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if you have cancer [your] doctor may recommend Chemotherapy as part of your treatment The Cell’s Nucleus controls this process Inside each nucleus genetic material called Dna contains the instructions for directing this process sometimes the cells Dna becomes damaged Normally the DNa responds by either repairing itself or instructing the cell to die in cancer however the parts of the cells Dna that [directs] cell division become damaged When these sections are damaged the DnA is unable to repair itself or cause the cell to die Instead the unrepaired Dna causes the cell to grow and divide uncontrollably into more damaged cells called cancer cells a tumor forms as the cancer cells multiply and displace the normal cells As the tumor enlarges it develops its own blood supply Since cancer cells do not stick together as well as normal cells. They may break away and enter a nearby blood vessel Cancer cells in blood vessels may travel to other areas of your body and form additional tumors. This is called Metastasis additional tumors may form in areas such as the lungs liver and bones Another way cancer may spread to other areas of your body is through your lymphatic system cancer cells may enter Lymph vessels near the tumor Then travel to small glands called Lymph nodes if the cells pass through the nodes They may continue to travel through your lymphatic system and form additional tumors Chemotherapy drugs work by targeting fast-growing and reproducing cells [a] characteristic common to cancer cells The tumor Shrinks as the cells stop dividing and die most chemotherapy drugs work systemically as they travel throughout your body in your bloodstream as they circulate the drugs damaged metastatic cancer cells in other organs unfortunately chemotherapy drugs cannot tell the difference between Fast-growing normal cells and cancer cells as a result these drugs also damage Or irritate some of your fast-growing normal cells such as those in your bone marrow digestive system and Hair follicles Death Irritation or damage to these normal cells produces [side-effects] such [as] a weakened immune system Nausea and Hair loss the goal of Chemotherapy is to reduce or eliminate cancer cells in the original tumor and any sites of Metastasis In addition to being a primary cancer treatment doctors often use chemotherapy as a secondary treatment before during or after other primary cancer treatments such as [radiation] therapy or surgical excision of a tumor Depending on the location and type of [cancer] you may receive chemotherapy drugs intended to circulate throughout your body including pills capsules or liquids taken orally and Intravenous or intramuscular injections Alternatively you may receive drugs delivered only to the area of the tumor One local method delivers drugs to your bladder or chest through narrow Tubes called Catheters Another local method injects drugs into the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding your brain and spinal Cord A third local method places slowly dissolving wafers into an area where a tumor was removed In most cases you will receive a number of different chemotherapy drugs to increase their effectiveness [you] may receive many chemotherapy treatments spread out over a period of weeks or months? This allows your body to recover between treatments and to kill as many cancer cells as possible common side effects of chemotherapy include hair loss nausea decreased appetite fatigue anemia bruising and diarrhea It is important to rest Eat Nutritious foods and take medications prescribed by your doctor to reduce or minimize these side-effects

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  1. cancer treatment is a personal thing. it is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. younger people are more likely to survive the chemo treatment than older people.

  2. Cancer is a man made disease, science proves it, of course it was withdrawn as "sorry we were wrong", Billions of $'s go into brainwashing the public. Anyone who has someone ill to this disease can only blame its prevention and treatment on current medical establishment who profit form someones misfortune. Look up "garlic, or turmeric, or sugar influence on cancer, or mushrooms on cancer, fermented foods on cancer, juicing vegetables. Each one of them will prevent/cure many cases of cancer ( Its not a promise, as each case is different, you chug 10 cases of beer every nite, or eat 3 steaks a day, you need to change more than what I mention) . You eat healthy organic non meat unprocessed foods and combine what I have mentioned with exercise and balanced real diet, you will NEVER fear cancer ever again

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  4. కిడ్నీఫంక్షన్ తో బాధ పడుతున్నరా,కిడ్నీలు రెండు ఫెయిల్ అయినా, డయాలాసిస్ అనేది అవసరం లేకుండా ఒకటే మార్గం అమెరికా వారి      నాచ్చురల్ " ఇమునోధెరఫీ " ఇది శాశ్వత పరిష్కారం.
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  5. Questions and answers to expand knowledge and gain more experience to prevent and better treat:
    – Where do the substances cause cancer? Is exist in people or appear from?
    – Why is it causing the phenomenon of exhaustion?
    – What substances in cancer cells cause the experience of absorbing nutrients to deplete the body?

  6. Is there any method for early and simple identification or reducing the cost of treatment or "supporting the cost of treatment" for patients? Or prevent cancer cells in treatment? x

  7. The chemo drug is new uses for cancer causing agents used in agent orange. When i See "Fight Cancer" Ads or spam mail about fighting cancer or bands and celebrities posting about fighting cancer= when the truth is already known. We should hold companies accountable for poisoning our food water and air with cancer causing agents first. And stop eating the garbage. And sue them for all the people they have poisoned. Conspiracy Crew Centrist Political Scream HATED TRUTH Makes me sick. Address the problem not band aid the effect instead of the cause. And act like its not real.

  8. People who have cancer, this time will pass and you will be cured soon. You will be stronger💪 💪Way stronger and you will have a story to tell the world. Just hang in there. We all love you❤️💪

  9. There will never be a cure of cancer. it is part of our DNA. All of our bodies fight cancer every single day. Getting cancer comes down to a weak immune system or doing things to make your immune system weak.

  10. Yesterday my closed one is passed away due to cancer he is only 48 yrs old…and they did not somke not addict for alchol smke drug and all but cancer attacts to her body her lung liver kidneys arms lega stomach everything is damged its very difficult time to us for build up and her wife countinously crying he is very strong person he have two young sons. Cancer is not just only cause of smoke sometimes our fate with not us i think we all have bad fate thats why we lost her…Miss u every time 😔 i cant express my emotions…and he done with 40 chemotheorpy from last 3 year and radition too but they dont prove useful us

  11. if any body would like to donate some to my situation i would really appreciate it

  12. one of the method of curing cancerogenic cells is soaking them advanced syringe devices and at the same time injecting stem cells …but this method may be dangerous ,cause failure of the organ ,it depends ,experiments should be done on rats… a doctor may initiate this process with radiotherapy for some days and then stem cell transfusion technique …same thing about blood cancer … you need to completely transfuse his blood with donated one…from the left arm soaking and from the right feeding him … at same time…

  13. I have a classmate that got diagnosed with leukemia 2 weeks ago I don’t really know him that well but he is extremely kind and this is a story about that.

    A couple days after he got diagnosed he was visited by some people from the Make A Wish Foundation, if you don’t know what it is look it up. Basically he could have wished to see anyone he wanted go on a vacation anywhere he wanted or even get a truck ready for him when he turned 16, but instead he said he wanted to give blankets and food to all of the homeless people in the city he lives in.

  14. Anyone off world have affiliation by cancer causing . i am praying in the name of Jesus and his mighty hand with will touch you and completely heal Ameen

  15. I'm 12 and I think I have anal cancer. I don't know what to do. when I go for a shit, loads of blood comes out. I'm scared. it could just be a haemorrhoid but if it is cancer then I will just die. I don't need to live anyways.

  16. Medical mafia and bureaucrats are holding on cancer research so that only pharmaceutical companies and hospitals can profit from huge misery cancer creates. Solving problems would crush their money.

  17. कैंसर क्या है और इसका आयुर्वेदिक ईलाज क्या है पढ़िए – Khabro Ka Raj Aap Tak –

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