Taking Charge of Your Health

(airy, regal orchestral music) – [Narrator] Since our
founding over 120 years ago, MedStar Georgetown University
Hospital has been anchored by the medical excellence of Georgetown University Medical Center. We have continued to
thrive over the years, thanks to the trust and support of all those who seek our care, including dignitaries such as John F. Kennedy and his family. Our hospital has grown with the times, and remains committed to providing physical and spiritual comfort in the Jesuit tradition
of cura personalis, care of the whole person. (calming piano music) In July of 2000, Georgetown University Hospital
joined MedStar Health, the largest not-for-profit
healthcare system in the mid-Atlantic region. Today, MedStar Georgetown
University Hospital continues to serve the nation’s capital, the mid-Atlantic region and beyond, offering expertise and the
latest medical treatments for complex diseases. While more and more
people are entrusting us with their care, our facility is aging and
the time to modernize is now. (sweeping, epic orchestral music) Currently under construction, our Medical/Surgical Pavilion will transform the patient experience, and support our caregivers, while also creating shared green space for everyone in the community to enjoy. (helicopter blades whirring) The pavilion will
feature a rooftop helipad that provides immediate and direct access to state-of-the-art operating rooms, and intensive care units for the region’s sickest
and most complex cases. (concerned electronic music) (machines beeping) 32 new operating rooms will offer the latest medical equipment
and imaging technology that will allow medical
students, residents, and fellows to participate in and learn the most advanced
surgical techniques. Away from the operating rooms, the Pavilion will
provide comfortable space and modern amenities for families and loved ones of our patients. (pensive electronic music) Access to the Medical/Surgical
Pavilion will include a new, three-level
underground parking garage. Patients and visitors
will enjoy convenient, direct access into the Pavilion, welcoming them to a
warm and inviting space. An expanded Emergency Department will feature 32 private exam rooms, a large, comfortable waiting room, and design features that
promote a healing environment. (mesmerizing electronic music) Throughout all levels of the Pavilion, the lobbies and patient care areas will be filled with bright, natural light. Our hospital staff will always be present, helping those who need assistance. Through our medical research partnership with Georgetown University, we are on the leading
edge of discovering ways to prevent, detect and treat some of today’s most
critical health conditions. This allows us to bring
innovative care solutions rapidly from the bench to the patient’s bedside. The MedStar Georgetown
Medical/Surgical Pavilion represents our commitment to being a trusted leader in caring for people and advancing health. With the philanthropic support of those who share in our vision, the Pavilion will soon be a reality. This is an exciting time
for MedStar Georgetown, and we thank you for joining us as we bring our world-class
care to a world-class facility. (heartbeat thumping) To learn more, visit

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