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cancer cure with black seeds oil what
you need to know about black seed oil cancer treatment back seeds also called
black human are the seeds of the Nigella sativa flowering plant commonly known as
fennel flower black seeds in the oil pressed from them have been used in
traditional medical systems in different cultures for centuries flaxseed oil is
very therapeutic when taken internally it can help counteract many diseases it
has been found to have anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects in rats
studies done on humans are lacking but black seed oil has been used on cancer
patients in traditional systems of medicine since antiquity suppresses
growth in multiple types of cancer a study published in oncology Letters in
2010 found that few daily doses of crude extra-virgin black seed oil inhibited
the growth of cancer tumors in the colon lungs esophagus and for stomach in rats
this was the case both in rats giving doses at 50 milligrams per kilogram of
body weight and 200 milligrams per kilogram of body weight the study
concluded that black seed oil has Karsa no preventive and chemo preventative
potential which means it could possibly be used to prevent cancer and lessen the
need for chemotherapy in the early stage of cancer due to its ability to suppress
the proliferation of cancer cells suppresses tumor growth in another study
published in the Brazil Journal of medical and biological research in 2007
scientists induced cancerous tumors in rats to find the extent to which black
seed oil could suppress their growth they injected the oil directly into
tumors on wraps every day for 30 days and did not treat the control group by
the end of the study the control group had tumors about 2.5 centimeters in size
whereas the tumors and treated rats were just two-tenths of a centimeter Visser
reveals more compelling evidence supporting the potential role of black
seed oil in preventing the need for chemotherapy and cancer patients daemul
canola is a potential cancer therapy drug the most active medicinal compound
in black seed oil is called die mocha known in a study published in molecular
cancer therapeutics in 2008 scientists injected a low dose of final
key known into cancerous human prostate tumor cells in a petri dish the
proliferation of the tumor cells stopped with no toxic side effects no new blood
vessels formed within the tumors and they stopped growing in size the
scientists concluded that daemul can own stop
tumor growth in humans and claim it as potential as a drug for cancer therapy
safety considerations according to an article published in 2011 in the
American Journal of Chinese medicine multiple studies have confirmed there
are no long-term side effects of taking black seed oil or thigh mocha known
orally on a regular basis while there are no known side effects when taken in
small quantities regularly daily doses of 2 grams per kilogram caused liver and
kidney damage and rats so high doses may also be unsafe for humans also black
seed oil may have interactions with certain drugs so it’s important to
consult with your doctor before taking black seed oil if you’re on any
medications side effects of black seed more commonly referred to as black seed
black cumin or fennel flower Nigella sativa is a flowering plant used in
herbal or folk medicine it’s said to have a number of beneficial properties
for your health it can lessen inflammation relieve pain fight
infections and reduce fevers black seed is also thought to prevent them inhibit
the development and metastasis of neoplastic sounds associated with cancer
however scientific evidence is limited on its efficacy and safety and black
seed may cause side effects in some people you should always talk to your
doctor before taking this or any other herbal supplement to treat a medical
condition contact dermatitis one potential side effect of black seed is
contact dermatitis contact dermatitis has an adverse reaction to either an
allergen or irritant simply touching black seed may cause a red rash along
the skin this rash is often accompanied by an itching sensation it may also
result in blistering pain or tenderness isolated to the exposure site
hypotension the Memorial sloan-kettering Cancer Center cautions that black seed
can lower blood pressure to the point of hypotension
especially if you’re currently taking a diuretic or antihypertensive medication
the drop in blood pressure impedes the transport of oxygen to the brain heart
and other organs this can result in fatigue nausea blurred vision shallow
breathing dizziness lightheadedness and loss of consciousness
if blood pressure gets too low it may be life-threatening pregnancy women who are
pregnant shouldn’t take blackseed for any purpose according to the Memorial
sloan-kettering Cancer Center this is largely due to the fact that the herb
may affect the smooth muscle contractions of the uterus further
assessment is necessary to determine exactly how this can affect pregnancy so
it’s best to avoid this substance when expecting a child adverse interactions
flaxseed is also known to adversely interact with both chemotherapy
medications and radiation according to the Memorial sloan-kettering Cancer
Center since it may act like an antioxidant in the body this herbal
supplement can decrease the efficacy of standard cancer treatments other
allergic reactions as with almost any herbal supplement there’s the potential
for an allergic reaction from ingestion unlike contact dermatitis this allergic
reaction isn’t isolated to the skin it may cause swelling of the lips tongue
