Taking Charge of Your Health

Eric Bakker, the naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back. Going to talk about dishwasher detergents. Everybody washes dishes. Do you use a dishwashing machine or do you
hand wash? Think about it carefully, what I’m going to
say. It’s interesting. Have you ever thought about how your gut could
be affected by the chemicals in dishwashing liquid? Why not shift to a more natural kind of a
product? After all, a lot of us are looking at plastics
and chemicals, environment, and things like that, but how many people are really thinking
about the chemicals on their plate, on their cutlery, on their glasses, things that are
left over, residue. So what you’ll find is many common dishwasher
liquids use chemicals like surfactants which break down the grease and the grime, and they
have to do that otherwise you’ll end up with just really greasy plates, won’t you? But some dishwashing liquids also contain
chemicals like the one I’m going to show you here, Triclosan, like this one here for example. Okay. Now that’s actually an antibacterial substance
that’s found in some soaps, dishwashing liquids, and chemical cleansing products. You don’t really want the Triclosan in your
product. It’s not nice to have that in there. I just read this interesting study from 2000
in an academic journal showing that Triclosan is actually linked with MRSA, or antibiotic
resistant bacterial problems that they find in hospitals. That’s right. So just be really careful when you’re using
these sort of antibacterial products because you could end up wrecking parts of the microbiome
and getting all sorts of problems. A study also showed that children whose parents
or caregivers were actually hand washing dishes had a considerably lower, or less allergies,
than children whose parents were relying on using a dishwasher machine. So just be careful again. If you’re going to be washing your dishes,
which you probably will, try and go for a more natural kind of product without these
chemicals in them, or these harsh chemicals anyway. And it could end up really saving you down
the track considerably in terms of your microbiome. Just food for thought. Have a think about it. Thanks for checking out the video. I appreciate it.

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