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Can you trust Kurzgesagt videos? To answer this question,
we’ll first explain how we research them and then talk a bit about past videos, and what we want to achieve with the channel. Making a Kurzgesagt video
always begins with a question or an issue. For example, after our meat video, many viewers asked about the health effects of meat on humans. We had no idea, and were pretty curious too, so we just decided to work on it. The first step is research. We start by looking for books
and scientific papers to get an overview, and just read a lot. The plan is to find a story worth telling. Is there something surprising to learn? Is there a larger context or a new perspective, or will it be an overview or introduction? Once we have the first readable version, we reach out to experts or scientists, and ask them to fact check and correct us. Often enough, they find a flaw or point us in the direction of contradictory research. At this point, many scripts die. If our idea does hold up, we continue working on it. This process can take weeks or months. Our Loneliness script, for example,
took over a year and a half to finish. The hardest part is being brief,
while not simplifying too much. It’s much easier to
write a long script than a short one. When we’re finally done, we do another round of research
and show the script to experts again, ideally different ones than the ones we talked to at the beginning of the process. When we express an opinion, we mark it as such. That’s not saying that we don’t
draw conclusions from the research. Homeopathy does not work,
and meat is really bad for the planet. Climate change is real, but organic food
is not a good way of solving it. If the facts clearly support a conclusion,
it’s OK to present it as such. Of course, we can’t always make everybody happy. People who know a lot about a topic sometimes get annoyed if we don’t mention an aspect they think is crucial, or when we omit technical terms. This is, more or less, unsolvable
because of the nature of our videos. Scripts have around 1,300 words, so there’s always some degree of simplification. You will always find a list of our research and sources and further reading material in the video description. Just citing sources doesn’t make your work
accurate or your research good though, so we encourage you to use our sources document as a starting point to look at the topic yourself and learn more. But, it would be dishonest to say
that we’ve always worked this way. Some older videos don’t live up
to the standards we set ourselves today. The two that annoy us the most
are the Refugee and Addiction videos. In both of them, we didn’t try to present a balanced perspective, but instead chose a take and ran with it. The Refugee video was made with a deep feeling
of angry frustration about the world at the high point of the 2015 refugee crisis. While we argued over quotas,
dead children washed ashore on our coastlines. The script was written on one Sunday afternoon, and illustrated and animated within a week. It was exhausting, stressful, and frustrating. We still believe it was the right thing
for European countries to help, but it was absolutely unnecessary
to be toxic about it. We insulted people, and brushed away their concerns
about real and profound challenges. The video was divisive and emotional, at a time when the debate needed a calm and clear overview. The addiction video was based on only one source that has amassed a lot of criticism over the years. And, unfortunately, we did not reach out to scientists, or do extra research, on the papers
that were the basis for the video’s thesis. That, addiction is purely psychological and based
on the life circumstances of the individual. This stance is still held by a number of addiction professionals, and we’re not saying it’s wrong, but a lot of others disagree, and it’s not correct to present it as -the- truth. Addiction is far from solved
and our videos should have reflected that, instead of taking one side. We simplified an idea so much, that it made a great story, but became distorting. Both videos were made over the span of two months, and they’re two of our most successful videos to date. We had found a formula that really worked. But we never made anything like them again, and have been discussing how to deal
with them for a long time. It doesn’t help that both videos are loved by many people. We want to be proud of our work, and these two videos don’t make us proud. So, today, we deleted them. It won’t purge them from the Internet, but that’s not the goal anyway. Feel free to upload them elsewhere. We’re working on a new addiction video that we’ll take a look
at the chemical and psychological causes. We’ll take our sweet time with it,
so please have patience. The refugee video is not up-to-date anymore,
so we will not renew it. We’re also going through our older videos to add sources, further reading, and comments in the next few months. Nowadays, rather than trusting in mainstream institutions, we often look at creators on the Internet
for reliable information. We rely on the fact that they’re careful and rigorous, and not led by monetary incentives. And we expect them to acknowledge mistakes
in public, and work to minimize them. So, this is what we’re going to do: Trust is not a thing you earn once and then keep forever. You have to constantly work for it. So can you trust Kurzgesagt? You can trust that every video we make
is thoroughly researched and approved by different experts. You can trust that we know that we have biases,
and we try to overcome them. We want to move Kurzgesagt further
towards the trustworthy end of the spectrum. The world is too complex for simple answers,
and we don’t want to be the ones giving them. Making these videos over the last six years
has been quite a ride, and we’re very grateful for it. We hope you’ll be with us for the next few years, too. And join us on our journey to figure out
what this universe and life stuff is all about. Thank you for watching.

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  1. Do you want to talk with us about this video? We’ll do a sort of Q&A or AMA or whatever in our subreddit:

    The Addiction and the Refugee videos will be online for 12 more hours before we delete them. This should be enough time for enough people to download them. Feel free to upload them elsewhere, but NOT on Youtube and NOT on Facebook. We’ll take them down on those two platforms because we don’t want people to monetize them or use them as viral content. Everywhere else is ok though!

  2. I love this channel but in my opinion it can't be trustd. In this day and age its easy to mislead people with cartoons that put things so simply and in a calm reassuring manner. Your "The egg" video is an interesting video and neat story but theres absolutely nothing biblical about it. I'm almost 40, at this age, I've come to realize the only truth on this planet is contained soley in the scriptures of the bible. Your video has great potential to make someone think they wont be held accountable for their actions in life, thus removing responsibility from one. I assure you if I, you, or all of us are Hitler, we should dress very light because Hell will be our eternal destination after we take our last breath. We are all well aware that in life, you will answer for your actions and reactions in everything you do, those are the consequences. What makes anyone think that in the afterlife you wont?

  3. Gerçekten başarıyı hak ediyorsunuz. Videolarınız oldukça başarılı. Türkçe alt yazı da ihmal edilmiyor. Perfect!

  4. No one's perfect and thank you for acknowledging your mistakes and promising to do better because your videos are awesome. Very researched and analyzed and keep my simple brain engaged with the cool animations, LOL. You guys rock and I will continue to watch you guys.

  5. I love Kurzgesagt because it helps me prove my point of existential crisis to friends and colleagues. It's always fun to be right and be backed by tons of research on the death of everything as we know it.

  6. I have to say it is impressive to see the admittance of mistakes and that, gasp, like all of us it happens. Favorite quote: "I don't blame people for their mistakes, I just ask that they fix them."

  7. I really need to say thank you for making this videos, the way you explain created my big instrest for science, natural selection and genetics, ill probably join a little science club in my town now!

  8. Wow! This channel is amazing, sometimes I read the headline, and it doesn't sound interesting but when I finish to watch the video, I stay like wow that was amazing!

  9. To be very fair, a good chunk of the people angry at the immigration video were the same type of people who got really angry about the United States joining the Allies and not the Axis.

  10. why don't you maintain the videos and mark them with V1.0, V1.5 so future versions can let us know what was the update about, while we can see you grow out of this process? What is the point to delete something you may change your mind in 5 years again…? Lovely work.

  11. Should viewers be concerned that all of your video conclusions support the elite ruling class agenda? Is that a coincidence? Is that why you are doing "You can trust us, wink, wink, video"?

  12. Watch YouTube archives video on this video, type in can you trust Kurzgesagt and scroll down, there icon is a normal Y background, like this so people can see the truth

  13. TWO thing that i can trust please reply kurzgesagt 1: tell me the name voice actors 2: where are you from?

  14. Found the channel a week ago in my recommendations (with YouTube nowadays… crazy, right?) And I absolutely love it! Fascinating, thank you for your work and this video in particular that show us… You

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