throat or face as well as difficulty breathing a tingling sensation in the
mouth hives dizziness nausea vomiting diarrhea and
abdominal cramping other benefits of black cumin seed oil the black seed
known as the black cumin seed encase is an important medicinal oil that been
used for centuries in Arabian African and Asian countries it is indigenous to
modern researchers validating as many traditional uses for diseases like
asthma according to a 2003 issue of phytotherapy researching metabolic
syndrome notes the internet Journal of pharmacology black cumin seed also goes
by its Latin name Nigella sativa the oil is extracted
concentrated and packaged most commonly as gelcap allergic diseases allergic
disease encompasses conditions such as allergic rhinitis a chronic or seasonal
expression of symptoms such as a runny nose itchy watery eyes
and a scratchy throat among other signs asthma an atopic dermatitis conditions
such as asthma the 2003 phytotherapy research journal article supplemented
study participants with 40 to 80 milligrams / kg / day of the seed oil it
was concluded that subjective allergic symptoms decreased over the course of
treatment while the study did not definitively define how black seed oil
produced the beneficial results a Memorial sloan-kettering Cancer Center
describes some of its effects as anti-inflammatory immunomodulatory and
antioxidant rich liver protection the liver is a vital organ that assists with
the metabolism of food the production of proteins necessary for fluid balance and
immune function and detoxification when it is diseased due to infection alcohol
and dietary abuse or radiation the need for transplant or surgery may leave a
person susceptible to a common complication known as hepatic is coming
a rep refusin injury it is an inflammatory response that causes
further damage to the liver according to a 2008 Medical News Today article the
antioxidant in hepatoprotective effects of black seed oil notes the information
website of Memorial sloan-kettering Medical Center have made it a very
viable choice in conditions where this complication is expected medical news
today notes that the seed oil has no side effects and suggests that it may
improve survival rates metabolic syndrome metabolic syndrome is an
increasing issue in the Western world it is characterized as abdominal obesity
high blood pressure dis lipedema in the pre-diabetic State it is a prelude to
many chronic and life-threatening diseases such as diabetes and heart
disease in the Internet Journal of pharmacology notes that the black cumin
seed oil improves many parameters of this condition it is suggested as an
effective adjunctive therapy to conventional treatment as a 2.5
milliliters twice per day doze improved parameters of waist or hip ratio HDL
cholesterol triglycerides fasting blood glucose and blood pressure these are the top five foods you need to
add to your daily meals to fight cancer vitamins and supplements are there to
help prevent cancer those who are at risk of developing skin cancer would
probably just stay inside instead of enjoying the summer vacation luckily you
don’t need to do all these things to the extreme to reduce your risk of cancer
you can stay safe by simply stocking your fridge with foods that can help you
avoid the deadly disease number one garlic one of the healthiest spices on
the planet garlic is rich in sulfur which is a
compound with the ability to stimulate the natural defense of the body against
cancer adding garlic to everything you eat can help reduce growth of tumors
especially for people who already have cancer
number two tomatoes start fighting cancer with red tomatoes cooked tomatoes
are add them to your meals and you can get lycopene this carotenoid is
especially good from them as lycopene can lower the risk of developing
prostate cancer they also have alpha DOMA team of phytonutrients that can
change the metabolic activity of cancer cells and can activate programmed cell
death or apoptosis and prostate cancer cells number three broccoli who probably
heard about broccoli being dubbed as a superfood and for the right reasons it
can prevent cancer and other diseases in so many ways you should definitely eat
these greens is that can give you plenty of flavonoids that can strengthen the
body’s defenses against diseases including chronic ones make sure you
avoid microwaving it eat a saw or steam it microwaving this vegetable can
destroy up to 97% of its cancer fighting agents number four grapes
these fruits especially the red one had resveratrol an antioxidant resveratrol
has been a subject of many tests and studies and has been discovered as an
anti mutagen this active compound can reduce death of cells which is often
caused by oxidative stress due to toxins in the body eating a lot of grapes can
reduce both precancerous growths and cancers in the body number five
marek turmeric as curcumin which has been proven by many studies to be
affected in fighting free radicals in the body that can alter the DNA of
normal cells curcumin is an antioxidant that can reduce formations of tumors and
cell death eating turmeric regularly can help lower risk for prostate lung breast
and colon cancers other foods you should start eating to remain free from cancer
are carrots foods rich in fiber grains berries citrus fruits walnuts salmon
spinach the American Cancer Society recommends that people eat at least five
servings of healthy foods particularly fruits and vegetables staying at a
healthy weight exercising regularly and avoiding junk foods can help you remain
free from the grasp of cancer for life

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