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Mouth ulcers also known as canker sores or aphthous ulcers they can be surprisingly painful but the good news is I’m going
to teach you how to treat it mouth ulcers have painful sores inside
the mouth they’re usually red or yellow leaving a
crater where pain sensors are more exposed now if you’re unsure that you’ve
got a mouth ulcer I’ve left some great links in the description below which
have loads of pictures and descriptions which will help you now some of the
causes include oral trauma, hormone changes, iron deficiencies,
vitamin deficiencies and even genetic factors now I’ll leave the full list in
the description below as well as when you should seek medical attention
I’d recommend everyone to read this now the good news is that most mouth ulcers
heal by themselves within 10 to 14 days but I know they can be super
uncomfortable so if you want to try something to help get rid of the pain
here’s treatments and preventions so treatment number one steroid lozenges
these are quite effective at relieving the pain and they may also make the
mouth ulcer heal quicker treatment two chlorhexidine mouthwash
now this isn’t effective at helping to relieve the pain however it can help the
mouth ulcer recover quicker and also prevent it from becoming infected now it
is important to remember that if you’re using chlorhexidine mouthwash regularly
it can stain the teeth brown but it’s not usually permanent and there are ways
that you can reduce the risk of this I’ll leave more information about this in the
description below now my top tip whether you do use chlorhexidine mouthwash or
steroid lozenges whichever remember to use it as soon as you start to feel the
mouth also developing that way it has the best chance of preventing it from
developing fully and also speeds up recovery time now the next treatments
don’t really prevent the mouth ulcer from fully forming instead they’re more
useful for pain relief so these include soothing protective pastes, paracetamol,
ibuprofen, numbing sprays and mouth washes which include benzydamine
and also saltwater mouthwashes now I’ll leave more information in the
description below on how to prepare this and as always with all medication
always read the information leaflet and speak to your pharmacist to make sure that you’re
suitable to use it now apart from treatments did you know that there are
there are various things that you can actually avoid which
cause mouth ulcers so for example don’t bite the inside of your cheeks and
speak to your dentist about badly fitting braces, badly fitting dentures,
rough fillings and sharp teeth and other things you can do are brushing your
teeth gently using a soft bristled toothbrush, avoid irritating toothpastes
and also try to stress less if you can now I’ll leave some really useful links in
the description below which teach you techniques on how to do this if you want
read it and also try to get more sleep 7 to 8 hours per night some medication can
also cause mouth ulcers so if you think it may be the cause then speak to your
pharmacist and they can check this for you and that’s the end of this week’s
video I really hope you found this information useful and I’ve also left
more information in the description below which I’d advise everyone to read
see you next week and they may also make the hulcer hulcer? hulcer who says hulcer (LAUGHTER) rough fillings and sharp teeth yeah they actually exist
sharp teeth (LAUGHTER) mouth ulcel (LAUGHTER) (PHONE RINGS) hello aww yeah I’m coming now hey guys thanks for watching this
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100 thoughts on “Canker Sores | How To Get Rid Of Canker Sores | Mouth Ulcer Treatment

  1. after when through specialist i just diagnose with anxiety and depression which of course bullshit to me. even tho after MRI and test result out i just refuse cuz obviously this is total bullshit. after taking those 0.5mg and sleep,i woke up and get this motherfucking ulcer piece of fuckng shit.i swear to god ill kill whoever talk to me today

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  3. I always use just the salt and dip it right onto the sore area for as long as I can stand the pain and then gargle with water. It would definitely sting but after that you’ll feel like it’s not there. For my experience salt just kind of make you go numb if you applied it to the sore. Hope this helps 🙏🏻

  4. Just stop brushing your teeth with toothpaste which has SLS. Don't believe my own personal experience, look up the peer reviewed results on it. You'll forget you ever had them, even with cuts in your mouth.

    Coming from someone who had at least several canker sores a month for at least 15 years straight. From each cut & more.

  5. My mouth ulcer (canker sore) started because i bit my cheek (inside of my mouth) and oh my fucking god i cant speak properly

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  7. Ive got 3 on the top and about 7 on the back. I have an infection, fever, and an ear infection, (infection in my mouth)


  9. I poured some glycerine onto that and it reduced the pain. But when I am about to eat something it has pain. It has white surface.

  10. I have 2 in the same exact spot and it’s on the top of my mouth one on my gum and one across on my lip when I smile or laugh it hurts extremely bad.

  11. Does anaemia cause mouth sores? Everytime ive had one its after my period, and when im regular with my iron supplement i have fewer ones.

  12. I have one because my dentist used the mouth thing to open my mouth widely. It ripped my skin and the tear got turned into a cranker sore

  13. I have a small one on my tongue and it’s quite uncomfortable, I wear block braces so when I take them off I was bumps on my cheeks that are sore also what can I do to help this ?

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  15. I have a really bad huge one from my braces and I already tried to go to the ortho to have them fix it but I don’t think they got all the sharp parts it’s hurts so bad😩😭

  16. I have one right now and am using oregano oil in my mouth wash as well as lycine and pau d'arco capsules with lemon juice.

  17. I always get them it’s so annoying when I was little I used to have 4-5 at the same time thank fuck I still don’t get that I do get double ones tho that killll😫

  18. Bruh I definitely have it in genetics I get three at once constantly and with the added brace my mouth is the most uncomfortable thing

  19. I have 6 at literally different places in my mouth , but 4 of them have become one . Man I hate these and on top of them I’m getting sick

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