Taking Charge of Your Health

Did you know that you can actually see a naturopathic doctor online? I’ve actually found more and more that many people living in smaller towns so not have access to the services that we do living in a larger city. And because of this, they’re not getting access to the care that they deserve. So I started my telemedicine practice in order to support a larger community. And in the process, I I surprisingly found out that it was actually very convenient for many of my local clients as well. They didn’t need to spend a chunk of their day driving in traffic, finding parking. They could just fire up their laptop wherever they were and instantly have access to me. We off naturopathic telemedicine consults throughout Ontario. Let me take you through the process. First, we would do an initial consultation so I can fully understand your story and everything that’s going on in your world. From there, we would then decide if there was any specific laboratory exams that may be necessary. And if so, I’m able to write you a requisition and email it to you to have the labs processed at a local lab near you. So if you’ve hit a plateau in your health, and if you really want to invest in your health, I highly recommend that you reach out to a naturopathic doctor. You deserve to feel healthy, not just okay. Currently, OHIP does not cover naturopathic therapies, but most extended healthcare companies do. So if you have extended healthcare companies, most of the time, you’ll be covered up until a certain amount. Much the same way that extended healthcare companies cover therapies like chiropractic, physiotherapy, and optometry. If you’re interested in booking an appointment, please click the link or, book directly at

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