an older sister named
Kara. Like her sister Kyla, she also lives in Las
Vegas, where she works as a therapist. It is also known that she is married. Coming closer to Urie’s personal life, in
2013 he walked a skin-care enthusiast Sarah Orzechowski down the aisle and ever since
that time the two love birds have been inseparable. The couple met in 2008 and within three years
of dating got engaged. In 2013 they tied the knot officially. It would be interesting to know that despite
the fact that Brendon loves his wife a lot, he doesn’t hide the fact that he is pansexual. According to him, it is all about personality,
not gender. The famous frontman doesn’t have any children
as yet.

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