Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi. I’m Shannon Burford and I’m the Director
of Cura Integrative Medicine. It is a clinic that uses evidenced-based herbal and nutritional
medicine and naturopathy for health. You’re probably watching this because you’re
looking for help for yourself or a family member who’s been diagnosed with cancer. There
is so much information available, but where do you start? What’s the most current evidence
for natural medicine? What are the interactions between the medicines?
I’m glad you’re listening and I’d like to help you understand the current research on
cancer. It’s important to get professional advice for such a devastating diagnosis.
Before we go any further, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a scientist,
naturopath, master herbalist, nutritionist, lecturer and author, and I’ve helped thousands
of people worldwide. You may be receiving mixed messages from family,
friends, doctors, and other health professionals. It might be overwhelming, and I’d like to
offer a supportive role to help you with the effective and correct use of natural therapies.
It’s important to tailor a treatment to you as an individual and support you through the
journey. I recommend looking at a combination … emotional health, toxic load, diet, lifestyle,
and even your epigenetic expressions. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer,
currently having radiotherapy or chemotherapy, or you’ve even finished treatment, I’d like
to help you. Visit the webpage for more information and get in touch. I’m looking forward to helping

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