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Namaste Sir. I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Centre! What is your name sir? My name is Kulinder Singh. And where did you come from? I basically belong to Punjab and my home town is in Mohali near Airport. What was your health concern due to which you contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan in Planet Ayurveda? Sir I work in ITV, it’s a government job and every year, each employee has to go through a medical checkup and in 2008 suddenly I got to know that I am suffering from HbsAg (Hepatitis B) through my blood test. They advised me to go for treatment in PGI Hospital. Since 2008 I have been taking treatment from there. I even took a tablet daily for few days which costs around Rs. 400 and 500 and that medicine is made in USA. I have been taking it because I wanted to be fine but I didn’t find any positive result. I got upset with the expenses as the government has been giving me reimbursement for my treatment but for how long they will do that so I thought to stop those medicines. Let it be what would happen. I stopped my treatment for two years and between this, someone told me about Baba Ramdev that their medicine might be effective. I took medicine from there as well for about 1 year but I found no positive result. So I didn’t go anywhere for the treatment during one and a half year. I got to know about Planet Ayurveda through my father but I was little dicey. Yes we totally understand your concern because you have been taking medication through different places for so long. So you were thinking about taking chance in Planet Ayurveda as well!! Yes. I heard about Planet Ayurveda and I searched a lot regarding it. I thought as I have tried many different treatment centers, why not to take treatment from here as well. You have to show your trust where you starts the treatment from in order to get fine. I came here for a try and when I came here I had a test report of Lal Path’s Lab from Chandigarh and according to that test report, my viral load was around 26000-27000 and that was too because I took so many medicines, else it would be higher than that. Alright. You mean it was in that level because you have been already taking so many different treatments. It was not coming down and even it was on that level because I followed so much precautions. The time I came here and met Dr Vikram Chauhan, he said it’s not such a big disease. We’ll cure it. After hearing his words I felt good because other doctors used to say this disease doesn’t have permanent cure so you have to take medicines lifelong. So I used to think that I cannot afford the medicine for rest of my life. But I came here and they gave me so much faith and I decided to give a try. Initially doctor told me to take medicines for first three months. My treatment had been started in January 2018 and after taking three months of medication my viral load went down to 1651, as came in my recent test report of that time. The report shows that earlier it was around 27000 and than it went so much down to 1651. Then I started getting trust and I began to think that I will continue my treatment. Doctor told me that you have to take these medicines for not more than a year. And I made up my mind that if in case I have to take the medicine for more than a year, I will definitely have it. Whereas in allopathic treatment, you have to take lifelong medication. Yes, the second time I went for a blood test, it came down to 300. From 27000 to 1651 and now its 300 only. Then after three months it went down to 256. And this one is my latest report which shows it’s negative. Doctor told me to stop taking medicines now. Even before coming here I showed this report to some other doctor and he amazingly told me that according to this report you don’t have hepatitis. Its negative now, nobody can say that you have hepatitis by looking at these reports. Today I came here. Doctor Sahib (sir) was very happy and gave me blessings and I am also very happy to come here in Planet Ayurveda as I got cured completely. Doctor told me that you don’t need to take medicine anymore but I asked doctor that I want to take these medicines for one more month on my own will. The medicine is not that costly too. I even took an allopathic medicine which costs Rs. 400 on daily basis from PGI Hospital like 12000 in total of that one medicine, besides this there were many more medicines as well. And beside this you did not find any improvement…Right? Yes. Every month I used to take medicines which cost around Rs. 14000-15000 but still no improvement. And Ayurvedic medicines which I took from Planet Ayurveda were not at all costly. I am so happy that I have come here. So did the doctor tell you to take any precautions? Yes they did. Do you want to share any tips with our viewers? Well the day I started taking medication I took so much precautions as doctor told me that during this disease the liver becomes very weak and appetite decreases. You shouldn’t take that diet which ultimately causes harm to your liver. So I always prefer to take light diet like juices and all. But honestly speaking I didn’t give up on every food. But you have to take precaution in this disease. We should be strict on our diet but where I work, I wasn’t able to take precautions. That I understand but you have controlled a little? I did able to take 50% precautions only at the time when I decided that I wanted to be cured. As I have to frequently move all over India due to my job profile and sometimes you didn’t find the food which was recommended and had to eat the food which was advised to be avoided. The Ayurvedic medicines are very effective. During these 11 years from 2008 until 2019, I took 8 years medication from PGI and 1 year from Baba Ramdev and then I stopped taking medicines for 1 year and after taking Ayurvedic medicines from Planet Ayurveda for 1 year only, I am totally fine now Sir your trust has been built on Planet Ayurveda and now how will you make our viewers to believe on Planet Ayurveda? What would be your message for them? I would say that people having any disease or hepatitis B, you should come here. Being a localite when I used to come here, my turn usually came after 10 to 11 patients due to so much rush here. And earlier I used to see people here with having so many disease like liver cirrhosis and even I have seen those patients whom other doctor told them for liver transplant and some patients used to come over wheelchair for the first time and the second time I saw the same patient walked on their own so I realized if they can be treated here so surely I would be treated so early. I mean to say that if any person suffering from hepatitis or liver problem believes me, take medicines for one year from Planet Ayurveda. I can assure them that they will be cured completely. My 11 year long disease has been cured in just one year as you can see my reports. Even I requested Doctor Sahib (Sir) for making my video regarding my experience. I would say every person that wants to be cured then he or she should be supposed to come here, no need to go anywhere. And their procedure in order to avail medicine is very simple, if first time you take away medicines from their clinic then the second time you don’t need to come here you can simply order medicines online, they will deliver your medicines at your door step. Our medicines are being delivered all over the world. Yes obviously if the quality of the medicine would be authentic then only people are buying from such distant places. Thank you so much sir for giving your time and sharing such essential information with our viewers. Thank you !!

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