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67 thoughts on “Cancer Treatment: Brachytherapy

  1. This great….but we need diseases pathology to understand it 3d ……

    Ttt is seen 3d in the hospital but pathophysiology …is not seen

    Thanks our favorite nucleus medcine

  2. Hypothermia is not a disease in which your body temeprature drops too low. If it does you will die

  3.  as usual another wonderful video
    you help many people and you do a great service for medical students and doctors all over the world and who does not thank people does not thank Allah so thank you very much
    go on
    may Allah bless you thanks again

  4. I have fibroids and doctor has recommend to remove my womb,I had the first fibroid removed during a cs session.I have heavy menstration am very scared

  5. I have fibroids and doctor has recommend to remove my womb,I had the first fibroid removed during a cs session.I have heavy menstration am very scared.

  6. Did you know ultrasound probe goes up 9" your dirt chute during this procedure? Yeah, they don't tell you that beforehand in these cute neat clean videos. You shit yourself clean for them. Then you get double penetration but you can't enjoy it. Watch videos, your clit gets rather hard and large though. It does know. So does your brain.

  7. we know radiation causes cancer yet we use it to destroy cancer cells this is SELF destructive this therapy should be called cancer breeding therapy

  8. good about the awareness for cancer. People should be aware of it and make the best precautions to save them. To know more <>

  9. But radiations may damage normal cell DNA also.. Which might again lead to irregular division of other kind of cells..

  10. I'm sitting in UCLA Hospital as I write this. My 96 year old mother has 13 catheters inserted into the cancer in her tongue. She will get 2 doses of radiation for 4-5 days. No external radiation is necessary. UCLA is one of only 5 places in the world that do this.

  11. have a healthy life…i know its impossible. eat loads of vit c and turmeric cancer cells will recover.

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  14. really good video clear explanation. along with this, you can watch this cancer symptoms:

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  21. Wouldn't this be really risky since the pellet might even emit radiation to the surrounding cells, and even cause more cancer before the main tumour is removed?

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  28. Excruciating pain and massive scar tissue as a result of this procedure. They don't tell you that. I don't think I could go through it again. And pain meds did very little to help. Im still here but because of it I'm still living with the side effects that they didn't tell me would happen and my quality of life has forever been affected.

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