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You can reach first of all to my videos Press this red subscribe buttor and then press this bell icon After giving fire to the cream what will be happened? We watch later, untill cream got some heat till then we discuss about its other properties Hello viewers, I’m Memoona Muslima and you’re most welcome to my video you are well familiar with the name of fair& lovley and also familiar with acne, pimples etc… actually acne and pimples are a big issue almost everybody faces this problem in different shape as well. this beauty cream was launched in India 1978 fair & lovely has so many different product about different issues and available in the market Fair & Lovely is sold in over 30 countries worldwide. These include countries across Asia, Middle East and Africa. Fair & Lovely does not contain Alcohol. All the oil & fat used in Fair & Lovely products are of vegetable or synthetic origin only. Fair & Lovely doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. All Fair & Lovely ingredients have been safety cleared and are all approved for cosmetic products as per local regulations. and approved by agencies which work together to protect the skin from darkening and gently, safely lightening the skin. like the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) This has been validated by other cosmetic manufacturers. discussing about acne and pimples I choose this product of fair and lovely anti marks fairness for pimple prone skin this is very amazing thing for acne prone skin according to my experience here are the countless ingredients actually this is an Indian product you can see Mumbai’s postal address here Now let me clear about fair skin what is the fair skin? It doesn’t mean a white or light skin many people confused between fair and white skin fair skin may be dark too. its actually mean a soft and clear spotless skin if you see on this cream’s photo it also not white but fair Here is a approved tick showing it means this cream has been passed derma tested spot block system also given step by step process of how it works it fades pimples in step 1 and prevent pimples from leaving behind marks in step 2 and pimple spot has been invisible in results here is the zero spot meter also given how is the pimple been gone before apply this cream for pimples you should wash your face properly and remeber wash face wheneve you want to use any cream or face mask otherwise irritation could be occured on the face use a good face wash to wash the face otherwise fair and lovely has its own face wash you can use now we learn its right way to apply apply twice a day like so apply cream with finger like this and gently massage in day time secondly try before sleep gently massage and paste like this on the spots and pimples, and leave it as it is… if you do like this, biggest pimples also will be fade overnight, its really amazing It will give you very great feeling now we see that cream which we were hot it didn’t get fire rather melt and flow away there was not any special purpose to give fire it but just for fun Hope in a week you will get results, because I have done experience with it… except of this I’m bringing more videos about pimples and acne so subscribe my channel and press bell icon for video’s notification So viewer, hope you’ll will be liked the video if you have any question or suggestions about video please let me know in comment section if you like the video, then break the LIKE button and have fun with this question which homework is headache for you? Options are: 1: House cleaning 2: carry wheat to the grinder for flour 3: to go market to buy yogurt/curd 4: to make tea for yours mother in law (Saas) 5: or else so hurry up and reply in my pinned comment and have fun with others and know other’s reply so partcipate in this social activity and spread your thoughts further you can suggest a question for next video so see you in the next video, till then Good Bye…

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  1. Hello Sweet Viewers,
    Aaj ka sawal ye hay keh aap ko ghar ke kamon mein se konsa kaam sab se zyada mushkil lagtahay?
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  2. Sister mere umar 18 sal hai… mere face par pimples ha ap muje achi si cream batao plz jis se mera rang white ho jae.. aur pimples bi khatam hojae.. plz abi batao cream ka nam

  3. Hi mere b danon k nishan reh jatay hain aur skin b bohat ruff hai plz memona Mujhe batain k main kya Karon mere 5 kids b hain

  4. Mam plz bta dein k kia oily skin waly jin ko acne b ho jati ha kbi kbi aur acne scars b hn wo morning mai es cream ko use kr sakty hn full face per?

  5. Mje poochna thaa k acne fair lovely cream ko use kase krna hai..mtlb ek baar subha lgana face pr dosri baar face per lga k saath hi pimples pe bh alag se lgani hai…k raat ko direct pimples per lgani hai?.
    Plz reply

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  7. What is Fopobiacne Secrets and how does it work? I hear many individuals get rid of their acne problem with this popular natural acne remedy.

  8. helo mamoona can u tell me my gluta max night cream ky sath loreal white perdect crwam day tym use krskti hu kea myri skin oily r acne prone eh loreal white perfwct sy koi side effect to jinoga

  9. Assalamualaikum warahamattulahi wabarkatuhu
    Sister g mens use kar sakte kya a fair & lovely. Mark anty.
    Dry skin pimples k liye
    A hi lagana ya dosra normal fair & lovely laga sakte

  10. Main nay suna hai k ess main pig ki charbi hoti hai aur camicals bi hotay hain please jwab zror dain i m worried

  11. mam main yeh cream istamal karta hun mere face par kil hain or jab cream lagata hun to boht kharash hoti hai is liye yeh pushna tha kya waja hai or kya karna chahiye

  12. Hi there, I want to know if Fopobiacne Secrets, will really work for me? I see lots of people keep on speaking about this popular acne remedy.

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